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Neliza De Lara

Drama Romance

Your Song

Your Song

2 mins

I honestly don't know the singer and the song itself. In fact, you didn't even sing this song to me. But everytime I hear this, it reminds me of you.  

"One smile then I died, only to be revived by you."

In my eyes, (practically I don't know if I'm blindly in love) you're handsome. But it's more than that. Everytime you show me how happy you are with what you're doing, my heart flutters. Your eyes glitter and your totality shimmers. Everytime you do that, I couldn't be happier. That's why, my heart sank when you lost your direction. 

"There I was thought I had everything figured out. "

It wasn't my plan to be with you because you're absolutely out of my league. But here you are, showed me that I can laugh amidst sadness and proved to me that I can love in the middle of a loveless state. Since you came, I planned everything about us. But I wanna know, is it your plan to leave me? 

"I take one step away and I found myself coming back to you. "

I couldn't forget it. Kim was singing his heart out when he reached this part and Ken was talking to me too but you're the only one who mattered. I thought to myself how I am in love with this man who plays the little piano so well. That I love him despite the hindrances and will always pursue him in whatever circumstances. 

"...that I'm yours and that you are mine. "

My one year and ten months was the happiest days of my life. I breathed nothing but your air, my world revolved around us, and my heart loved more than it could love.  

"I take one step away and I found myself coming back to you my one and only one and only you. "

You left me hanging and I know why. It is just that, if I'll go back to September 12, 2017, I'll still say I love you and I'll still kiss you in the middle of a movie. If I know what I know now, I'll still hug you as if it's the end of the world. I wouldn't think twice to do the things that I did for you. If we'll be given a chance one day, I'll still take a step and run towards to my one true love. 

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