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Was I That Bad?

Was I That Bad?

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Was I too pathetic that you'd say something like that?

Did I really do something wrong to such an extent that you called me that?

Do you think a "sorry" could mend everything?

Do you think it was easy for me to hear such things from you when I thought you'd never say something like that?

Well, firstly I was devastated and broken

And hurt that I couldn't be outspoken

Truly speaking I wanted to brutally die

Thinking of it so much, I wish it was a lie

Unfortunately, it wasn't, and you were okay

I couldn't express but there was no way

I wanted you to apologize for what you said

You said it's not wrong and move ahead

At that point, clueless I lay on my bed

Thinking what would happen, in my head

Did you really think I was such bad?

And in the past, what kind of person you had

Anger does make you go all over the place

Besides this thing, my mind can never erase

Maybe a later while you realize broadly

Where you discarded me beautifully

But still, I was broken and wounded

Questioning myself; though it never ended

What would I do anything of guilt?

But the empire of despair that you built

I said I forgive you, quite purely and solely

But never actually did, reluctant hopefully

You say I'm very dramatic you know

Actually, it's my value and respects so

I said I hope you'll find someone finer

You said "definitely" on the liner

I thought it's okay now as I got still

Happy I am now and always be as my will.

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