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The Trip Of Space

The Trip Of Space

2 mins


  Chapter-1­- The trip of space         


Characters in real life – in comic

These are the heroes.

1. Bhavya Shekhawat – Stark

2. Dev Prajapati- Steven

3. Prathamash .f—Baner

These are the villains.

1. The lord king alien

2. The lord queen alien

3. The soldier

4. The kingdom

 5. A very large creature

Chapter 1

Hello! This is Stark, I am going to moon on 5th Dec with my team. Let me introduce my team:

1.  Steven- he is very kind, brave and capable for it.

2.  Baner- he is also like him.

Now it’s time to do it, we are going to leave for moon. All were saying we can launch the rocket and the counting begins.






And we get in the space!

We landed on the surface safely

We were going to stick the flag of our nation India.

But suddenly some aliens came to catch us, but we ran fast and got into a cave for one day. After 1day we left the cave and suddenly a big creature came to catch us and again we ran fast and got into a horror place. There was a human sitting without a space suit, we asked him for help and he said that you can also defeat them. I asked, “but how?” 

He said that he can give powers of lightening, laser and super strength but only one can get these powers. So we decided to give these powers to Stark. When we went out, the aliens and the creature was coming. Stark blasted creature's head, when stark was coming on aliens they broke a bone of Baner and Stark got angry and blasted their heads with laser eye and they took Baner and take off.

Chapter 2

We were going near to earth, suddenly a meteor came and crashed with the rocket.

We landed hardly on the surface.

We were checking which planet it is and it was Pluto!

We were very scared.

We tried to repair the rocket but Baner’s leg was paining so Stark said him to relax but then Stark thought can fly and can go on to earth so he took the rocket and flew to earth and they went to earth. All were shocked and were asking many questions but Stark did not say about his powers with Baner and Steven.   

The End                 

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