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Kevin Anthony

Abstract Romance Classics


Kevin Anthony

Abstract Romance Classics

Together & Forever

Together & Forever

18 mins

I was in bed, I awakened with crisp air. Oh sorry, My name is Howard. Every time I woke up to see my friends but until now, I couldn't find a good friend. My mom said, " hay Howard, time to wake up!". I replied, "okay mom!". You know I'm a junior student, today I'm going to a new school. Every day I said to myself, that everything is gonna be alright! That's why still I living. I said, "okay, Mom and dad, I'll go to school. Dad said, " yeah, be kind Howard!". "Sure! dad", I replied. I stroll on the road as lonely but I could see many hustle and bustle people and vehicles are roamed. I walked from the road to my new school. I saw a lot of stuff. A high school gang quarreled with a junior school girl, A boy on the gang throw her school bag in the road and he laughed and ran away.

I get close to her and I took her bag which laid in the road. I said, " I think this is your bag! I'm a right? Hello! I'm talking to you girl!". She said, " oh thank you, bye". I couldn't realize her feelings but she suddenly ran away from me. Anyway, I came to my school, that building looks nice. I went to my class and I sat at a table. Everyone is so busy with their works, talking to their friends, learning, writing but they don't talk with me. Immediately, A boy came to me. He asked," hay, I think, you're new right! What's your name? can you?". I replied, " yeah, I can. I'm Howard. What's your name?" He said, "Oh nice, my name is Linsten." I said, " Oh right! anyway." He said, can you sit on my table with me?"Yeah, sure. Thank you!". I sat on his table with him. And I saw the same girl. She sat on the last bench as alone. I asked," Linsten, who is she? Why she's alone? Linsten replied, " yeah, her name is Carson. She always telling lies to others and she doesn't know exactly who is she! So

Everybody left her as alone". I said, "that sounds so bad!"

I couldn't find what's the problem with her. So I sat behind her in a table. I said, " Hello! Can you tell me what's your name?". She replied," Hello, thanks for your help on the road". I said," Carson, sometimes we should be like a doll, sometimes it gets pain!". "How did you know my name?", she asked. " Yeah, I asked about you to Linsten", I replied.

"In this world, we can't see those guys who with us in the time of happiness", I told. She said, " Yeah, absolutely!". I asked, "I don't know your exact problem but Soon, everything's gonna be alright". She said, "I also always thinking like this! I thought you're smart."I said, " hmm, maybe!". She told," thank you for your heartfelt feeling which you shared with me". I asked, " shall we friends?". she replied, Right! I forget to ask you, what's your name?". "Howard", I replied.

She said, " Howard, nice name. I said," you're welcome. If you need any help, you can call me. I gonna sit-in the table which behind you".She said, "hmm, sure". A teacher arrived and he taught many things to us. I met Linsten in the break time. " Hay, Howard what's going on!", he asked. I replied, " Yeah, I thought, everything's going well, and what about you?". Linsten said," not pretty much. anyway, what about the girl, Carson? Are you talk with her?". I replied," according to my, she's best but I don't know the exact problem with her. She looks so painful. I wanna know and fix her problem!". He said," Oh right but don't get close." I replied, "Hmm, sure." I tried to make her happy but I couldn't.

I saw a scene which held in the classroom after the lunch bell. The same gang members quarreled with Carson and she was cried but I don't know why. So, I get to them to save her. I asked," Hey, fella what's going on there, why you guys quarreled with her." A boy in the gang asked," lol, who are you? Are you new to this school?". I replied, " might be, Right! leave her she wants to go. Again he said," We can't! if you want, come and get her". Carson said," No, Howard". I told, "I can't leave you with these bloody goose". " What you said about us! We are bloody goose?", he asked. I said, " Yeah, stupid". He came and slap me. Carson said, "Oh! No, leave him!". I punched on his face and Another guy came and hit in my nose. I kicked my foot on his chest. Suddenly, all the guys were coming and chopped me. Immediately, A teacher has scolded

those guys. So, they left me. I was laid down in the path. I got many wounds and bleeding blood, I couldn't get up from the path. Carson came close to me. And asked, " Howard, get up!". I could see the skylight tears of Carson which fall down near me.

