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We Are There For Each Other!!

We Are There For Each Other!!

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Lalitha was packing her lunch along with her daughter's and husband's, multitasking that she was known for, not only at home but also at school. She made sure that she had packed everything and finally left home on her scooty with a huff and puff as it was already late. She made sure that she did not leave her colleague behind who was waiting for her near her house. That's it, after entering school, she got so involved in school work with young children that she totally would forget her house until someone would come and remind her that it was time to leave. She was admired by everyone because of her dedication towards her work.

After reaching home, she would get busy again, dropping and picking her child, Anu, who was indeed a bright child, to a coaching center, cooking and cleaning, talking to her most beloved husband, Vikas, who was always there for her despite his busy schedule. There were times when he would literally pull her out of the kitchen to take rest. Her daughter was quite mature for her age too! She would hardly ask for Lalitha's help with academics.

Lalitha's in-laws had always considered her more of a daughter than a daughter in law. Lalitha always accredited this to her upbringing, especially her parents whom she loved the most. She used to miss her father, but took the responsibility as an elder sister and helped her mom, Saroja, to overcome the loss of her father. She, in fact, became a fatherly figure to her brother, Likhith, and sister, Lekhana, who always used to rely on her for everything. Lalitha made sure that her sister settle down in her family soon, as a result of which, her cute little niece, Diya was born.

Lalitha was a bit worried the other day when she had to attend a marriage along with her family. She overheard some of her relatives enquiring about her brother Likhith and his marriage plans. Likhith was least bothered of all this while she spoke to her husband, Vikas about the same, he replied that he would also start searching for a good alliance in his friend circle. As they headed for the dining hall, Vikas was overwhelmed to see one of his friends and he signaled Lalitha to carry on. Lalitha joined her family in the dining hall, while Vikas got busy talking to his friend, Vedant. Vedant introduced him to his sister, Laasya. Vikas was all the happier to see her as his mind started working towards asking her hand for his brother in law, Likhith. He purposefully took them to where Lalitha had reserved the seat for lunch. He made them sit in the same row that the entire family was sitting. Vikas' eyes were searching for Likhith. As soon as he saw Likhith walking towards their row, he called out for him so that he could catch a glimpse of Laasya, who was sitting there. Likhith stopped by and was amazed at his brother in law's behavior. Vikas now realizing that Likhith didn't even look at Laasya and vice versa, introduced both Vedant and Laasya to Likhith. Likhith was busy with his office calls amidst the marriage function, so casually wished both of them, but yes, his heart did skip a beat on seeing Laasya for the first time. Laasya's situation was no different either, but she was quick enough to bend her head down after giving a smile to Likhith.

Vikas could feel the tension in the air and started talking to his wife, Lalitha, who was sitting next to him. Her ears turned red after listening to her husband. Her happiness knew no bounds when she leaned forward to have a glance at Laasya, her heart said, she's the one for my beloved brother, Likhith. She turned towards Likhith who was busy hogging the food, being the foodie that he was. Lalitha slowly whispered into her mom's ears to have a quick look at Laasya and as Lalitha expected, her mom's eyes said it all. Laasya, the brilliant girl that she was, could feel all the attention but tried to ignore it and finished the food.

Vikas now held his friend,  

Vedant back, when everyone left to wash their hands and told him clearly about his plans, which was well approved by Vedant. Before leaving the marriage hall, Likhith's eyes accidentally met Laasya's eyes, and only their hearts knew what was going on....a feeling which could only be felt...

Likhith.... called out Lalitha and he turned back to her while Laasya swiftly moved towards her brother. Lalitha had a sixth sense that Likhith would agree to this alliance and why not, Laasya was his kind of a girl, homely, yet beautiful, and that long braid, which was always liked by Likhith. With a grin on her face, she gestured Likhith to get the car.

On reaching home, Lalitha thanked her husband for initiating Laasya's alliance to which he replied that good people tend to get better people back as he drew her close to him. Vikas' phone rang and it was Vedant who had called to inform him that they were invited to his house the next day evening. Lalitha thanked God in mind as she knew that her brother would get a good alliance, but not so soon.

As her mom's house was close by, she took her scooty and sped to her mom's place. Likhith was busy with his office call on the laptop and her mom as usual in the kitchen. Lalitha felt energized after having a hot cup of filter coffee prepared by her mom. She took the time to inform her mom about this. Her mom nodded her head agreeing to the same and looked towards Likhith who had refused many alliances on the context that either they were too modern to get adjusted to his family, especially to his mom, whom he loved the most or too dumb, to match his intelligence. Like Lalitha and Lekhana, Likhith was highly knowledgeable and talented too, because of which he had earned a cartload of prizes and accolades from his office.

Lalitha went near him and coughed to grab his attention, which went unnoticed by Likhith. Lalitha sneezed so loudly this time that Likhith was about to drop his mouse. Jokes apart, Lalitha told Likhith that they would be visiting one of her friend's place tomorrow for an alliance. As usual, Likhith frowned his face, but on seeing his mom's saddened face, struggled to come back to his normal self and nodded a yes. That was enough for Lalitha. She helped her mom set things up for the next day as it was a ritual that they would practice to carry fresh fruits and sweets whenever they would visit a girl's house for an alliance.

As it was a Sunday, Lalitha got up an hour before her usual time so that she could finish her cooking and other household chores before leaving to her mom's place. Vikas also had finished his exercise routine quite early and got ready to take the family to Vedant's house. Likhith was unaware of all this because Lalitha hadn't informed him about that.

On reaching Vedant's house, Likhith got a call from his office and had excused himself for attending the same and around the same time, had missed seeing Vedant's face while he welcomed his other family members. As he finished his call, he entered the house. At the same time, Laasya entered from the other side. Likhith could not take it and look at Lalitha who winked at him and gestured him to sit down. Laasya knew in her heart of hearts that Likhith was the chosen one for her because when she had prayed before coming to the hall, her God had answered her prayers with a flower that had fallen down, which is considered a good omen in Hindu religion. After all the snacks were served, the elders agreed upon the date for their engagement, Vedant suggested to the family that it would be better if both the girl and boy would talk to each other before finalizing the dates.

 Laasya took Likhith upstairs and prompted him to talk. Seeing the innocence in Laasya's eyes, Likhith started off with his upbringing right from childhood up until now how he loved his family, especially his mom. He said that his father's sad demise had made him a more mature and responsible person and that he would always expect the girl who would marry her to love and respect his family and that he would also do the same to the girl's family.

Laasya responded with so much warmth that, it was beyond Likhith's expectations. She told him that since she was brought up in a conservative family, love, and respect for elders would naturally come to her and that she would not leave any stone unturned to keep the family happy. She just had a small request on hearing which Likhith's heart skipped a beat because he had always expected the unexpected. He crossed his fingers in silence. She said that she would like to continue her hobby of singing even after marriage. This was it. Likhith himself coming from a singing family could not ask for more. He happily agreed, and both of them came down. 

On seeing their faces, the family members exchanged the sweets and finalized the dates for their marriage. Likhith got a call from his boss and had to excuse himself. Vikas took the initiative to continue the talk while Lalitha and Lekhana supported him.

Likhith came back and whispered something in Lekhana's ears, which was passed onto Lalitha seeing which Vedant and his family were worried.

Lalitha spilled the beans, Likhith had bagged the "most efficient employee award" from his office with a prize cash worth over a lakh rupees. Vikas congratulated Likhith and Laasya together and Lalitha understood her mom's thinking and conveyed that Laasya's entry into their family proved lucky to everyone, especially to Likhith, who in turn was admiring his Lady love, whose cheeks said it all...

To be continued...

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