A Gift For My Grandmother

A Gift For My Grandmother

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It was one of those lazy weekends when I chose not to be lazy. I was tidying up my table and shelves when my sight crossed an old pair of earphones. I had bought them, a basic pair of earphones of an unknown brand and fancy wiring, over an year ago from a shop in Kunnamangalam. For me, who was used to crisp and clear music and conversations over a pair of boat or Samsung earphones, this one was a bad, bad earphone. I had hardly used it for a month when I decided to order another pair online.

It was then that I remembered my mother asking my grandmother to get a pair of earphones.

Meet my grandmother, Reetha! Most people who meet her for the first time thinks she is my mother. Thanks to her Godrej black hair and impeccable dressing sense. Not to forget, the enthusiasm of a 20 year old girl and the classy name! How many times have you heard a name like that for a woman of her age? Btw, she is 65 :P

She had recently bought her first smartphone and a Jio sim. Rest was history. She moved to hotstar and abandoned the TV. No more fights over Malayalam TV soaps and IPL death overs. No more multitasking between soaps during the 5 min breaks in between. She moved to Jio-Saavn and abandoned the desktop and mp3 player. That was quite a slap on the face for her CD seller. She even abandoned Lakshmi Nair’s cook books and subscribed to Sanjeev Kapoor’s cookery channels.

Last time I went home, she was on a video call with a relative abroad. It sounded like some Loudest takes it all competition, where both of them battled it out to earn the title. A fed up mom who sat beside me told me : “It’s time we get her an earphone (not a hearing aid)”. I remembered that and carried it home for my tech savvy granny.

It took her less than five minutes to learn how to use it and tada she was an independent woman again!

Mini, look what she has brought for me”, she called out to our household help chechi. “Listen to this, it’s very clear. Swipe this up when you want to make a call and then swipe it down if you want to listen to music”

She paused the Jio Saavn and dialled her sister.

Hello Rathi! Can you hear me? I’m talking on an earphone. Sharanya brought this for me. It is new and very good. I can hear you better now. Ok, I’ll do a video call at night with it. Bye now.”

It was amazing to see her using the earphone for Youtube and music and voice calls and video calls.

She kept on telling everyone that I bought her these. For her, it was the fact that I bought it for her rather than the earphone that made her happy. That is the thing with grandmothers. Any gesture from you means a lot for them. My old pair of earphones, which I labeled as mediocre and kept aside was a technological marvel in the eyes of my grandmother. I regretted not paying enough attention to the things she need and not doing much for her. But, not from now on :)

PS : When was the last time you gifted something to your grandparents? Tell me in the comments :)

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