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Hamlet,Prince Of Denmark:Part3
Hamlet,Prince Of Denmark:Part3

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Two university friends come to visit Hamlet. Their names are Rosencrantz

and Guildenstern. At first Hamlet is very pleased to see them. But they ask a

lot of questions and he becomes suspicious.

'Why are you behaving so strangely?'

'What's the matter with you?'

'Tell us what you are thinking about. We are your friends.'

'I think the King has sent them. They are spying on me. I shall not tell

them anything. I cannot trust anyone except Horatio'

Some travelling actors arrive at Elsinore. Hamlet loves the theatre and he

greets them like old friends.

'Welcome to Elsinore!'

'We have come to perform a play for the King and Queen.'

'That gives me an idea, Horatio. I shall put some extra words in their play.

I shall put the Ghost's story on the stage!'

That night, Claudius and Gertrude watch the play. There are three

characters —the Player King, the Player Queen and Lucianus, the

Queen's lover…the murderer!

'I shall always love you.'

'But if I die, you will marry again.'

'No, never!'

'Do you like the play, Mother?'

'The lady speaks too much about love.'

All the court of Denmark watch the play. Ophelia, Polonius, Horatio,

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are all there. But nobody knows the secret of

King Hamlet's death….except Claudius and Hamlet. On the stage, while the

Player king is sleeping, the murderer pours poison in his ear. Hamlet

watches Claudius's face carefully.

'This is the Ghost's story. If Claudius is afraid, I shall know he is guilty.'

Suddenly, Claudius stands up and runs out of the court. Everybody follows

him. The actors do not know what the problem is.

'Lights! Lights! Stop the play!'

'Did you see that, Horatio? The King is frightened. The Ghost's story is


After the play, Claudius feels very guilty so he goes to pray in the

chapel. Hamlet finds him there.

'I want God to forgive me for my brother's murder. Perhaps, if I pray, he

will help me.'

'It would be easy for me to kill him now. But if I kill him while he is

praying, his soul will go to heaven. I want him to go to hell. I shall wait for

another opportunity.'

'I cannot repent! God doesn't listen to my words!'

It's good to see you again, my friends. Let me give you some advice for

the play tonight. First of all, you shouldn't speak too loudly or too quietly. If

the audience can't hear you, they won't be pleased. But if you shout, they

won't like it. Secondly, you shouldn't move your hands too much. But it's

important to speak clearly, so the audience will understand you. Next,

remember to pay attention to the meaning of the words. Last of all, don't add

any extra lines to the play and don't change the writer's words. I'll repeat all

that because it's important.

First of all, don't speak too loudly or too quietly. Secondly, don't move

your hands too much, Thirdly, you should speak clearly. Next, you should

pay attention to the meaning of the words. Finally, don't add any extra lines

or change the words of the play.

love marry die again

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