Carson said, " Howard get up, please!". The blood was bleeding from my nose. Suddenly, she sat near me and touched my face. I told, " Carson, don't touch, it's paining!". She said, " Oh no, bleeding is coming from your nose!". I replied, " it's not a matter, I'll heal soon but my hands are paining". "Wait, sit here. I'll get the first aid from the medical room, Don't go anywhere, Right!", she told. She took care of me and she ran to the medical room to get the first kit. " Howard! I got the first kit!", she whispered. I said, "Thank you for your help, Carson!". I couldn't stand myself because that fella kicked in my leg bones. Immediately, she holds my shoulder and fetched me to the empty classroom. She told, " Howard, walk slowly! Okay, now sit in this table". I replied, " I really say Thank you to you!". She told, " No, That's my mistake, I pushed you in this trouble but you protest me from that gang. She bandaged my wound. Carson told, " Howard, show your nose!". I replied, "Yeah, I can.

She cleaned my wound and bandaged. Nobody's there on the classroom, A peaceful quiet. She touched me by her hand for first aid. I felt slightly miserable. She said, " Okay, finished. Now, you can go". Your wound will heal after a few days, so don't care". I replied, " Yeah, you looked like a Doctor! Thank you so much! Carson". She replied, " Nope, your face is so pretty after I bandaged". I said, "Ahha! Are you kidding me? Okay, let's meet tomorrow". I went near to the classroom door to get out, she again called me. " Howard!", she called. I asked, " What Carson?". She replied, "We're not spent time each other but Thank You! for taking care of me". (I slightly smiled and suddenly, I get closer to her) I said, " Friends spend Time to understanding each other but I already Understood you. So, Don't want to say these words". (She smiled) she said, " Right! Your words are like a young man!". I said, " Oh, thanks. Let's meet tomorrow." She replied, " Yeah, the bell ranged! So let's see tomorrow, bye Howard!". I said, " hay! You missed your notebook".She said, " Oh thank you! Bye". I replied, " bye. I walked by the roadside. Always I felt alone but Now NO!......

Today, I'm walked to school, I hope this day gonna well. Suddenly I saw Linsten. He said, " hay, Howard! Whatcha?". I replied, " Going!". We walked together to school. He asked, " what's happened in your nose?". I replied, " Hmm, I played a game with pumpkins but it punched me!".

He said, " I can understand, you fought for something or someone! I'm right!". I replied, " Yeah, for her". "Are you mean Carson?", he asked. I said, " yup!". He said, " Oh, yesterday I heard a news about a gang fight in our school. That's you!". I replied, " Yeah". He said, " that's fine but You know how to fight?". "You know one thing? I don't know how to fight with others because I'm cowardly!". He said, " I think, you're Brave than you think because You saved her from that senior gang!". I said, "I can't do that all time because yesterday, at that time I saw the fearful tears which fall down from Carson!". He said, " but it's okay. Nobody helped her but You saved her, that's the stuff! this world needs from you!". I said, " hmm, You increased my own! Thank you, Linsten!". (Linsten was smiled) He told, " It's my boon, that's why I got you!". I replied, " me too, my friend!". We came to school after this conversation. I sat in that table and The Teacher came and he asked, " who all are fought yesterday with the senior boys?". I was stood up!

I said, "Yeah, I'm the one sir. Sorry, next time I do not do like this!" .My teacher asked, " are you thought, " you're a man?". I said, " No sir." He again said, " then why you fought with that boys. In case, if anything happened to you! Who's responsible?". I replied, " I'm sorry sir, I request you to forgive me!". He said, " get out of this class! Now!". Suddenly Carson was stood and told, " No, that's not his mistake. I've pushed him to that problem". The teacher asked, " Oh, so You're the reason! Right?". She replied, " No, sir. First that boys quarreled with me. That's why Howard raised the voice". The teacher asked, " Oh, first! you should tell to me. So, that's your mistake! Howard, sit down and Carson, Get out of this class!". I said, " No, sir. That's not her mistake because I fought with them voluntarily. So, I did this all and it's my fault. She said, " No! That's mine!". Suddenly, I looked at Carson and said, " Silent! I'll deal with this!". The teacher told, " So, Howard get out!". I replied, " yes, sir!".

I get out of that class! But in my life, I never punished by a Teacher but now I'm standing outside of the class for someone. I could see Carson, she doesn't listen to the class, she looked me from the window.

Yeah, finally the class over and I'm standing out of the class. My teacher came out and he said, " Yeah, Howard! You must write a request letter to me before you go home but If you did like this next time, I'll call your parents! Right, Howard!". I said, " Thank you, sir!". I entered the class, all fellows went home except me and I'm writing a request letter to my teacher. I loved that feeling because nobody's there in that class with a pleasant silence! Suddenly, Carson came to me from out. She asked, " what are you doing?". I replied, " Yup, He told me to write a request letter for him". She told, "but you did nothing and I did this all". I said, " But it's okay!". She said, "Now, I gonna tell the truth to our teacher". Suddenly, I hold her hand and told, " No, "you're a girl. if you said the truth, our teacher will say you to stand out but I'm, I can stand and I don't wanna see you from out of the class". She said, " Yeah, " me too! I can't leave you outside alone because that's not your mistake!".

