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The Familiar Tapestry
The Familiar Tapestry

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‘Enough!’ I said to myself and hastily got out of bed. I got repeated visions of a man standing beside me, trying to push me through a tapestry with me resisting him with all my might. This eerie man was swathed in bandages, had two horse-shoe magnets painted on it and he kept muttering ‘For Olus’ and kept pushing me and then I would finally give away and then be pushed through the tapestry and my vision would go blank and I would wake up. This night I had got these visions over and over again. I wanted to tell my family but I knew they wouldn’t believe. I just got out of my bed and ejaculated that vision from my mind. I got dressed for a hopefully usual day. I bade a robust goodbye to my mum and strode out of my house singing merrily (BIG MISTAKE)

I apparently did not understand the gravity of the situation. I got completely lured by the cheerful morning that I forgot the visions. I was crossing the road and some subdued by important things happened very fast – a pot hole appeared just below my feet and I fell down helplessly into the void greeted by a harsh landing. I opened my eyes and froze dead in my tracks - I saw the same bandage swathed man with two magnets painted on the bandages advancing towards me and muttering- ‘For Olus, For Olus, For Olus…..’

Then I got levitated as if by some magic power and felt my bottom repelling the ground. The bandage-man made some gestures and then made me stand beside him facing my back to what I guessed was a familiar tapestry. He tried to push me but I resisted as if by instinct, But his push was strong and then finally my muscles gave away and I was pushed through the tapestry and then my vision went blank ….(to be continued)

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More stories await you,

thanks and regards,

Arnav chokhawala

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