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Meetzz Jagtap

Inspirational Others Children


Meetzz Jagtap

Inspirational Others Children

The Purpose

The Purpose

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Reena was married for almost 10 years now. Bright, ambitious, beautiful Reena had a charismatic personality. One can say that she was happily married and her husband Rohan was quite simple and was very loving. He almost had all the good qualities of being a good husband. The compatibility ratio between both was too good. Being in their late 30's and working in the top corporate positions, life was going pretty smoothly for both of them. 

Was life smooth for them or were they a couple who prefer seeing the positive side of things? Well, I can say that they were the couple who knew how to live life to the fullest; it doesn't mean that they didn't face any problems. They had overcome a lot in life. 

For others their life might look like a rosy picture, however, every rose has a thorn too! Three years ago when Reena was trying to conceive, she tried every way out. Whether it was visiting doctors and taking their advice or turning towards holistic methods for conception. Being a part of the Indian community Reena and Rohan tried everything to become parents. However, nothing worked out, trying everything made them exhausted, Rohan went into a deep depression too. However, Reena was a little different and she was a lady with an indomitable will and in those times, she handled herself as well as her husband in a very positive way. 

Today was 18th April and it's been eleven years since their marriage. It was morning at 6 am and the alarm rang, suddenly Reena got up and hit the snooze button and sat on the bed, to her surprise Rohan was not on the bed. Reena was calling his name again and again, " Rohan, Rohan!" and she couldn't hear anything from him. She got up, went towards the bathroom door, knocked on the door slowly, and called his name again. She touched the bathroom door softly and it got opened. To her surprise, he was not inside the bathroom. 

Now she headed towards the dining hall and from there, she could see a huge balcony of her house, which had a glass slider, which created a partition in the living room. Half of the slider was opened and from there cool breeze was coming inside the living room. The feel of a cool breeze was enough to create a serene effect on Reena's face. 

She walked towards Rohan quietly and as she stood behind him, she embraced Rohan and wished him, "Happy Anniversary my love". Rohan turned and embraced her too and wished her in return. As she looked into Rohan's eyes, she could see expressions of fear and worry in his eyes. Reena asked Rohan, "Is everything okay?" he nodded his head to which Reena said, " I don't think so, what's the matter? Rohan took a deep breath and said, "I don't want to say it today. However, as we are moving ahead in our lives, day by day a feeling of fear is arising within me that we don't have any child, neither we have planned to adopt any." Rohan took a pause and said, "I don't know as we grow old or if something happens to any one of us, who is going to take care of us in the old age?"

After Listening to Rohan, Reena took a deep sigh and held Rohan's hand in her hand, and told him to sit on a chair and even she sat on a chair facing towards him. She then said, "Hey look at me", and Rohan lifted his face and looked at her. She asked in a soft tone, "Rohan, why are you thinking all this? I know you are concerned and have a yearning for a child too but, do you think is it wise to worry about this issue?" She further added, " Is this the end of life. Aren't their other childless couple, have they stopped living their life?"

Rohan was listening to Reena carefully and the expressions of worry in his eyes were now dissolving. He was looking much better. Reena further added, " Yes I haven't planned to adopt a child, because I needed a break from all those doctor's treatment and suggestions and other family members. Don't worry I will soon plan." To this Rohan curiously asked, "but when?" 

Reena gave a cheery smile and said, " I will but of course not today. I had some special plans for both of us." Reena got up from the chair quickly and even asked Rohan to get ready. 

Both of them got up and went inside, in an hour or so both were ready. Reena wore a long beautiful red frock and adorned herself with some esthetic jewelry. On other hand, Rohan wore his casual pair of jeans and a black Chinese collared shirt. As usual, both were complimenting each other. They spent the whole day together, shopped, had lunch, and spent quality time with each other after a long time. They returned by eight in the evening and both were tired. 

When both were about to sleep at night, Rohan said to Reena, "it was such a wonderful day", and he kissed Reena on her forehead. Rohan again mentioned, " Thank you" to her for always making things special. Reena's face was beaming, finally, both of them said, " Goodnight" to each other and slept.

The next morning both started afresh, It was 7 am in morning. Rohan had to leave early and Reena took an off from her office. So, Rohan got up and he got ready and decided to have breakfast outside and said, " Bye" to Reena. Reena was a little tired, after Rohan left, she didn't feel like sleeping again, so she got up and straight away she went into the kitchen and made a cup of hot coffee for herself. She came to the balcony of her hall and she sat on the chair. It was quarter to eight, however, there was still a cool breeze of air, which Reena could feel. She was sipping coffee and simultaneously remembering yesterday's conversation with Rohan regarding the adoption of a child.

