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A Sensor or ??

A Sensor or ??

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"Sensor.. " I screamed in the hospital.

Doctors gave me an injection immediately to make me unconscious.

Few days back: -

It was a normal day. I was sitting in the classroom. "She is an actor" I heard from somewhere.

I got angry and tried to hear more. They were repeating the same sentence. I didn't understand why they didn't use the word "actress". I came back home.

I could still hear them. I thought they were following me. Not only they were talking, they were replying to my thoughts. I got so scared, how can they get to know my thoughts..?? How is it even possible..??

The only way is that they have a put a mind sensor on my head. I asked them " Where and why did you put the sensor on me?? ".I heard " Sensor is in back of your head".

I couldn't tell these to my parents that my classmates have put sensor on my head. I searched Google for mind sensor.I got to know that it exists. I could still hear their voices. I was so busy talking to them in mind, I almost forgot my life.

My parents got scared as I was not talking to them.

They took me to the local hospital thinking that I had fever. I was the only one who knew it was not fever but a sensor. My health got worsened day by day. And they took me to one of the biggest hospital for treatment.

On that day: -

I woke up from unconsciousness. I got to know sensor is still present on my head. I started crying.One of the doctors came to consult me. I was getting angry because due to the sensor the whole world could hear my thoughts. And I thought even the doctors are getting my thoughts.What is the need to tell the problem.I also thought that my thoughts are coming on television.

The doctor told me to confess whatever is going through my mind.

At last I told him my sensor incident.

I don't know what he got by my story, he made me to go through 4-5 shock therapies and atlast I got rid of those scary voices.

He then explained me that It was not a sensor. But a symptom of Auditory Hallucination.

I just searched the Google for Auditory Hallucination.

It showed exactly what has happened to me.

Thanks to the Doctors who found out my real problem and solved it with patience.

Thank God It was not a Sensor..!!

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