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It was a chilly winter's night, when my friend called me.

We both did a little bit of chit chat that she asked me to come over so, I said okay. I started getting ready that my mom stopped me on my way and asked me to give some freshly baked cookies to the neighbor living on the 12 floor.

We lived in a society and it was usually quite noisy but that particular Day it was totally different. As if the whole society had been abandoned.

Maybe it was because of the cold that no one was going out of their houses. Anyways I reached the neighbor's house and rang the bell.

It took her quite long to open the door but finally she reached and thanked for the cookies. She sounded very off but I didn't pay attention and kept walking.

I stood in front of the lift and saw my reflection in the mirror in front of me that I saw some kind of figure in a distance.

I looked behind and there was no one but when I turned back I could see a blood-faced creature standing behind me and I freaked out! But then again it vanished so I put my earphones on and went inside the lift.

I walked to my friend house and the door was already open so I went inside. I went to her room and opened the door....... She was sitting right there staring through my soul and giving a very weird smile. I sat beside her and asked what happened. So she said it took you quite long to reach. So I told her about the cookies but she didn't stop giving that smile. So I said stop giving that smile you are..... And then I got a message on my phone from that friend saying Where are you?

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