Reena was a distinct personality; her thought process was very different. In her mind many thoughts were coming to her, she loves children, wants to be with them, and wants to do something different but not only for one child. She wanted to add meaning to the lives of many children and many couples like them. With all these thoughts coming into her mind, she finished her coffee, came inside had a bath, and got ready.

She decided to meet her good old friend Sonia, they were together in the same college. Sonia was running an Orphanage. So, Reena went to Sonia's Office to meet her. As soon as Reena entered Sonia's cabin, Sonia got up from her chair and greeted Reena lovingly. Sonia asked, "Reena Please have a seat." Reena sat and then Sonia asked again, " What would you like to have?" To this Reena replied, "I just had my breakfast, so I am almost full." Reena smiled and then both started remembering their college days.

After some time, Sonia asked, " Yesterday you mentioned adoption, how can I help you in this matter?" Reena replied, " Yes I was interested to adopt a child, however over the last few years my mindset has changed." Sonia said, "I didn't get you, dear." Reena said, " I and Rohan desperately wanted a child and nothing worked in our favor, so we decided to take a break and both got involved in our professional lives. Recently, Rohan showed his interest again in adopting a child, and also he is very concerned about our future, and how we are going to manage in our old age?"

Reena got up from her chair and it seemed she wanted to start a deep conversation with Sonia. Reena said, "I just don't want to settle like this and be busy in my life." With a puzzled expression on her face, Sonia said, " That means you don't want to go for an adoption." Reena with a worried expression on her face said, " You took me wrong, my dear."

Sonia further said, " Okay! Then tell me what's in your mind?" Reena started expressing her emotions out to Sonia, "All these years when I and Rohan were yearning for a child, I realized there must be many couples, who wanted to have a child, they must have tried their best and must have taken many treatments too. They must have gone through a lot and over the years they must have accumulated a lot of emotional pain, fear of getting old, and a lot of anxiousness, which they cannot share with anyone. So, there is no alternative to this." 

Reena continued, "I have a great concern for these couples and feel that such couples should connect with those children, who are deprived of parental love." With excitement on her face, she said, "I want to start a foundation, where the childless couple can connect with the children, who are deprived of parental love. These couples have got every comfort in their life; however, they feel incomplete, somewhere in their lives." Reena further said, "I want to add some meaning to their lives, where they will not adopt one child, take a child to their home and start their journey. Adoption is a later process." 

"My idea is, couples like these can adopt more than one child, and not necessarily that they should take the child to their homes. Couples can become their parents, connect with the children by visiting the foundation, twice a week, wherein they can take charge of children their well being, their education, and their lives. It will be a lifelong relationship for both of them." Sonia with a smile on her face said, " This seems to be a great idea."

Sonia further enquired, " Why not only adoption? Why do you want to make this kind of system? Don't you think parents who will come to meet the children, twice a week, would like to spend their whole life with them, isn't it?"

 To this Reena replied, " Yes, couples can adopt the child but that quiet later and not at the initial stage. Once they decide to choose a child from the orphanage and both child and couple spend some time together, maybe a few years. They would start knowing each other better. Once the Couple spends few years with that child and willing, the parents can go for an adoption procedure. There is one more addition to this procedure where a child and a couple can connect very well with each other. Whenever the couple wants to take the child for the holiday they can take him or her along."

Listening to this Sonia asked, "Still I didn't get my answer, why not only adoption? why this kind of a system or a program?" 

Reena explained, " There is a purpose behind this system. In today's world when children grow and reach a stage where they think that they are very intelligent and feel that they don't require their parents' suggestions anymore. Sometimes they don't realize the value of their parents and how much they hurt them and then they decide to leave their parents in their old age, which is very painful for the parents and it further adds to their sufferings. So, I am making a kind of flexible system, where the couple can come, know their adopted child, spend a lot of quality time with each other. With this, I am sure, both will develop respect, love and will value each other and further if they want a permanent adoption then both of them have to qualify certain criteria and has to go through some conditions, only then they can go ahead."

Now Sonia got up from her chair and came to Reena. She just patted Reena's back and appreciated her for this awesome idea. After this, Sonia asked again, " Would you like to have a partner like me for this beautiful purpose? and to this Reena cheerfully replied, "Yes." Reena got up from the chair and she hugged Sonia tightly and the next day again they decided to meet.

It was four in the evening, Reena drove back home and when she entered her home, to her surprise Rohan was already there. The moment Rohan saw her, she was thrilled and she kept her bag on the table and hugged Rohan tightly. 

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