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Arundhati Kamble

Abstract Children Stories


Arundhati Kamble

Abstract Children Stories



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Hampi is a poetry

A poetry carved in stones..

Green landscapes stretched long and far,

Lined by the huge rocks, all standing tall.

At first which seemed a sleepy town,

On the other side of Tungabhadra,

Goes trippy post dawn!

A boat ride in a bamboo basket, coracle

And jumping off a cliff into the cold Sarovar,

Driving along the paddy fields,

Or sitting for a while on a random rocky hill;

And while the town is dozing off,

Listen to your conscience by the lakeside in moonlight,

Every moment here will seem a melody...

Let the town take you on a journey,

All you have to do it set yourself free!

Mantra is simple: Eat chill click and repeat,

Enjoy the sunset from the top of Hanuman hill

And by the night, be the hippie the town asks you to be...

On the real side of Hampi though, resides an architectural marvel

Not just one or two, every stone here recites a story,

One just has to lend an ear!

The old Chariot, the lotus temple,

An abandoned elephant stable and numerous such heritage wonders...

Beautifully sculptured every building out there,

Speaks volumes of Vijayanagara in all its glory,

Of lost kingdom, of King and his Kingship!

Every frame you see is a sight to behold and with every memory,

A mesmerised tourist feels home!

Indeed its a poetry, a song of love between history and its contemporary...

However, it's not to be just heard but experienced...

Shredding, the workload behind, when in Hampi one can only be happy!

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