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Average Guy

Drama Romance Fantasy



24 mins

(Dear Reader, I would request you to please read the earlier chapters Rendezvous 1 to 3, to better understand the continuity of the story so far.)


I woke up late the next morning. It was 9.30 am. Madhumita was still sleeping beside me. Finally she seemed exhausted after her exploits of last night. I got ready for work real fast. While going out, just nudged Madhu and told her to order her breakfast and lunch in the room only. No need to go out alone.

I had to visit our main wholesale dealer in this city. He was quite a big business man. After that I had plans to visit some of the top institutional customers of this area.

I finished my work and returned to the hotel by 5pm. Madhumita opened the hotel room door. Once I took off my shoes and kept my bag, I turned to her and asked, "So, how was your day ? Did you have your breakfast and lunch properly ?"

That was all I could say. Madhumita swooped down on me. She bent down a little, grabbed me from the front around my thighs and stood up with me in her arms. With one arm under my buttocks, she pulled up one of my thighs to urge me to wrap my legs around her waist. I got her hint. I wrapped both my legs around her waist. Instinctively my arms went around her thick neck. "I missed you dear, I missed you so much !" she said. And filled my face with wet kisses. She started roaming around the room with me held tightly on her breasts. My face was right in front of hers, although she was 6 inches taller than me. With her holding me tightly to her body, our faces touched as she walked carrying me in her arms. Her smile was radiant, she was obviously very happy that I was back. She was not putting me down. Just roaming around the room slowly with me tightly hugged on her breasts. She kept on looking at me. Her eyes were so soft and so loving yet I felt I saw sadness in them. 

I don't know what happens to me when I come face to face with this tall 5'9" athletic woman. I just get mesmerised when she dwarfs my short 5'3" height by 6 inches. And when she easily picks me up in her arms and holds me securely over her big soft breasts, I feel so weak and helpless. In fact in these last two days, she has lifted and carried me for such long periods, I have been perpetually living in my world of fantasy. The same ecstasy was happening now inside me.

I said, "Put me down Madhu. Let me freshen up. Then we have the evening fully to ourselves. I have something very important to discuss with you."

Madhu put me down, but on the bed. She made me stand on the bed. She stood on the floor beside the bed and started unbuttoning my shirt. She looked up and smiled mischievously. I knew her intentions. She took my shirt off and then my vest. Then she caught hold of my belt. I said, "What Madhu? Not again."

She smiled her sweet smile, "Come on! How can you feel embarrassed in front of me now? It's not the first time I'll be seeing you naked. Have you forgotten about yesterday's bath and …ohh I didn't get time to ask you, I hope I did not hurt you last night ?"

I said, "Madhu, about last night, I need to talk to you…"

I couldn't finish my sentence, Madhu had opened my belt and unzipped my pants. The next moment, my pants were down to my ankles. She then caught hold of my underwear. I knew it was futile, but on an impulse I caught her wrists. Ohh! Every time I hold her wrists, I get this feeling. Her wrists were so thick boned, but with her soft feminine skin cover, holding them felt so heavenly.  She didn't even bother, she just pulled my underwear down. Then she just straightened up and put one arm under the bend of my knees and the other behind my back and lifted me up in her cradle. She brought me up to her breasts, smiled at me and laid me down on the bed towards the outer side where she was standing. My pants and underwear were still hanging by my ankles. She took them off my legs. Then she looked at me and said, "Just lie there like a good boy, I'm coming."

She came back soon, with a large double-sheet of newspaper. She spread the newspaper on the bed under my bottom, so that I was lying on it. The newspaper was under my buttocks and thighs. She went off again leaving me lying on the newspaper. 

She put the fan off. I saw her fiddle around inside my bag; I didn't know what she was looking for. She returned with a small pair of scissors; I keep that in my shaving kit for trimming my moustache. 

Then she knelt down on the floor and bent over me, actually over my lower portion. I was alarmed. What is she going to do with the scissors in her hand and bent over my lower abdomen ? Only a few days ago I was reading in the papers that a wife had cut off her husband's genitals while he was asleep. 

I screamed, "Hey Madhu, what are you doing ??"

