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suhana joshi

Children Fantasy


suhana joshi

Children Fantasy

The Lovely Living Beings

The Lovely Living Beings

26 mins 5.1K 26 mins 5.1K


1. Wonderful Surprises 3

2. Going TO PIZZA HUT 9

3. Playing in the park 17

4. Eating Outside 25




Amy wondered when her siblings would come. It was a sunny day; their dad told them that they could go outside and go wherever they want. Amy was such a chatter box that she couldn’t stop talking when everyone came. Finally when she stopped, Millie said to others, “Let’s go for a walk.” Off they went, going for a walk. They went through Dartford tunnel and ….Lick!! Who licked Amy? Suddenly something jumped over a rock! It was a dog! They tried to ignore the puppy but it was stalking them! They pointed to a cat, the puppy could chase, but the dog didn’t notice so it didn’t chase it away. They soon forgot they need to chase the dog away and they walked along with the puppy.

They passed ‘Smyth’ and they decided to go there but then Amy said, “But where should we put the puppy?” No one replied. Then as they didn’t know where to put the puppy, they went to ‘Pets at home’. Amy gasped. The dog had gone. “Too bad we haven’t named it yet!” replied Jack. “Don’t worry, Amy we’ll find him,” said Millie’s sweet, little voice. “It said Chocolate on his tag.” Amy said.

After a while the three of them saw Chocolate on the other side. He ran steadily without noticing a huge, dangerous car coming towards him. The car suddenly put breaks so close to him. Chocolate was starting to bark at it and trying to hit it! Out came a girl who said, “Uh…. Is this your dog? If it is, you should be more careful as it would have died,” she looked at the dog, “Poor thing!” She looked back at them, “Hi I am Angela!”. “We’re sorry, we should have taken better care of it, I am glad the driver saw him on time. Thank you!” replied Millie. “Yeah my brother was quite shocked and worried that he wouldn’t be able to stop in time,” replied Angela, “What is its name?”

“Chocolate!” said Jack.

Suddenly the door to the car swung open revealing a young man. “Oh, hello my name is Simon and I’m Angela’s brother. I’m very sorry for the problem. Don’t mind my sister; she is a bit grumpy at times.” He whispered in Jack’s ear. Jack chuckled. “Ok, same with my sisters.”

Amy said, “What was your name again?”

“Oh, my name is – “

Simon paused just as Millie whispered to Amy, “Simon.”

Simon stared at Millie. Millie blushed; she was embarrassed because she interrupted him. He said, “I’m not cross, that…. I do that as well. Everyone does.”

Amy was confused. She didn’t know what they were talking about. She said, “This is called Telepathy.” Everyone laughed. They started to laugh so loud that they forget a woman was waiting for them to move away. The woman said, “I’m waiting, are you blind? They moved away so Simon can’t start an argument.

“I’m Amy and she is Millie and he’s Jack.” Amy explained

It was nearly time for lunch, but they heard a strange noise coming from under the ground. Chocolate started barking louder and louder. Chocolate started running, whining as he went to the other side of the road. He was puzzled. Where was the noise coming from?

Simon muttered to himself, “Don’t worry, it’s probably just the pipes!” In the town the pipes did make a racket. That’s why people always checked if any pipes had leaked, so nearly every hour people came out of their houses , into their garden, asked their neighbours if everything is all right, and went back home.

They hurried to the path, Angela asked, “Do you want to meet at McDonalds for Lunch? We’ll pay for you. Right, brother?”

“Right, we will pay for you. Don’t worry.”

Millie exclaimed, “Off course we will come!”

Off they went, with Chocolate to guide Amy, Jack and Millie.

Ring- Ring. Where was that noise coming from?

Suddenly, Millie’s pocket began to move. “Uh… Millie, why is your pocket moving, is it because you’re shivering because you’re cold?” Jack questioned her. “No, it is just my phone ringing.” Millie replied. She plucked her phone out of her pocket, she saw in her notifications, MISSED CALL, DAD.

She called her dad again, Ring, Ring.

“Hello, oh darling I was just about to ask where you are?” said her dad.

“Uh yeah dad we made some friends and a puppy, the puppy is with us and we are going to McDonalds. We are on our way. Bye! ”

Dung! The phone buzzed off. She put her phone in her pocket. And soon enough, they were there, at McDonalds.

Wow! The crowd was so big, outside! Had McDonalds closed? Let’s hope not! Suddenly, Simon came, dragging his sister through the crowd.

