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What Above Bat And Ball

What Above Bat And Ball

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Excitement of toss

Stand like a boss

Win it too

Reach thy hope

Head loads with helmet

Hand occupies a bat

All set to ingress on the natural green mat

Opponents layout like butter on bread

Set up the frame to play instead

Dart behind a ball

To take more wickets ahead

Breathold catches

With heart-winning sixes

Awestruck! when clean bowled

Jump up, when free hit was told

Crossing fingers holding arms

Thou stick to lucky charms

Cheerful commentary is a unique art

Aggression on the field is another part

Like a flashmob-mode is on

When thy country won

The story of every cup

Mid off, mid-on, so on...

Departure from stadium

After delightful victory

Says the captain Seedhi Baat- No Bakwas 

"Will always give our best, on the same ground in upcoming test"

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