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Raven To Silver
Raven To Silver

© Sunil Kaushal

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Fading photographs and a faded flower

Ribbon tied letters that

Hold her still in their strange power.

Opening the box, heart shaped and satin lined

She shed a tear

On the letter he’d last signed.

 As his fragrance softly wafted about

Nostalgic memories crowded in

 As painful emotions tumbled out

She shuddered as a gust of wind blew

Showering her with leaves

Of every color and hue

 Yellow and brown, even burnished gold

The age of living

Rich with colors both bright and bold

In wanton abandon they had painted the sky

 Having lived every season

 Old and shriveled now bidding goodbye

Fall to the ground where they now belong

The lap of earth

 Nurturing with gratitude, making it strong.

 Closing her eyes, she saw new light

Of changes creeping on

Slowly from raven and then to silvery white

Her hair had turned

The heart had not

Grown any wiser, no lessons having   learned

As she still yearned for times to turn around

Loved ones to return

Buried long ago under the ground

The wind whispered many a wisdom filled word

 Weathered cheeks it caressed

Slowly understanding the words of the tree she’d heard

“Life is love in an ever flowing stream

Love and be alive

 Real and true, don’t keep living still in a dream.

Now that all has changed, every age, every clime

Leaving memories so dear

 Let go of pain, now has come the time”.

 As the tree taught her life’s bitter truth

Thanking it she cried

 But I love him still as I did in our youth.

Head bowed, knees bent, buried box, pain and all

Praying for the strength

From One who gives to big and small

She felt new warmth embraced in His mantle

In her life’s winter

Feeling His reassuring touch so gentle.

Autumn life love letters memories youth ageing autumn leaves dried flowers.

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