“Hi, our car had to stop lots of times; there was a lot of traffic, which is why we came late.” He squeezed himself through the crowd, letting go of Angela.

He went to the front and confidently said to the inspector “Um… excuse me, why is there a crowd? Is it closed?”

“No, it is just that there is a fox inside and we are trying to get it out.”

Simon squeezed through again, when he was with the rest he said, “There was just a fox inside, that’s all.”

“A FOX!” They all screamed, except from Chocolate.


Well, I think Jack was the one who was out of his mind.

Amy whispered to Jack calmly “Calm down.”Suddenly Jack screamed to Simon, “You’re very ma-”He stopped as Millie whispered in his ear “SHUT UP, IDIOT WE STILL WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH HIM!” Now it was Amy’s turn to speak to him. She pulled him towards her and said “You’re the one who is out of your senses, not him.” She exclaimed fiercely. Amy was right, because soon enough when Angela was with Jack for a moment or two he couldn’t control his anger, he said to Angela “I need to go to the toilet”. He dashed to the toilet and calmed himself down. He shouted to himself “A fox! That wicked old animal. It is so scary and creepy. Err! I did the wrong thing. I shouldn’t have shouted. I should have calmly said that I don’t like foxes. I should have told them.”

While Jack was in the toilets, Amy asked Angela, “Where is Jack?”

“He has gone to the toilet, that’s all” Replied Angela.

“To calm down himself”, Millie whispered to Amy.

At the toilets Jack spotted a hole, he thought it was just an old toilet wall so it must have holes in it. He just thought that if he avoided it everything would be alright.



Jack stared at the hole. He wondered why it was there. It wasn’t a circle; it was more like a mixture of a rectangle and diamond. It was a wide diamond. Jack opened the door and whispered to himself “Need to tell the others.” He rushed out of the toilets. Oh No! Now he needed the toilet! He rushed back to the toilets.

When he was done, he dashed out of the toilets and thought, “Need to hurry!” He sprinted to them so fast that suddenly….. OUCH! He suddenly bumped into something. Oh, but glad it was just….. Ahhhh! A fox! Jack screamed as loud as an alarm. But poor Amy thought that it was Chocolate, she said “Chocolate, are you ok? What is wrong, sweetheart?” But Chocolate started smiling, jumping happily. Amy got surprised, as if she expected him to whine. While that was happening, the fox started to whine, Jack had startled it! But Jack paid no attention to it.

Poor fox! The fox disappeared in a flash, and Jack ran as fast as lightening to the others. He screamed “There was a fox and I…..” He stopped as Millie interrupted “You screamed, see Amy, it wasn’t Chocolate it was him. We heard Jack and Amy thought it was Chocolate.”

After the five had eaten, they said bye and scurried back home.

As Angela and Simon were in the car, Angela said, “I don’t want to be friends with them, especially Jack, he was going mad.”

Simon replied “It’s the first time we met them and your saying they’re mad? We haven’t met them properly; maybe they are normal like us, maybe Jack just got angry with me, maybe he doesn’t like foxes. Right?” His sister nodded. He was right. “Maybe we could meet them at Pizza hut so we get to know more about them tomorrow or the day after. Right?” questioned Angela

Her brother nodded. “Yes we could, let me phone them.”

“But we don’t have their phone number, Do we brother?”

“Oh, come on!” sighed Simon. They didn’t have their phone number. He should have asked!

The next day Simon was driving the car, on the way he saw Jack, Millie and Amy. He opened the window and stopped the car. “Oh hey, me and Angela were thinking about asking you guys to come to Pizza Hut with us for lunch tomorrow?” He said.

“Of course we will!”Amy screamed. Glad Jack wasn’t in one of his bad tempers!

“Well then, see you tomorrow, bye!”

Simon closed the window and then he drove off. Suddenly he saw a fox passing by. He braked! The small fox pawed away. “That was strange.” Simon thought, and he kept driving.

When he arrived at his house, Simon came in and took his shoes off. He sat down and said. “Oh sister, there are lots of foxes around here. I saw one on the road today.”

“That’s very strange.” She answered back. She put some Mango milk shake on the table. That day it was very hot. It was a Saturday.

The next day came, . Amy was so excited that she forgot that they were going at Lunch, not in the morning. She went to Jack’s bedroom. She exclaimed,

“We need to go to Pizza Hut!”

Jack yawned. “We’re going at Lunch, silly. So good night.” He dozed off.

