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Mystic Creatures: Human Genocide

Mystic Creatures: Human Genocide

2 mins

"Burn them in hell!" yelled a deep voice, "light a fire, big enough to burn their bodies!"

Demon soldiers went around their kingdom and imprisoned thousands of humans living there. Many of the humans left and sought refuge in other kingdoms. Others went in hiding; having no money to go anywhere. Very little fought against the Demon soldiers. The new Demon king had little to no feelings about humans. He began massacring them all, at every event they had. Leaving not one human untouched from his horrible, horrible ways.

"This, this is crazy! Bull." complained a young boy punching a punching bag.

"Shush up boy! They'll hear you!" his mother replied to him, sewing a new pair of pants for him.

"You know it's the truth," he paused, "if dad were here, he would do something."

"Yes he would, but he is not. He is gone, with a new family."

The boy looked at his mother; anger and sadness bottled up inside him. She looked back, saw tears. She went back to sewing, ignoring the tears on his face. He looked at her and then looked away.

"Dad would do something..."

The mother kept sewing and kept her head down. She kept going until night hit.

"Your son misses you."

"I'm sorry, but you know I can't see him."

"What about the others? How can I raise him while he has yours and the others' blood?"

"He's part demon, he'll find himself, and the others." He left.

"If you say so, he just looks, I don't know..."

Morning came. Soldiers came. They broke everything, trying to apprehend the mom.

"You are under arrest by the King."

The boy came into the room, he saw what was going on. He wrestled with one of the men, eventually hurting the soldier. The others threw the boy off of him. A Demonic eye appeared in the young boy's right eye. The soldiers backed away.

"Grab the woman, and let's go."

The boy grabbed on to his mom tightly.

"No, take me instead!"

"Get off kid!" yelled one of the men in the doorway of the house.

"No! Kill me!" cried the boy.

"Baby, look at me," paused the mom, "I'll be okay, I know you'll save me and everyone else. Mother believes in you."


"I'll be fine." She paused smiling while being taken away. The boy fell to his knees, his nose running and tears falling down his cheeks.

"I love you, baby boy," she mouthed. They left. He stayed on his knees for over an hour.

"I love you too, mom." The boy got up and headed towards the next kingdom to see his dad. A demon.

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