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Meera betham



Meera betham


A Lady Of Spirit On The Stage

A Lady Of Spirit On The Stage

2 mins

She is dancing on the stage

First time she is on the stage

At the start, she feared

To perform her play

In the presence of all

But once she started her play

Her fear was gone

Her spirit was overcome with fear

She fearlessly



Continued her play

Its about struggles of a young woman

Her life play

Her play about

Domestic violence

Harassment on women

Struggles for existence

Of a poor lady

Everyone was mesmerized by her


There is a pin drop silence

In the auditorium

Nobody talking

They forget for their breath

They forget to shut their eyelids

She is dancing emotionally

Sweat comes from her body

She is completely sweated

But she continued

She strained

She is dancing restlessly

But she doesn't stop

Her feelings coming from her heart

Sometimes she angrily performed

Sometimes loyally

Sometimes emotionally

Sometimes fearlessly

Her eyes filled with tears

Sometimes she did not control her tears

They roll down from her cheeks

Without any permission

Everyone felt like her

What she thought

That is coming from her play

So everyone feels her struggles

Everyone feels her emotions

Understand her inner voice

So they also teared

It's a complete silence

They don't want to miss

A little bit from her play

And forgot the time

It's almost 20 hours

But none have identified time

They involved

Their minds are in a vision

Of her deep thoughts

She is dancing dancing

Her body movement's are slowdown

She hardly moves

Even though she is interested

To complete a last bit in her play

By dancing crying

Her eyes turns red

Her eyes expressed so many things

Her anger

Accepted by everyone

She fell down

But never get up

What happened to her?


Small announcement on the stage

A lady of spirit left silently

From all and travelled to heaven

The play is her life

The entire play is her life play

It ended softly like her

Everyone lost a Sec in that time

Once they understood the situation

They cried loudly

The silence breaks

Its horrible

It's a great play' one said loudly

She is a legend' another said

Her play is excellent' everyone said aloud

We all with you " the lady of spirit"

She listens their voice from her path to heaven

She walks silently

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