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A Mic Can Speak
A Mic Can Speak

© Sudip Das Gupta

Abstract Others Tragedy

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"Mic testing, mic testing 1,2,3...", I hate this kind of childish behaviour. You think all microphones are alike. If someone tries to judge my ability, I can show him what can I do. Let me tell you a little story, one eve, a plump politician who was addicted in betel chewing, continuously hitting me and saying, "Feck, feck...", he didn't even know I wasn't like him. I work better and always try to do my things appropriately. He challenged me not knowing I was absolutely alright. The story began, he tried again, this time I stopped my resistor chanel and shock ! a deep, well shock. Ha, ha, ha, now check me ! With him I fell on the ground, beside his ears. Then I said something, do you want to know ? I know yes."Hey, human testing, human testing 1,2,3...ha, ha, ha !"

Oh ! I forgot to tell you, I'm a microphone which you see in political, social & cultural gatherings. I'm like that, I don't know who made me or where do I came from, but I know my first arrival. It was in a social programme at Delhi Auditorium. I love the memory of that day. When current flowed into my stomach I realized, am ready after a huge and long sleep. It was my first attempt in this race and I succeed. When I opened my red eyes for the 1st time, I saw a child, 4-5 years of age, held me with his trembling hands. I'm proud and pleased to tell that, the baby boy had trust on me so he didn't check me that others didn't do. He started to sing,"Jana Gana Mana Adhi Nayaka Jaya Hey..." I think now, whether he had trust on me or it was just a fearful attempt of a child. A child doesn't think about the tradition, he goes with the flow and express himself as faster as possible. Whatsoever I love to remind that memory when I'm alone and useless in the wire house. After that I've faced lots of checking and testing while I'm on. In my early ages I got angry quickly but time healed my anger with its direct actions. So I'm happy with what I have ! I don't protest when somebody spits on me while talking or when someone's sweat dribbles on my face or some lady kisses me gently ! All I've realized in those days they use me when I'm in the time of usefulness. Clearly I didn't even know what they did with me after using me at the stage. As I can't see when electricity releases my hand. But I can feel some pain of carelessness in my head,neck & body,when current flows in me and enlightens my red eyes. Hey ! I'm not a weed-smoker, its my basic nature, I've red eyes you morons.

I worked better in my teens. Day by day I get older, being a mechanical tool I can't control the rule of nature like you. The burden of age has also touched my mechanical heart. It was my last appearance on stage. A college guy was shaking me in the air. At a loss, I couldn't think anymore then. Suddenly I fell between the crowd, crip! somebody stepped over me. 

I guess it was a month passed when I tried to peep again with my single eye. There was a room filled with my brothers and grandfather, sound-systems. The light was too low,the goggle guy placed me on the table. He opened my back and gave me tight, ouch ! I'd slept again then. When I opened my eye again, I saw myself at a 'Kabari Shop'. The shopkeeper had pressed my switch to check me out. So I'm a 'Kabari' now, can you imagine what it feels like ? I had faith in myself, took pride in and had some superior feelings when I discovered me at the top of the stage, the vast ocean like crowd had fixed their eyes still on me. Everything collapsed in a moment. My faith, trust & confidence were challenged again by someone up there, sitting in the clouds. I tried to remember my evergreen memories,but alas! they were all fade. Million pair of eyes didn't look at me they had seen the man who was standing behind me. Thats what 'fame' is. We feel we are famous but when the driving force behind us fades, we fade instantly. The kabari owner switched me off again. Everything in this world loses its value in a fraction of second. But we are very much anxious about our owned 'value', in reality it is as valueless as 'ea' in 'Tea'. We gain some things which is about to go or leave us, so why we fight over it ? I'd closed my thoughts again like my eyes.

It was a sunny Tuesday, I found myself between a group of men, like me. Their condition matched to mine fully. A rough but tough female hand touched my neck with a cold outlook. She was wearing a black glass, her body was covered with torn clothes. Although I can't smell, I felt her innocence, purity & hunger. She was blind, standing among the group of ravished,unlucky pandemonium. Her voice startled me. Oh God ! It was really a great reward. I was in a valueless flow before, the daylight visualized the real value to me. I could be her voice. The last duty would last with me forever.

She switched me on when she entered in a filled train compartment. She repeated a few number of songs but I like them most. She did it for her family's empty stomach. Her family was her brother and ma. When she started to sing some of the busy daily comers had made fun of her,they said,"There she is, the superstar with black sunglass." Sometime they blamed me, "Switch your harsh mic off you silly fellow, its too disgusting." Yeah I was very old, I couldn't work better, but these words couldn't hurt me like before. 

She was a bengali girl, her name was 'Purnima'. I liked her lips when they touched my bald head. I needed them everyday as I was in love with her. I have a heart also ! Why not ? If the animalistic human beings can use the word to lick the pure petals, why I can't ? I've a soul also, deep inside there, where my nerves meet with the warm electricity. She didn't even know that ! ha ha ha ... 

Days were passing like a cool & pleasant breeze, but that night I'd felt shameful and wrong as I couldn't do anything then when a gang of boys were touching her body furiously. It was late at night, she was traveling by a train to reach her home with the all day's collection. I couldn't see anything if they didn't turn me on. After doing that they pushed her to sing a song. I knew they were making fun of her,but alas ! I can't do anything. They were crossing the border, I'd fallen from her hands in between her legs. Some coins showered over me and stuck my head. The hit caused me to lose my sense. I couldn't bear the critical strokes inside and outside. Few moments crossed with her screaming and their evil laughter. When the station was just to arrive, they dragged her badly and put me up. They threw both of us from the slow but running train ! I tried my best to keep my eyes on, but the liquid was flowing underneath me. I gathered more and more power to look at her. Her hair covered me like a passionate lover, but she wasn't moving any more. My energy level was going down and down. I blinked my eyes several times to see her in the mild light. At the last when I looked at the ground where I was lying, it was her seizeless warm blood ! 

I don't know where I'm now, they have put me in this packet and stored me in the darkest side of the world ! 


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