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Watch - Yours, Eyesight - Mine

Watch - Yours, Eyesight - Mine

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Love to stay pretty close to a pressure cooker, when it whistles?

Cautioned of getting hurt, we choose to stay away and let ourselves close only when the pressure settles.

This being the reflex imbibed naturally, how can you expect someone or everyone around you, to take all your blows when you seem troubled by something or someone.

Do we resemble punching bags? Even so, the harder you punch, it's gonna give it back to you someday, right on your nose. And remember you won't duck down, 'cos you never expected the reflex. Except for your mum, none is a sponge to absorb all your tears all the time, since your troubles are hers and hers are yours.

The logic doesn't repeat itself to someone, who isn't your own, but wants to be part of your life. Look at your wrist, does your watch show you 9'o clock? The same one shows me 3.30 on the converse. Not every time does my mind tell me, your watch shows you 9 and I can't see that and definitely I am not to be blamed. I might never know what's going on with you, 'cos I have a wrist watch of mine already!!

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