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The Yellow Ball

The Yellow Ball

3 mins

The air from heaven, kissed them on their fresh green blades as they danced welcoming their maiden during the early morning hours. As she began watering her little buddies Deepti felt at peace, as the rays of sun reflected on her pale skin. 

  Her greens were a part of her, as she has planted each of them by her bare hands. Every day she watered and pruned them, added fertilizer, and cleaned her rooftop garden. A welcoming mystical feeling wrapped her body as she entered her garth.

Chirping sounds of birds, kites flying in the sky mesmerized her as she lived an hour of her day up there. 

Deepti has decorated each part of her rooftop garden. Peace and tranquility blew along with the breeze as she cleansed the statue of Lord Buddha kept in the middle. Bonsais were her love as she decorated their pots with small peacocks and bells.

 Her terrace was an eye catcher for birds. As they fed their stomach with grains in feeders and quenched their thirst. But one morning as she stepped in, her sight caught hold of a yellow tennis ball lying in the corner of the garden.

Deepti didn't care for at sometime, she watered and pruned her plants then she started cleaning her terrace with a broom. At that moment she saw that the yellow ball was pierced with nails. Her curiosity led her to pick that yellow ball, and them with a sense of fear she dropped it from her hand.

Deepti thought " someone has done black magic up here, but no one can come in my roof, without my permission. “ She quickly picked the ball and threw out from her terrace and washed her hands. A sense of fear revolved around her as she performed her daily task.

That evening as Deepti was cooking her young one said, "mom I am not feeling well.”

Deepti checked her temperature, and Veda her little angel had a fever. She instantly took him to the doctor and started with her medication. 

As she stepped back her son Dev said "mom I don't know I am too feeling uneasy " and that moment Dev went to his room and slept. Mother's instincts were screaming in her that something was wrong somewhere in her house.

 Early morning Veda called out Deepti “mom I am not feeling good and bhaiya isn't either. Deepti left her bed and ran to her kids room and their she saw Dev vomiting in the washroom. At that moment the yellow ball with nails pricked in it flashed in her eyes and Deepti took her kids to hospital. She knew some black magic has been performed. As no one believes in her in this modern age, so she kept the incident to her self. He pleaded doctors to examine Dev and Ved properly and the mother's instincts are always right as, Dev was diagnosed with meningitis in the brain, and Veda was too kept under observation as the cause of her fever was not being found.

Deepti thanked God for saving her kids’ lives as the question revolved around her why someone would harm her and how come the ball with nails pricked in it came in her terrace.

 Somewhere in this world black magic does exist. If you don't believe in it, then start believing in it.

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