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Clear The Noise
Clear The Noise

© Achuthan Panikath

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I look around, to see women blamed,
For living bold and seeking freedom and not tamed.
Why condemn the angels, for blaming men,
Who rip them, cut them, and keep them in a den?

Not all are damned, I stand with men,
But a drop of curd rots the milk with perfidy when,
Trust is shattered, and hope smothered.
A sliver chance of a fresh start is left, for we erred.

Scarred the lady world is now,
Men seldom click heels or greet with a bow.
Equals, women implore to be treated,
“Equals require special treatment when greeted?”

I have no answer for that question of doubt,
It is a question that peeks in every round of the bout.
I glare; words fail; befallen
Mutual respect has been ripped by hurt swollen.

Equality sans respect, I dread,
Subjugation with respect is disgust to tread.
The weights must hold fort for one another
To meet at a point, where gender is not a bother.

A world we must craft, a model to behold,
For women to walk with jeans at night and be bold.
To kiss and to laugh with mind as they please,
Respect is not a word we want to tease.

Open doors and left chairs, degrade no women,
Nor pushes men up the stairs of the given,
Simple and sweet we must feel to leave,
A chair for the lady; an angel we perceive.

Enough is enough; of this tiring game
Where blame we you; and you us blame.
Hold hands and prove to the past and future
That chivalry and just we will work to nurture.

Fight no more; Condemn no more;
Blame no more; Degrade no more;
With your sweet voice and our deep voice,
Let’s sing a melody to clear the noise.

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