Akash Agrawal

Abstract Drama Fantasy


Akash Agrawal

Abstract Drama Fantasy

The Other Side

The Other Side

2 mins

Well well… What on earth are you up to?

It was only yesterday when I saw you walking down the wrong alley.

And you were looking so … lost. Did you find what you were looking for?

Oh! I don’t remember going anywhere yesterday. 

Honestly man! Are you dreaming again? Or have you stopped taking your pills yet again?

Don’t you dare talk to me like that!

You filthy forgetful good for nothing parasite!

I remember quite fine. It was you only, sneaking from corner to corner, trying very hard not to be spotted by anyone.

And if I remember correctly, it appeared to me as if you were following a black fur cat down into the alley. It was a little strange to see, you know.

Why a man of your stature would be roaming around following the cats?

Oh, That! 

Oh, now I remember. 

It was uh, well it was not what it looked like.

And I was not really sneaking or hiding either. I was just a little concerned about my security, you know, given my stature of course. 

Oh Yeah! Of course! And what do you have to say about the cat?

The cat? 

There was no cat at all. 

There was just a little kid running down the way. And I was following her because I thought she might be lost.

 It was a little strange for a little kid to be running all by herself in those alleys. 

There was no kid, for Christ’s sake!

There was a cat, a black pompous looking all furry black cat.

And it was the cat that was running down the alley. NO KID AT ALL.

Huuunn… Strange! Really strange! 

But If I remember correctly… this is not the first time, we witnessed the different perceptions of the same reality.

Hmm. Indeed! Perhaps the world is different on the other side of the mirror.

That looks like it. Doesn’t it? 

Perhaps the world is different on your side of the mirror my dear ‘Mirror Friend’.

“Darling! Are you done talking to yourself?” A female voice came into the room.

At the same time, the sound of a cat’s Meowing came from the other side of the mirror. 

Well, it looks like my darling’s calling.

Indeed! I too have to go and see my darling cat now. 

So, until the next time…

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