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Avneesh Kar

Abstract Thriller


Avneesh Kar

Abstract Thriller

A Dip In The Water

A Dip In The Water

2 mins

The sea is really vast and covers nearly the whole Earth,

I have been hearing stories of it since my birth.                                                                                                

I am really sure there are species we have not seen with our eyes,                                                                                

Who knows we might find a Mesosaurus frozen in ice.

We are going to take a dip in the waters of the ocean,                                                                                          

To catch whatever we can most likely a crustacean.                                                                                            

Later we'll stop and eat our granola bars,                                                                                                    

Just then to unwind we will gaze at the stars.

We better run away before the mighty sharks see us,                                                                                          

The best way to escape is to get on the whale bus.                                                                                             

We'll take the bus to the Atlantic where the Titanic sank,                                                                                        

I betcha it's going to smell a little rank.

We just reached the ocean but the whale bus is gone,                                                                                          

Now I really regret coming here without a chaperone.                                                                                           

Now we are stuck here and are probably going to become Popsicles,                                                                              

I'm really going to miss my collection of ancient nickels.

Hey, we can try to swim up and look at the sky,                                                                                              

Now I can see a ship that's swimming by.                                                                                                    

I'll try to flag the ship down before it leaves,                                                                                                  

Just then my friend spots a few caves.

We swim there with our last bit of energy,                                                                                                    

My friend rests cause' he has a little bit of an allergy.                                                                                           

I decide to roam the huge cave of ice until I spotted a white blob that looks like a ball of rice.    

It was actually really, stuck in the wall,                                                                                                       

I had to remove it using a shovel I bought from the mall.     


The object was heavy but I recognized it immediately,                                                                                      

It was an egg and I had a feeling it's found really rarely 

I rolled it towards my friend who was fast asleep,                                                                                              

I lied down and I tried to sleep until I woke up to a beep.                                                                                  

There was a yacht right outside the cave,                                                                                                    

They offered me bread but I actually wanted a microwave.

I was safe and that I could guarantee,                                                                                                    

And that was all about my trip to the sea!                     

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