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Raju Ganapathy

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Raju Ganapathy

Action Others

2020 That Was

2020 That Was

2 mins 166 2 mins 166

The year began with all country’s commoners’ protest

Against the law, that state ordained with a discrimination pretext.

Then the humpty did come and dumpty built a wall

People did make a call, year end, the humpty had a fall.

The election that was held saw a new low

The goli maaro gang, their behaviour didn’t behove.

The law keepers became the fence that ate the crop

The thugs of Hindostan provided the much-needed prop. 

COVID in 2020, Satan or China, WHO released the bug

People and their leader refrained from giving each other a hug.

Dastardly lock down began, poor got short changed

With bajao thalis and diya the atmosphere got charged.

The economy sunk further, poor did get a dole

in subsistence lived, they found themselves in a deep hole.

Migrants took to the road, whom over gave them a f..k

Came the elections, he got the votes, people’s choice did suck!

Babri Masjid the magistrate dismissed as no case

That left the toothless CBI with a red face.

In Hathras we witnessed the worst rape incident

For Dalit women in the utterly debase region it was no accident. 

Green shoots like mirages seen by a few

SENSEX on a gallop, moneyed grabbed money, as if their due.

Producers of food, on a siege of the capital

Will some good come out of it, decision be taken, radical.

Chappal for the migrants and chaupal for the farmers

Respond did the State, with many an argument in their armour.

Why the need for protest, it makes the country look grotesque

It is all for your good, if only listen, you would.

Comrades and khalistanis hijacking the movement

Paki and China hand, in the theatre of absurd, final denouement. 

Dos and Don’ts, whom you can love the state will determine

Let your hormones be on guard, the laws don’t undermine.

Statutes dispensing states, a bovine subversion

Ram Rajya for all, divine intervention. 

Hear, hear the good news, the vaccine is coming

But don’t forget the mask, that will be unbecoming.

Biharis are lucky they will get the vaccine free

They voted right and their face is full of glee. 

But for the rest, live life as in the new normal.

Be Atmanirbhar, doubts too many, please don’t harbour.

Keep safe, keep distance, don’t become the martyr

Wash your hands and don’t give the virus any quarter. 

By this way for the new year, you can ring in the hope.

COVID free, look forward to life, with confidence you can cope. 

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