I said, "it's okay but I'm always being alone like this and it's not new for me, right!". Immediately she slapped me in my cheeks. Suddenly, " I stood up! I asked, "have you slapped me?". She told, " Don't use that word because I'm your friend. I'm with you! so, you're not alone and you saved me". I was frozen and I don't know what to say! I said, " Okay, Right!". (She slightly smiled) I kept a pen in my hand and she threw that from me. She stands close to my face, her gazes so adorable. Her eyelet looked at me continuously! And with a quiet sound. Her face glancing at me. My face started sweating! And my heartbeat gets rapidly than normal. Suddenly, A room cleaner women came, " what's going on here!". Immediately, I sat at a table. I said, "We! We!". Carson said, "Yeah, " lol! A caterpillar was stuck in Howard's face. That's it!". That cleaner said, " Hmm! Mystery!". We both came out of our class and went home.

Hmm. This month is spring. So, all the flowers and leaves fall down with a gentle breeze. Today, we all are in the playground. We played football. Yeah, I saw Carson! She walked alone. So, I get to her. I asked, "What's the matter? You're not gonna play?". She replied, "I'm not in that mood. I'm in so depressed, Howard!". I said, "Oh, right. But you can share some things with me because If I could, I can replace them". She replied, " you're not gonna play with your friends?". I said, "My best friend in problem then how can I play satisfied". She asked, "You know I lost the best guy". I asked, " what are you talking about? Best Friend?". She replied, "yeah, "he sacrificed his life!". I asked, " for whom?". She replied, " for me. He pays the price to save me but He lost his life". (She's weeping) I asked, " How and when?". She said, "Sorry! Howard, you're my friend but I can't explain the stuff". I said, " Right! I know some things are unexplainable. But don't cry, Everythings gonna be alright!".

She replied, "but I miss him and his braveness". Suddenly, " she lay down in my shoulder. I said, "Truly, I don't know what happened in your past but Your friend sacrificed his life to save you. So, he'll wish never gonna see you in this crying face. Right!". She said, " You talking like him, that motivation!". She said, "But everybody avoiding me and they didn't understand my feelings. I said I can understand you and your feelings because I'm like you, nobody understood my emotion". She said, "Who is your favorite one in your life". I replied, My mind is the favorite one because It's the only thing understanding my emotions". She said, "that's nice, Howard". I said, "I'll make you feel good, let's play throwball!". She said, "Right!". We played throwball for few minutes. Suddenly, our teacher came and said, "Students our school has a competition of speech tomorrow. If you want to participate, You can!". She asked, " Howard! will you participate in this competition ?". I replied, "No, I can't because I have stage fear!". She said, " okay!". Immediately, She told my teacher, " Sir' can you add Howard's name?". The teacher said, " Yeah, sure! Carson". I said, " No, why you gave my name to him!". She replied, "Talent is important but that fear breaking down the ability". I said, "anyway, You hang me In the problem!". She replied, "Howard, come on! Speak what you tell for me but tell that by the mic to all. That's it". I said, " Oh, thanks for your motivation!". Finally, I gonna tell a speech to all on the stage tomorrow. I'm so enthusiastic and also in a panic!

Today, I'm gonna give a speech about The Feelings on the stage for the first time. Now, I came to school!

Carson said, " All the best, Howard! Speak well". I said, " Yeah, thank-you but I'm feeling so panic. I don't know How I gonna do this".

She replied, "You can just take a deep breath! Right". I said, " Okay! Everything is gonna be alright". Now, I'm standing on the stage. Nearly, a thousand students and teachers have had a seat. I started!

Good Morning to everyone. The honorable judges, Principal, Teachers, students, and my friends. Today I gonna talk about the (My voice started to strike) (suddenly I took a deep breath) Today I gonna talk about the main thing of a human! That is Feeling". Till today, these feelings are the main problem in our society because some people couldn't understand each other. It's the main reason, some people couldn't use their real talent. People started avoiding their own people. They're thinking, they're the best and others are worst! It's very serious because some persons and many students are affected by this. If A boy couldn't play well in the playground! That's not his fault. His friends, his parents, and the surrounding teachers are the reason. Because nowadays, In this community, we can't see the encouragers. If there's no encouragement, that person will not succeed well. I know, In this meeting, many students thinking, " that's not my fault". That's yours! If you couldn't stay happy with your friends. You're a Theif!". The person who avoided by the people gets so depressed and weeping emotions, it Makes them like a corpse! If you're ranked 1st in the class. You can teach the subjects to your friends but nowadays, the student who gets 1st rank didn't teach their classmates because there's no humanity. That's why some students are doing this. Yeah, If a girl was alone in a table with a sad face. She didn't talk with others and didn't play with others! Are you avoiding her! It's okay If you couldn't be a friend but just act like a classmate!