She burst out laughing, "Arrey ! Don't panic. I'm not going to harm you. I'm just clearing off your jungle. Just lie there and don't move. Then I'll not be responsible if you get a poke of the scissors. Just let me cut your thick bush."

She started working with the scissors. I was really tense. But she was enjoying her work. Now I understood why she had put the newspaper under me and put the fan off, so that the hairs do not spoil the bed and dirty the room.

She was careful not to poke me with the scissors. She held my tool in her one big palm and covered it fully. My little fellow was also very scared of being uprooted. So he had forgotten his chivalry and was lying curled up inside her big fist like a small mouse. It was as if she was cutting off the grass just ensuring that her scissors didn't cut the main plant. Then she cupped my two round jewels hanging down, with her palm and fingers, so as to cover them up and carefully cleaned up the bush around it. 

Once she was finished with her work, she took my handkerchief and wiped the area clean. Then she just pushed and rolled me over to the centre of the bed. As I lay there watching, she folded the newspaper neatly and carefully so that not a single strand of hair fell on the bed. Then she rolled the paper and went and put it inside the waste paper basket. I was so shocked and surprised that I just lay on the bed. I was feeling that area with my hand. It was such an odd feeling, without any hair in that region. So smooth and clean. 

Madhu put the fan on and came to me. "How are you feeling now? Don't you feel fresh without all that bush around your tree. You see, dear, I like clean shaven down below. It looks so neat and clean now. Wait, I'll show you."

She pulled me by my arm and leg near the side of the bed. Then she cradled me up right from the bed and carried me to the dressing table mirror. It looked so odd. A full grown young adult man being carried in the arms of a tall woman, lying fully naked in her arms, while she was fully dressed. She held me up in such a way that my central portion showed in the mirror. My little fellow who was till now lying like a scared little mouse, was now excited enough and standing up firm and straight as if expressing his thanks to Madhu.

Madhu was laughing to her heart's content looking at the reflection. She said, "See, you were feeling scared a little while back and now you are also enjoying it ! Don't you like your clean shaven look better?"

She carried me back to the bed and put me down. "Wait, I'll try another thing now."

As I stood on the bed with my now clean shaven young fellow in full attention, Madhu was undressing. She stripped down fully standing in front of me on the floor beside the bed. There was a naughty smile on her lips. She came closer to the bed and pulled me towards her. She put two hands under my buttocks and lifted me up and out of the bed. She backed up and lowered me down a little. I was not sure what she intended to do. I was holding her with my arms around her shoulders for support. My feet were dangling in front of her. She slowly lowered me and I saw that she was trying to put my thing inside her while keeping me lifted up in the air. But she couldn't. As she was holding me up with both her hands, and my hands were around her shoulders, she was not able to aim the arrow correctly and it was missing the right place.

After a few tries she put me down on the ground. I had understood what she was trying to do. She was trying to do it standing up, while carrying me in her arms in front straddle.

She then tried a different stance. She hugged me from the front while standing in front of me. With her towering over me by 6 inches, my face was coming inside her neck. She bent her knees down to bring her face to my level. Now we were of the same height, she was now standing in front of me with her knees bent. She caught hold of my buttocks and thrust me forward towards her torso. She spread her legs a little, manoeuvred her own hips and with her long fingers guiding my shaft, finally managed to put me inside her. She was still standing with her knees bent to be equal to my height. Then she held me under my buttocks firmly. She told me to hug her tightly around her neck. She slowly straightened up, standing erect from her bent position. I was still inside her. I could feel her hands fully pressing behind my buttocks, keeping my manhood inside her. It was such an extraordinary experience, I was hanging by her neck, with my feet six inches above the ground, and I was stuck inside her. The only problem was since my feet were dangling in front of her, neither me nor she was able to create any push-pull effect. She whispered in a husky voice to slowly lift my legs and wrap them around her hips, so that she gets a proper hold under my buttocks and can create that push. I did as I was told. Hanging from her shoulders with my arms around her neck, I slowly lifted my legs around her hips. But as soon as I did that, my young fellow slipped out. 

