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When Masses turned into Asses

When Masses turned into Asses

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1st October, 2020

Two asses were talking: It has taken 28 years for masses to become asses. Indeed, it has been a long time. How did it all begin? Do you know asked the second ass? This story I am going to tell you will be rewritten in letters of gold in this ancient land where in people love mythologies and many a time don’t know the difference between mythology and reality. All the same said the first ass, I am all ears for you. So, the second ass began the story.

Once there was a man called Red Krishna. He was a mere politician and wanted to advance his career. He dreamt of becoming the prime minister of the land. He believed deeply in the scriptures. He was taken in by the stories of Ram and Krishna. He wanted to usher in the Ram Rajya under his leadership. He loved chariots and had always dreamt of riding chariots where he would be the king.

He felt sad to know that in the birth place of Ram there now stood a masjid. How could it be? He wanted to know. He met historians who said may be in 1528 AD the Mughal general called Mir Baqi destroyed the temple and built a masjid instead. There wasn’t much proof to the history as it happened many hundred years ago. But he wished he could have stopped the masjid from being built.

One day when he was reading the scriptures about Narad Muni who could undertake kinetic transportation instantly. In an epiphanic moment, he recalled his grandfather mentioning about time travel written about in ancient scripture. He dusted the attic where some a collection of ancient scriptures had been kept. After some hectic dusting and sneezing bout, he found the scriptures roughly translated called the ‘Dummies Time Travel Guide Book.” He read and read the book a few times till he could get convinced that time travel was possible. Following the guidelines diligently he took a cold-water bath on the wee hours of an auspicious morning and began chanting the mantra 1008 times. His chanting was full of fervor as if his prime ministerial dream was hinged on realising the full potency of the mantra. Soon his body began to feel electrified and he felt light in the body. It was as if he was watching Star Wars and transporting himself in a space ship. He wasn’t sure it was a dream or the power of the mantra. Then he lost track of time.

He opened his eyes when he heard some sounds of people in a strange version of Urdu, a language he had studied. As he got up and walked, he was surprised to see people dressed up in attires that he has seen in Cecil.B.Demille movies of yesteryears. Anyway, he chatted up with some people and asked to meet Mir Baqi, the Mughal general. A soldier was passing nearby and was strangely impressed by the way Red Krishna looked and agreed to take him to the camp where Mir Baqi was stationed. Even the General Mir Baqi was somehow impressed by the demeanour of Red Krishna and asked him which land he come about.

Red Krishna told him in brief about India and that he had traveled back to meet him. Mir Baqi felt honoured that a potentially future prime ministerial candidate had travelled back in time to meet him. But he did not agree to the suggestion of Red Krishna that Masjid should not be built. Red Krishna told him that in any case that the Masjid would be broken down in December, 1992 and his efforts would go in vain. Mir believed that his God is the only God and said he was there to carry out the order of his King and Red Krishna could go forward in time.

Then Red Krishna had an idea and he got into the time machine and forwarded to 1992. There he was on a chariot at Ayodhya fulfilling his child hood dreams. To his surprise there was lakhs of people around him shouting Jai Shri Ram. The chant was reaching a crescendo. He knew from a little bit of physics that sound wave built upon resonance could be very powerful and he too joined the shouting along with his cronies. It was like the Ramayana, the final battle between Ram and Ravan.

Then all of a sudden, the Masjid started crumbling due to the sound effect. It was a matter of faith triumphing physics. Red Krishna knew his time has come and that he would lead the Ram Rajya. Lest he knew of the wily fox from Gujarat who would capitalise on the mass fervour.

30th Sept, 2020

The judge pronounced that none of the accused could be convicted. It was a matter of faith triumphing physics. The spontaneous shouting of Jai Shri Ram created a monstrous sound wave like a tsunami and crushed the masjid due to sheer sound energy. The media said that it was a sound judgement based on the synergy of scientific principles and blind faith.

The PM was secretly closeted with top scientists and a select number of priests. He suggested that if Masjid could be destroyed by sheer force of chanting Jai Shri Ram, then why not at the border. He left the matter to be further discussed among the elite gathering there.

He knew that the wisdom of ancient wisdom would leap frog India into a Vishwaguru sometime in the future.

The first ass clapped in appreciation and remarked “what a fantastic story, unbelievable?” Whatever the entire country got taken in by this story and one of our brethren has featured on the front page of the prestigious newspaper called Telegraph, concluded the second ass.

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