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The Splurge Of Buyin Happiness

The Splurge Of Buyin Happiness

3 mins

In this fancy modern world we are always in a mood of searching newest version of product, the best thing, the upgraded version. From birth till death we are in need of best things. And due to this materialistic world we have kept happiness in the list of things and are running in the race to buy happiness. As in the competitive world when we are competing with each other we have kept happiness in that list also. Now we have kept in our mind-set that happiness is directly proportional to money. The person who is rich is much happier and remember this is the biggest myth. Obtaining instant gratification through material objects just give happiness for a second. Happiness lies within and can be always achieved. It’s our own mentality which brings happiness.

Recently one of my close friend called me and continued crying… she said ” Arey sun na my mom doesn’t love me anymore”. I was shocked hearing this, I asked her for which she replied that she wanted beautiful handloom sarees for a wedding function and her mom was unable to deliver as she was ill. Her happiness is limited to the handloom sarees. We often limit our happiness to things. We eagerly wait for some stuffs and when we achieve that, we remain happy for a fraction of second only. Does my friend have no handloom saree for a wedding function; still she cried for 5 days and didn’t talk with her mom. Why we always scold our children when they cry for a toy and once they receive them, they just throw them or break them. Their happiness also is limited till they get the toys….same as sareeeeeesssss…… We have just limited our happiness to classy cars, trendy clothes, beautiful house, decors, parties, pubs etc etc etc…..But once we have them all , we still search for happiness…. Do you think a rich person is more happier ?????

One of my kitty party friends is damn rich. She come to the parties with Audi…..that to in a city like Bhubaneswar….., she had a three storey-ed building, well-furnished and she always wear fancy, fashionable clothes, gadgets, jewellery’s….You can find all new crockery sets, new ornaments….we all always thought she is the happiest of all. But when she became very close to me, I personally found I am the happiest one. She has no one with her. Her husband and son stay abroad. She remains here alone. She has no one to look back, no one to smile on. Material items can’t wipe her tears, can’t play with her when she is alone, can’t hold her or wrapped her. Now what is the need of running behind money?

Happiness is not limited. It’s like pages; you can add on a lot of pages and increase the size of the book. This happiness just lie within us and depend completely on us, how we can handle situation and how happy we remain. May be my friend will understand that her Mom is more important than her so called precious handloom sarees. And one day she will lose her Mom but she can buy sarees. Material items means next to nothing. We will cherish people, cherish memories, and cherish relationship. These items can never calm us but a soft tender touch can take away all our problems.

Just imagine You are sitting alone with all fancy gadgets, locked inside a room- How will you feel-Just suffocated. These gadgets will give satisfaction for some few hours or say a day- then what? We need these materialistic items till they are absent with us.

We have everything and we are blessed by God. Someone correctly said—– “It’s good to remain happy with what you have”. It’s perfect. Because in this race we are running for buying happiness which is next to impossible.

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