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Young Author

Drama Romance


Young Author

Drama Romance

Willow Tree: Ep. 1 Memories

Willow Tree: Ep. 1 Memories

2 mins

The bell rang for the final class to start. The students in the courtyard hurried to their classes.

"Hey Yanagi, wait!" Yelled a girl, "need to know something!"

"Yes?" Yanagi stopped and turned to the girl.

"I wanted to know if you're still up for today after school with everyone?" The girl asked.

"Yeah! I'm excited, I can't wait!" Yanagi answered, smiling.

"Great! I can't wait, see you then." The girl waved heading to class.

"Bye, Lily." Yanagi headed to class.

Students wandered about the classroom. Talking to one another. Yanagi was at her desk drawing in her journal. The three-minute bell rang, students began heading to their desk before the teacher came. Five minutes later, the teacher arrived, with a binder in her arm.

"Hello students," Ms Parr greeted the class, "I have news for all of you. We have a new student." Everyone started talking under their breath.

A minute later, the new student entered the class. A boy.

"Introduce yourself," Ms Parr smiled.

"Alright, um." Paused the new student, "my name is Ki, I'm 17, I like anime, play football, and that's about it." The class clapped.

"You can sit behind Yanagi over there." Ms Parr suggested.

Ki headed to his seat. Yanagi's heart started beating really fast when he walked past. An electric charge sparked too between them.

Throughout the rest of the class, Ki was getting all the attention. The girls admired him from all corners of the room. When he went to sharpen his pencil, the girls' eyes followed. When he went to write on the board, their eyes followed. The boys did the same but full of anger and jealousy. Every time he took a breath, one of the boys snapped a pencil in half.

Class ended. School ended. Yanagi headed towards the door but was stopped when she heard screaming. She turned around and noticed a group of boys around Ki.

"Listen up pal, stay away from the girls!" Threatened one of the boys.

"Why?" Ki asked standing up.

"Because you're hogging all the girls' attention!" Yelled another boy.

"I'm not even trying to get any attention, in fact, I rather not have all this attention on me. I don't like it personally." Ki explained.

"We can help with that."

"Anytime, now bye." Ki walked off, not caring.

"He hasn't changed a bit," Yanagi thought in her head.

Yanagi met up with the rest of the group. They laughed and talked before heading out. She was walking backwards and accidentally bumped into Ki.

"I'm so sorry..." Yanagi froze.

"It's okay," Ki continued on with his walk to the exit.

Another electric shock went through Yanagi and Ki. Yanagi looked back. Ki kept on walking.

"I can't believe it's him," Yanagi thought in her head.

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