Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

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Innocence writ large on her face

A smile so radiant that it blazed

Sparkling eyes, twinkling mischief

Everyone could help not but gaze

Charming indeed her demeanor

Halcyon and hale; Incantatory words

She spoke bewitching every brain

Alas! The sordid world didn’t refrain.

A rough piggyback life took her on

Piffle seemed her repentance

Repercussions too strong to bear

Reprehensible her past actions.

Fault of hers there was none

Her smarmy friends did strangle her

Exposed her to the unexposed smut

Her innocence being tainted muck.

Her soft heart desensitized

If only had she been guided wise

Flabbergasted wouldn’t she had been

As she was fraught with life.

Haywire and fobbed along the way

Opprobrious and obnoxious her sway,

Desolated she turned desperado

She hurled similar to an unexpected tornado.

Love and compassion absentia

Recent incidents had ambushed her

Not a shoulder did she find

A frustrated frump, sins made her resign.

Obsolete her innocence seemed

Her smile crooked with obstinacy

Possibilities of a pinnacle been pillaged

Everyone could help not but stare.

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