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Your decisions have always been

A sobering reality check to me

Because I've been making up for all you lack

In the areas where you're

Supposed to be investing in me

Where you don't personally feel it's wrong

But to humanity it doesn't come off right

Your deeply rooted character flaws

Create cracks in my will to survive

So with self-pity at your falling image

You extend to me your hand

And with desperation I reach

To the surface to grasp on tight

But you never pull me from the rapids

Nor do you come in after me

You set me up for failure

You left me unattended by the shore

You wonder why I wandered in

You wonder why I don't just swim

It's because you never showed me how

The constant breaks against my bow

Leaves my body cold and lifeless

Your face always feels so unfamiliar

And your presence always

Leaves me awkwardly uncomfortable

From underneath a rippled haze

I've watched the sun cascade across your face

I've seen my death within your wake

And in the sacrifices you've always refused to make

From the beginning I've watched

As you watch me drown

So just let go, release, and let my hand fall free

You are ignorant to see you offer

As much help as you always have

And with growing resentment with my kin

I may just fucking pull you in

So you personally get a nice taste of where I've been

And you can test these waters for yourself

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