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Dipanjan Bhattacharjee

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Wanderlust Into The Womb

Wanderlust Into The Womb

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Mother! The word which holds the world, 

Must be written in lustrous gold.

Every mortal being on earth,

Gets their holy life through birth.

Have we ever thought? Did we ever feel?

The pain that hides behind the zeal.

The ceaseless zeal to bring us here,

The divine promise to feed our share.

Yes indeed she goes through pain,

Drops of blood ooze like rain.

A fountain of love and tender care,

Holds us safe amidst filthy air.

You talk about the race for life,

Where millions hurl their stones of strife. 

Where reaching the end is what you seek,

Pushing behind those timid and weak.

But what if the womb where you found peace,

Could not feed you, chicken and cheese. 

What if it broke down in crumbled parts?

Without making thy brains and hearts.

What life would you then boast about?

Where from thy voice would gain its shout?

A mother is the one who bore the pain,

All alone, she felt insane.

Yet she smiled with a tender smile,

Carried you throughout each fiendish mile.

Never ever in her wildest dreams,

She could bear your painful screams.

The will to be a mother is grand,

Her footsteps must imprint the land.

The journey to the womb must stand and speak,

The stories of victory defeating weak.

Respect her from depth of heart,

The mother has done the best of art.

She has weaved each dream anew,

Her choices are now held in you.

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