Dejectedly she put me down. She started again from the beginning. Bent down to my height…guided my thing inside her…I hung on to her neck…she stood up slowly lifting me up with her…held my buttocks tightly so that my thing remained inside her. I could feel the pressure and the pleasure in my groin. Then I slowly lifted my legs and wrapped them around her hips…. My little fellow came out again.

Madhu burst out laughing. She held me like that hanging from her neck, my legs around her hip. She was hugging me tightly to her bosom. My face was at her level now. She kissed me lightly on the lips and said, "You are such a shorty. We can't do it this way. If you were at least even just 2 inches shorter than me, I still could have taken you inside and lifted you properly. I have to bend down as much as 6 inches just to come to your height and put you inside me. The problem is with all these exercises, your little guy is getting soft and coming out of my cave. Ok, let's try once more."

She put me down on the floor, but held me pressed to her body. What she said was correct. My little fellow had gone flaccid by this time. She took it in her big palm and looked down at me smiling. She said, "Let's do it differently this time."

She picked me up again from the front. But this time, she did not lift me right up to her stomach. She kept my little fellow in front of her cave. I was again hanging from her shoulders, but this time my face was much lower down, near her breasts. Her hands were holding me under my buttocks. This time she was not bending down at her knees. She was standing straight up. She asked me to wrap my legs around her. I did. But my little guy was not standing straight. So she asked me to suck her breasts. Oh what an experience! I was hanging from the front of her body and sucking like a child sitting on his mother's arms. I was literally sitting on Madhu's two big palms. She just held me there, hugged to her body, while I was hanging from her neck and sucking on her big soft breasts. Slowly and steadily, my little fellow was gaining in strength and standing erect. Then with Madhu's pressure from behind my buttocks, the little guy slowly entered the cave. I tried my best to shove him inside, but was not getting the leverage, since I myself was hanging from her neck while sitting on Madhu's two palms. I could feel my fellow growing strong and big inside her. But that's all. I didn't have the strength to move him forward. Madhu just pressed on my buttocks hard to keep the guy growing inside. We were not talking, but I could sense that she was afraid to pull me out and push, for fear it might slip out and not go in again. But I kept on sucking; on one and then the other. I could hear Madhu moan from up above my head. At least that was a satisfaction for me. That she was getting satiated. I concentrated on my sucking. I knew both these actions …my sucking coupled with my growth inside her, was making Madhu contented. Her moaning was growing intense. But with Madhu's excitement mounting, her strength was failing. I could sense that she was now not able to hold me up and I was slipping down her body. With her support under my buttocks loosening, I couldn't hang on to her neck anymore. My feet dropped to the floor. My lips slipped off from her breasts. She hugged me tight to her body. We were standing in each other's tight embrace. My face was now buried in the crevice of her two full breasts. She put one hand behind my head and pressed my face firmly between her bosom. My hands were behind her back. I hugged her with all my might. 

We stood there as if bound together in each other's strong embrace for quite some minutes. Slowly she released the pressure from behind my head. But she still hugged me tightly to her body. I could take out my face from between her full breasts. I craned my head up to look up to her face. She was looking down at me from her imposing height, her eyes full of tears. She slowly released me fully. Then backed out, collected her clothes from the bed, and hurried to the bathroom.

I didn't understand this sudden change in her attitude. I went to my bag, and put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. Madhu came out of the bathroom, fully clothed. Her face was washed. She went to the bed and laid down with her face buried in the pillow. I knew she was crying.

I didn't want to disturb her right then. I went to the bathroom to freshen up. When I came out, Madhu was sitting cross-legged on the bed, looking thoughtful. I smiled at her, but she did not smile back.

I went over, climbed on the bed and sat on her lap facing her. I was sitting on her lap straddling her. My legs wrapped around her waist and went behind her back on the bed. I put my arms around her neck and wrapped them around her shoulders. Sitting on her lap, my face was now at the same level as hers, although she was six inches taller than me. She put her arms around my back and held me firmly to her body. My chest was pressing on her full breasts now. Our faces were almost touching, they were so close.

