Ariyam Bhattacharya



Ariyam Bhattacharya


A Dreamer's Introspection

A Dreamer's Introspection

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It's time to pull your socks my friend

The dream is over;

Can't afford to still pretend

The smoke is gone...

The gifted holocaust's

About to hover;

Blink twice in the dark you must

The war is on...

The lights are fade

We get to see the rest in flame!

The barrels promised us

To ease the pain for sure

Let's move on and then turn over the page;

To smash the newborn

The smell of blood is so pure

Look what we have in there resemblance of rage..

So rip apart the rosy revolution

The dawn has brought us "Bay Of Pigs Invasion"

The guns are set to shower blood in "Brush fire"

We'll see 'em all in peace again and again

We'll see 'em all in rest again and again..!!

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