Geeta Gahlot

Tragedy Inspirational


Geeta Gahlot

Tragedy Inspirational

Awakened soul

Awakened soul

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Awaken soul always brightens the world, 

Spiritual mind never talks of disbelief, 

A small spark of light is all we need, 

Darkness has already spread its wings. 

What are we proud of, 

What are we going to leave in this world, 

Broken relations and shattered souls

Closed mindset and hurting talks, 

Are now, what we enjoy the most. 

I wish I could proudly say, 

This is the society I grew up in, 

But alas the world is not only divided 

With the physical boundaries, 

But now each human carries the discrimination in his heart, 

Burning him each moment, 

Cursing him each moment, 

Taking him to the point of exhaustion, 

From where he cannot return, 

To be the soul which brightens up the world. 

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