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The Victorious Girl

The Victorious Girl

4 mins

She comes from a village constantly accompanied by innocent smile but with an invisible determination meaning of her name is victory ,She also strives for it.Her gaze would point towards lecture and lecture notes only during class time and newspapers or other study materials during free time.My friends, don't think she is a bookish worm she also finds time to talk with us and observe her surroundings. She constantly writes her future designation on the whiteboard.One day Salman ventured to include his name along with her but she was reluctant but that smile never faded. Salman used to accompany her to hostel and before they parts she never forgets to give him a cheerful smile.She behaved to him as usual as before.

most of the times he used to think whether she loves me or not but he didn't want to bother her by asking this.when their UG completed her last words were :"Salman,some one is anticipating you. you are not mine. I have my own likes and you can't impose your's on me. Salman:"Well said,can we have a coffee for the last time. Perhaps this would be the last time." At last she agreed on one condition that some of her friends would be there to college canteen.

3 years later

After getting trained from Swashma Swaraj Foreign Sevice Institute Salman was deputed to Iraq as 3rd secretary. Well after the crush of ISIS also there was not a single air of relief in this region.

As part of UN rehabilitation mission Salman was part of a team which looked after enslaved women from ISIS. Most of them were Yazidis. As part of UN intervention they were getting food and other basic needs but the question of how they will be rehabilitated sounded sarcastic because lot of these women's husbands,fathers and brothers have been killed brutally and they became hopeless.

Salman saw a girl who seems to be 20 and she was not taking her food properly. She was literally alone and when Salman inquired about her,she said:"I am mufeedah, I am alone and they have killed my parents so brutally and I was abducted and sexually harassed by those animals. I am a soul less flesh now." Salman was helpless at this moment and walked away from there looking at her."

Her emotionless image didn't fade away from his mind and in his nightmare he could see how she was tortured by those beasts.

the next day salman got a dead news from the camp. It was mufeedah. Her face was showing a giggle as if her soul was liberated from wordly ordeals. At that time he remembered some of the verses from quran which mentions Allah would not give ordeals more than the capacity of the soul. 'O Allah you are great. Thank you my lord for relieving her pain.' He sighed.

Gabriel Thomson was head of the UN mission. He was mentor to Salman. Salman once asked to Gabriel:" What all measures can we take for the upliftment of these women.?" Gabriel Thomson pointed towards a 15 year old :" You see that child,her name is jalla.She became pregnant due to a rapist. If I and my wife had a child it would be similar to her age." Salman moved towards that 15 year old girl and her expression was same like mufeedah and he noticed she didn't take food and then he said:"my child , eat it. Your mind may say no but your body needs it." There was not any sign of response from her side,then salman extended a loaf of bread to her mouth and she ate it. He did the same again till the food finished. At last when he extented a juice she literally cried and hugged him. He remembered about his own sister who was been raped and died when she was coming home from school.

Salman moving towards Gabriel asked:"what about her parents?" Gabriel:"died". Salman was empathetic to these girls and he needed to do something for them. Then an idea came to his mind to set up a comprehensible rehabilitation crowdfunding for Yazidi girls. It was endorsed by Gabriel and they were able to gain support from many prominent personalities and many people around the world. This initiative helped the girls to get into good educational institutions,better access to health care facilities etc. 

A huge contentment filled in the heart of Salman not because of popularity of being the master brain for the crowdfunding but for ensuring a good life to those oppressed girls. Suddenly he remembered about words said by his crush,'some one is anticipating for you.' Salman realised not someone but many.

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