Madhumita was not crying anymore. She had a sad smile on her face. I said, "What happened Madhu? The way you were moaning, I thought you were enjoying it. Why did you cry ?"

Madhu's voice was hoarse. "I was thinking a lot the whole day. I know that I've fallen in love with you. I think it's better we do not continue our relationship any further. It's not right. Once we return from here, you will not come to meet me ever."

This was so sudden and unexpected. I said, "Why ? What's wrong? If you say that you are in love with me, I'll find some way to convince my parents. If that's the problem you are anticipating because of our height and social difference. But why is the question of us not meeting ever, coming at all ? Yes, it might take time and need some convincing from my part to my parents. But, I think there won't be any objection from your family. So, what's your worry ?" 

She now said, "No, no, your parents not accepting me is not what I'm talking about. Although I know very well that your parents won't accept me as their daughter-in-law. My family's social standards are much less than yours. On top of that I'm neither good looking nor fair nor educated enough. And the most glaring difference is I'm 5'9" and you are only 5'3". You look like a small boy beside me. I don't know whether you can convince them ever. On the contrary, my mother and sisters would be only too willing to get me married to you. Your short height will not be any problem for them at all. But that's not my point. I can't marry you and put your life into a crisis."

I was flabbergasted. "What nonsense are you talking about Madhu? How can my life be put into a crisis by marrying you?" I was almost shaking Madhu by her shoulders, I was so animated.

Madhu's face looked solemn and serious. "Marriage is out of the question. I don't even want you to be seen on the streets with me from now on. I love you too much now to risk your life into any problem."

I was now really getting irritated at her, "Why are you talking in riddles, Madhu ? Tell me clearly what crisis, what risk are you talking about ?"

Madhu was now not looking into my eyes. She almost whispered, "I'm not a good girl. My family doesn't know how I earn my money. I don't want you to be associated with me, otherwise your life will be in danger."

I was shocked to hear this. I left Madhu's shoulders and was now just sitting on her stomach looking at her face. I stammered, "What..what do you mean by 'not a good girl' ? And what danger are you talking about ? Tell me Madhu, what is your profession ? What do you do ?"

Madhu looked me straight in the eyes and said, "I'm a smuggler !" 

I was shell shocked !! I couldn't say a thing. My jaw just opened wide. I was looking at Madhu as if not believing my ears.

She continued, "I don't want you to be seen with me because in that case my gang and also the police may suspect you."

I found my words, "Smuggler? What do you smuggle? Where ?"

She said, "I can't tell you anything in detail. In fact I was not supposed to tell you this also. But I had to warn you. Don't ask me any more questions on this. The less you know it's better for you and me."

I said, "What nonsense ! Ok if you don't want to tell me it's fine. But then, now that you have fallen in love with me, you tell them that you don't want to work anymore. You are getting married."

Madhumita smiled, a wry smile. "You are too naive. You don't know how these people operate. I can't get out of this now. They won't let me. I know a lot about their operations. That is why I'm telling you to stay away from me. If you try to get too close to me, they'll suspect that you have been planted by the police and they might harm you. On the other hand if the police sees you with me regularly, they might suspect you to be one of our gang. I don't want the police to catch you and question you. That will damage your family's reputation and will affect your job."

Madhu started crying. She hugged me tightly. Pressed my face inside her neck. She was holding me on her lap and pressed to her breasts with her arms around my back. She kept on crying, holding me tightly to her bosom. I couldn't do anything. She was controlling my body. My arms were around her neck. I could feel her breasts heaving. My body lying on her breasts was moving with her too.  

After quite some minutes she stopped crying. She lifted me off her lap and placed me so as to sit sideways on her lap this time. Sitting on her one solid thigh, I could reach her height. My face was level with hers. I put one arm over her shoulder around her neck. Madhu also hugged me with both her arms. I put my other arm around her neck. I laid my head on her shoulder. My face was turned inwards, my nose going inside the crook of her wide neck.

Both of us were not talking. She probably did not know what to say to me. On the other hand, I had a lot of questions to ask her. "Madhu, how does the police know about you? Have you ever been caught by the police ?"

Madhu shook her head, "No, not yet. I was able to give them the slip once when they almost caught up with me. But they have a suspicion about me." 