If you said, " I can't!". You're not a human because if there's no humanity, then how you can be a human?

" I didn't ask you to give everything to them. Just show love and kindness. All are responsible for this! Stay happy with all! let's build a powerful and unity Community! Thank you for your cooperation!".

Suddenly, A quite silence for 2 seconds. And then all gave a big round of applause and judges were standing. All the faces are glancing at me. That feeling is endless. Immediately, The judges gave the medal and a certificate called "Best speaker of the school". That's the first time, I got big applause and a certificate. I was so excited. I get down from the stage. Carson said, " Congratulations!". I said, " Oh, thank you!". She said,

" Hey, I already told know, you're a great speaker". I replied, " I couldn't do this without your motivation. And thank you so vastly!". Suddenly, some girls came and talk with Carson. They said, " Sorry for avoiding you, before a while. Shall we friends?". She said, " Oh, lol! Yeah sure! And thank you!". I said, " I thought, All the problems are fixed!". So finally, she's so happy and talking with their new friends. Yeah, I did it!

Today, Holiday! I walked alone on the roadside. Yeah, I really like to spend time alone. Yesterday, the good season started called, "The spring". That's my sweetest season because A gentle breeze, the pink flowers, and colorful leaves are falling down. That moment is impressive. Suddenly, Carson came and touched my shoulder. She said, "Howard, "what's going on!". I replied, " Yeah, maybe good!". She told, "Yes, the spring season is stated!". I asked, " What about your friends?". She replied, " Yeah, I played a few hours with them. I thought friendship is great!". I said, " Yeah, exactly!". She said, "you changed my life because I lost everything! Even my friends and the close one! Everything. But you replaced that!". I asked, " That's not a matter because You made the difference. Right!". She replied, "Hmm! Young man into a real man!". I said, "Hay! You're kidding me, I know!". She replied, " Just for fun!". I asked, "shall we walk together?". She said, " Yeah, sure". I asked, "Where you want to go". She said, " somewhere, A quiet place!". I said, " I know a place, let's go there. We walked by the roadside and I took her to my favorite place. She asked, " Hey! Where we're going?". I replied, " Come on". Finally, we came to that place. I said, " see this!". We saw an extensive view. That place looks like a paradise because We saw a blue river like glass, with a white mountain like a north pole. A beautiful blue gloomy sky with fresh air. Tiny colored fishes are drowning in the water and a rosy pinked trees. The wind blew so breezily when the wind blows the punchy colored pink flowers and leaves are falling down. And with a quiet sound, like living in another kingdom. That place looks so adorable and there's no word to describe the feeling!

She said, " wow! What a lovely place. I haven't seen before like this". I said, " Hmmm, every springtime, I'll come to this place. This place creates new pleasant things and good thoughts for me! So what you think about this place, Carson?". She said, " I'm feeling like wanna cry!". I said, "I thought, this is the best moment in my life". She said, " I don't know what to say! Howard, You're really great!". I asked, " shall we sit under that rose flower tree?". She said, "Yeah!". We sat under the rose tree. I asked, "See this? It doesn't erase!". She asked, "What happened?". I said, " can you see those words, "FOREVER AND TOGETHER" in this tree. I wrote this last year spring!". She asked, "Why you wrote this?". I replied, " Yeah, last year! I quarreled with my parents. I wrote these words for my emotion. So, whenever I'm alone, I'll come to this place". She said, " Hmm! I gonna write one thing!". She wrote some words called "FOREVER TILL THE END". I asked, " Oh, nice! But I think It's for fun know!". She said, "Do you wanna tell something to me?". (I smiled) I said, "Yeah, some things we can't tell because that time will decide!". She said, " Oh, Nice Quote!". Suddenly, She kissed in my cheeks. I froze! I said, "Oh no! Yeah!". (She smiled) again she kissed me in my cheeks! At that time, A gentle breeze blows, the punchy rose flowers and leaves felt down in us. I looked her eyes, she looked at my face The chirping sound of the birds, running sound of the river with the puffy clouds, and a lovely silence! Gave an unforgettable experience and the love of true friendship!

So that's MY STORY!


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