Amy sighed. She wished they were going that minute. She thought, “I could make breakfast….? Nope. It’s too early. It’s about…..” She glanced at the clock. It was 6:30am. No one would eat breakfast at that time! They eat at 8:00am or 9:00am. That’s ages away! “What shall I do, what shall I do?” She kept thinking. She scurried to her bedroom. She lay on her bed.

She heard a creek. Wait, was she sleeping? She heard crunching sounds. She hadn’t yet opened her eyelids. Once she opened them, she found out…. IT WAS 8:41 am! She had slept for nearly 2 hours! She rapidly got out off her bed. Bang! OUCH! She had hit her knee on a wooden object. She screeched, “Ouch that really hurt. What is that?” She stared at the wooden object, with an annoying expression on her face. She realised that the wooden object turned out to be a wooden table. On top of it placed food. Jack and Millie had placed her breakfast on the table. How nice of them!

Amy was starving just as she saw her Cookie Crisp (her cereal) on the wooden table. She was just about to reach out to get it when she remembered something. She had to brush her teeth! She immediately went to the toilet. When she had done, she shifted the tooth brush away.

She scurried to the table and ate her breakfast peacefully. She strode down the grand, spiral staircase. Down stairs, Amy spotted Millie crunching on her piece of bread.

Amy questioned Millie, “Where’s Jack?”

Millie gulped the tiny bits of bread.

“Oh, he’s just gone down shopping to get some stuff.”

Amy was confused. Normally Millie goes shopping. Millie saw Amy’s confused face. She knew why Amy was confused. She replied, “I didn’t go shopping because I thought that Jack needs to be punished for what he did. He absolutely hates shopping but he deserves this...”

“What do you mean?” Amy inquired.

Millie responded, “Yesterday at Football his team won but what he did after was just unbelievable.”

“Yeah.” Amy said

“….He called the other team rude names such as loser and said that they were not even good enough to qualify for any football tournament. He started such a big fight where some guy on the other team ended up having a broken nose. Amy, he could have been kicked out. God what the hell was he thinking?!”Millie shook her head in disbelief.

Amy went closer. She leaned over the sofa.

Millie carried on, “Then he had the audacity to just leave without saying anything after.” Amy was shocked.

When Jack came home Amy grabbed him by the collar and asked him why he had done such a thing. She said that this could ruin his whole career. But Jack interrupted by saying that his coach had forced him to behave in this way otherwise he would withdraw his application to the county’s team.

Amy demanded, “Jack, what is your coach’s name?”

Jack replied, “Mr. Blank, that’s what we call him.”

Amy demanded, “I don’t want to know what you call him, I want to know his real name.”

Jack fumbled, “Mr….Um….Mr. Banquette."

Amy grabbed hold of Jack arm and dragged him out of the door.

She led him to the Football club’s office and politely said to the receptionist, “Take me to Mr. Banquette please.”

The sweet hearted Receptionist led them to a gargantuan office .The walls were black .Absolutely black. There was just a single light hanging from the ceiling. Amy and Jack got very scared. Then a booming voice came from the left room, “Victoria, what is the problem now.” Victoria (the receptionist name) led Jack and Amy to Mr. Banquette. He was sitting on a beautiful sofa. It had pictures of foxes on them. Amy wondered, He sounds so scary. I don’t know if I can put up this brave act for long. I am so scared. Mr Banquette said in a very sweet voice, “So, what is the matter my dears?” Amy told herself not to be scared. She yelled “How dare you force my brother to do such a thing!”

Mr. Banquette started to chuckle. Then he said, “Oh, sweetheart that’s my job. Jack is just a tool to get me to accomplish my grand plan. Now get out before I force you out.”Jack tugged at Amy’s arm but Amy stood strong and didn’t even budge.

Then Mr Banquette pushed Amy out of the room roughly. There was a smirk on his face. Jack followed his sister out of the room. Amy sighed.

Jack phoned his sister Millie and said to meet at Pizza Hut. Just in time for Lunch! And they were going to Pizza Hut with Simon and Angela anyway. Amy started to smile. Then they hurried to Pizza Hut and met up with the others. They ordered a large pizza to share and a large platter of starters and drinks. And of course, because Angela and Simon are so nice, they paid for them.

When everyone had finished, Angela asked them, “Why don’t we go to the cinemas and watch the famous five?” Everyone nodded. They went to the bus stop and travelled to Blue water.

The movie was so adventurous; they could not even take their eyes off it.

