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The Few Ones - Part 2

The Few Ones - Part 2

2 mins

I was at home. With my little brother and little sister. We were watching TV. After a few hours an emergency broadcast came on. We watched and listened closely; my little siblings didn't understand what they were talking about, but I did. I called our dad, he rushed into the living room. He watched with us too. I noticed him clutching his fists tight. The emergency broadcast went on for another hour. The words they used were vulgar, my dad covered my little siblings ears. He shook his head. After it turned off, he told us to pack our things. From that point, I knew our life was going to change forever.

I didn't know it was me they were talking about. I knew they were talking about them though. Kids at school were talking about the emergency broadcast that was on last night.

"We are taking a field trip to the Capitol City Center Square to watch a public execution!" Yelled the teacher from the front of the classroom. That was normal. It was a daily thing that happened in this country. An execution every hour. They find them, 'Freaks' every minute. The sight was horrific but it was illegal to resent. If you did so, you'd be killed on the spot, no matter who you were; even officials. Only person who could look away was the 'president'.

"Pyro, you're going home early!" Yelled the teacher showing me out. At that time, I was confused. First time leaving school, two hours before it being over.

"Dad? What's going on?" I asked looking back at the front office ladies.

"We're leaving and never coming back." My dad said taking my hand.


I got into the car and we took off. I looked out the window, back at my childhood being snatched away. I cried and question my dad all the way to my little siblings' school. They did the same.

We were young. What did you expect? Us to understand his reasons and understanding? No, that's not how a 7-year-old and two 3-year-olds brains work.

"It's for the best kids." Is what he told us. He looked at us through the rearview mirror, I saw tears rolling down his cheeks. That's when I stopped crying and finally understood it really was for our own good. I calmed my brother and sister down, they took a nap; I did the same after five minutes.

"The day finally came," I overheard him say before I completely passed out.

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