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A Journey By Train

A Journey By Train

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The scenery outside my window passes by,
Ever changing, oh so swiftly.

Like those bittersweet fragments of remembrance in memory.

My home, behind me now,
Just pleasant reminiscence.

I wonder if I would ever forget, my land’s earthy fragrance.

A journey by a train,
So monotonous and plain.

Chugging along at routine pace.
But is this really the case?

In this moment of idleness, inactivity.
One can glimpse man’s eternal stupidity.

Our life is a unique journey.
We try to make it swell, with power and money.

Never thinking to enjoy the sceneries of life passing by.
Sometimes I can just wonder and ask why just why?

Just look out, use the window of opportunity.
Life offers precious moments in plenty.

As some wise thinker had said,

"Just enjoy this unique and beautiful journey,
The destination will take care of itself, honey!"

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