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My Star
My Star

© Rajeshwari Soni

Children Drama

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The last time I saw him,

He was lying down still.

I cried out to him innumerable times maybe

But his body didn't even move an inch.

I was empty then, I am empty maybe now even

For, my sun had vanished for eternity I began to think.

I cursed him, I hated him

For, being so cruel

For, he left me back by myself in this world so brutal.

"I miss you dadu, come back to me"

Was all I used to request.

Though deep inside I always knew never ever that time would come

Where this would in any way get fulfilled.

Stubborn and persistent,

I was not ready to give up in this game.

I kept on searching for his sunshine 'cause its only that what mattered to me in the end.

Then came one fine evening when in agony and pain,

I looked up at the sky

And I finally found him there shining so bright.

He became the light that guides me home even in his afterlife.

And that's when I realised he loves me so much

So, I proudly call him now my star in the sky.

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