When the movie was done, it was about 5:30 in the evening.

They all said good bye and went home.

Well, that was a nice day!



Amy yawned. It was a new day. They had so much fun yesterday. Suddenly Amy heard a shout, it sounded like Jack’s scream he does when he sees a fox.

When she had passed the staircase she went to the dining room and spotted a fox. Meanwhile, Jack ran as fast as a cheetah, he was getting a stick so he can chase the fox away. While he was running he bumped into the sleepy Amy.

Amy questioned Millie, “What is for breakfast?”

The fox ran away thinking that it would be their breakfast but Amy, Millie and Jack were vegetarians. Poor fox!

Something leaped on Amy. It was Chocolate. “Chocolate!” Amy said. He licked her face lovingly.

Meanwhile, Jack had got stick. He thought the fox was licking Amy. He scowled, “You, wicked fox.”

Chocolate turned around. He did not like being called wicked. Jack realized it was Chocolate. He apologised, “Oh sorry, sweetheart, I thought you were a fox. Come on, I’m not angry.”

Chocolate let go of Amy’s arms and went straight to Jack. Then he hugged Jack with a smile on his face.

Chocolate saw Millie. He wanted to hug her.

Chocolate squeezed himself out of Jack’s arms and went to hug Millie.

Amy requested, “Let’s go and take Chocolate for a walk in the park.” They nodded.

They went to the front door, scooped their coats and wore them. Millie said, “Chocolate doesn’t have a lead!” They went and got a lead.

After that, they went to Wilmot Park. While they were walking they saw Simon and Angela. Amy had an excellent idea. She could ask them if they would want to meet tomorrow at the park. After all, they were friends. Amy inquired, “Do you want to meet at this park today at 3:00 in the afternoon?”

Simon said, “Sure, why not?”

When Simon and Angela had gone, Jack replied, “You never told us you will say that.”

“I had thought of that at that moment so I couldn’t tell you. I didn’t know we would see them.

As they reach the park, the lead slipped out of Jack’s hand. Chocolate ran off. Jack was too busy talking with Amy and Millie so he paid no attention.

“Excuse me, sir your dog could have got lost.” An old lady told them.

Jack turned around. Then he spotted the lead without Chocolate. He apologised, “Thank you so much, I didn’t even notice he had….” The lady interrupted and said,

“My name is Mrs. Banquette.”

Amy said, “Thank you, and bye.” She said it very quickly because she really did not like Mr. Banquette.

She thought that Mrs. Banquette would be the same.

Instead of taking Chocolate on a walk in the park, they went home and they decided to exercise him in the garden.

Chocolate saw meat in the bin. They were at Princess Road. Millie pulled him away from it and warned, “It might be poisonous.”

Chocolate whined.

Jack suddenly remembered something. He reminded them, “Remember, we need to meet them at the park today.”

“Meet who? Mrs. Banquette? I’m not going.” Amy inquired.

“No stupid, Simon and Angela. You should know.” Jack replied

Millie agreed, “Yeah. He’s right.”

Amy said, “Oh.”

When they were home, Amy washed her hands and lay on her bed. It was 1:30 in the afternoon. One more hour till lunch!

At lunch, Millie inquired, “What time are we going to meet Simon and Angela?”

“3: 00pm.” Amy suggested.

They all watched Ricky, Nicky, Dicky and Dawn. It was their favourite show. They always watch it while they eat their meal.

When they had finished, Jack looked on his watch. It was 3:00pm!

Jack demanded, “Hurry, hurry, we’ll be late!”

Millie suggested, “We could bring cookies with us because they might like it.” Amy shook her head.

They all put their coats and shoes on. Before they left Millie reminded them, “We need Chocolate’s lead!”

Eventually, she found it. When she found it, Jack exclaimed, “Finally!”

While they were walking they saw a hat. It said: ANGELA on the tag.

Jack thought it was Angela’s, so he picked it up.

At the park, they saw Angela crying.

Amy asked, “What’s wrong Angela?”

Simon replied, “She’s lost her favourite hat.”

Jack replied, “She hasn’t anymore.” He held out her hat.

Angela said, “Thank you so much!” She hugged Jack. Jack was surprised.

After a while, Amy questioned, “What do you want to do?”

“I want to go on the swirling slide.” Angela replied

Everyone nodded. So they all went on the swirling slide.

Inside, Jack spotted paw prints. There were handles so Jack held onto one. Then he glanced at the paw prints again before he had let go and slid all the way down.