I said, "How did you give them the slip? Where did this happen?"

Madhu was smiling now as if taking pride in her achievement. "I dressed up as a man wearing a man's loose-fitting full shirt and a lungi. I mingled with the crowd and then got into a bus and left the place." 

It was as if I was listening to a story. I asked, "Just tell me what do you carry? Electronic gadgets? Gold? Or is anything worse? Drugs? "

Madhu looked at my face pleadingly and said, "Why are you wanting to know? I told you it's better for you to not know any details about me. Just understand that if it were not that serious, I wouldn't have even dreamt of letting you go. I am sacrificing the only true love I found in all my life so that you can be safe. Now no more questions on this. You tell me what important thing you wanted to discuss with me?"

I told her that I was worried about her getting pregnant because we were unprotected last night. Madhu said that there's nothing to worry about, as she just had her period which ended the day before yesterday. So she is well within the safe period of four days. 

Our party was spoiled. We both were so sad that we didn't do anything else. She sat there on the bed holding me sitting across on her lap. I was sitting on one of her solid thick thighs, my legs going over her other thigh and stretched onto the bed. Her one hand was wrapped around behind my back and her other hand held me from the front. I was actually half lying on her lap with one of my arms around her neck and the other going under her armpit and behind to her back. My head was resting on one of her round firm breasts. She pressed my face on her breast with one of her hands. She was rocking from side to side slowly as if putting her baby to sleep. 

I asked, "But Madhu, why do you have to do this sort of work at all? Why didn't you search for a normal job?"

"I told you, I couldn't complete my graduation. I tried a lot but didn't get a good-paying job. I had to feed a family of four, all of them women, and I was the only earning member. I needed money, a lot of money. They approached me because I am tall and strong and I was a sportswoman. They offered me good money, which was too much for me to refuse. They told me initially that I could leave anytime I want. But once I got involved, I found out that, that was a lie they tell every new recruit."

That night was uneventful. We did do it, but only once. And it was in quite a sober manner. Madhu was visibly sad that she was having to sacrifice her newfound love forever.

The next day was quite hectic for me. I could finish my work by 5 pm only. A lot of my time and energy also went into trying to arrange for our train tickets. But I couldn't get a reservation at the last moment. So I decided to travel by the long-distance night intercity bus service. The bus starts at 8 pm at night and reaches by 7 am to our home city.  

Fortunately, we got a good double seat and the Volvo bus seats were also very comfortable. When the bus lights were put off at night and the AC was chilling, Madhu took out a bed sheet, which she says she always carried while travelling by long distances trains and buses. She covered up both of us under the sheet. I had folded back the central armrest so that our seat became wide. Then when everybody was mostly asleep, she just put her arms around me and literally scooped me up from my seat and placed me on her lap. She adjusted my body on hers in such a way that I was lying a little sideways on her with my head on her shoulder. My face was half facing inside towards her body. Since she was six inches taller than me, my face was beside her neck. My body was fully resting on her body, my hips on her lap, my thighs and legs lying fully supported on her big thighs and legs. She put her arms around my waist and stomach and held me firmly on her lap. She bent her face down towards me... with the effect that my face which was on her shoulders looking sideways to her, now went inside her neck. She didn't try to lift her face, but rested her chin lightly on my cheek, with my face buried in her long and thick neck. She held me like that... not moving or talking. My face was embedded inside her neck. I closed my eyes and just lay on her big breasts and her soft body, held by her strong embrace, and was feeling totally engulfed by this big, tall woman from all sides.

The bus had now taken up speed. Madhumita kept her chin on my cheek for quite a long time, trapping my face inside her big neck. My nose was touching the inside of her neck. I was feeling so small being held so helplessly inside her huge body. But I was feeling so safe and protected by this big woman, the way she held me so tightly on her body covering me up from all sides. Although she was a woman and also of the same age, it was as if she was my protector and I had willingly surrendered myself to her power and control. How I wished that I could lie like this inside Madhumita's lap all my life, surrendering myself to the strength and control of my tall big dream woman. 

But this was now never meant to be.

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