When he reached the bottom, everyone sighed at the same time, “Finally!” Then they laughed.

When everyone stopped laughing, Jack fumbled, “There…there were….. Paw prints everywhere.”

Simon gasped sarcastically.

“So? Were there foxes?” He was teasing Jack.

Everyone laughed. Jack blushed. Millie hugged him. She was sympathetic towards him.

Then Amy went to them, she said, “I know you don’t like it, but you do need to stop being scared.”

Angela agreed, “Yeah.”

Jack was getting angry. Before he was going to shout, Millie pulled him away.

“Breathe in and breathe out.” He breathed in and breathed out.

Amy came suddenly, “Calm down, Jack! What’s wrong with you?”

There was silence for a while. No-one said a word.

Millie whispered to Amy, “Do you want him to be angry, idiot? You want him to be angry, don’t you? Amy stayed silent.

Meanwhile, Angela explained to Simon, “That was actually kind of rude, you know.” Even Simon stayed silent just like Amy.

Jack thought when Millie and Amy were quarrelling, “I should just ignore her.”

Amy walked to Angela and Simon, like if nothing had happened, and said, “What do you want to do next?”

Jack came, rushing. “I want to go on the climbing wall.” So they all went on the climbing wall. Poor Jack! He kept falling! Then Amy said, “Budge up, why are you scared?”

Jack stared at her. He always did that. Amy sighed. “Okay, Fine.” Simon didn’t want to go on the climbing wall. He started wandering around. Then he saw a white and orange fox. Oh No! Simon hurried to Jack and exclaimed, “OH NO, there’s a fox!” Jack screamed. “Wow Jack, calm down, it’s not going to bite you. Don’t be a baby.” Amy explained

Jack sighed. “Phew.”

When Millie was at the top of the climbing wall she relieved, “Well, here we go!” And off she went down the slide.

“Well, that was a bit boring.” Angela complained.

They went on the silver swings. Angela rode on one, and Jack the other. Simon decided not to tease Jack, because his little sister had to tell him off. He was the one who was pushing Jack. Angela exclaimed, “WOW, this is so amazing Amy!” Millie was just standing there, watching. Millie was expecting Chocolate to be next to her. But when she turned her head, he wasn’t! “Where’s Chocolate?” She shouted. Everyone gasped.

Everyone huddled together. They decided to split up.

Suddenly they heard a bark. They turned around. Out of the bush came ………..Chocolate!

They had so much fun in the park, because Chocolate was bored, they even played hide and seek!

“That was nice!” They all said.



The sun rose, Millie yawned. She knew something exciting will happen. Amy busted into the room saying, “Millie, why are you so tired today? You’re never like that. Come on, it’s breakfast time.”

Millie hurried down stairs so that she could eat her breakfast. When she had finished, she went to Jack’s room and saw him writing. But who was he writing to? Millie enquired, “Jack, have you ate your breakfast? If you haven’t, then eat your breakfast.”

Jack replied, “Okay, I will.” He went out of the room. Millie thought, this is the time to sneak-in. Yay!

She sneaked in Jack’s room and went on his bed.

The letter read:

Dear to whoever finds it,

Well, if you live in Dartford (you might not know) Wilmington Park’s slide has a mysterious thing about it. Inside the slide, there are paw prints. I think…. There are foxes in Dartford!

Lets count the foxes and chase them out of Dartford.

Are you with me?

Join my team on www.evil by end of 1st of June



All of a sudden, Jack came. “Um... that’s just rubbish… So…That’s made by Amy.”

Millie replied, “Oh really. Well, why does it say Jack then? Stop this. I’ve had enough. They’re so cute, chubby animals. Why are you so scared? Anyways, I’m leaving.” She stormed out of the room.

Jack sighed. I should just ignore her. She’s just so annoying.

He went to the photo copier and copied the paper a thousand times.

Meanwhile Simon and Angela were discussing things to each other. They were eating their breakfast. “Why are people so scared of foxes? They’re so cute.” Angela inquired.

“That’s because people are scared if they’ll get bitten.” Simon explained.

“Oh.” Angela said. She continued, “But they won’t bite you if you be kind to them, will they? So there’s no point of being scared.”

“Good point.” He stopped. There was silence for a while. Finally Simon said, “Well then, I have a feeling I want to have ‘Nandos’ for Lunch, don’t you?” Angela nodded.

At Jack’s house Chocolate thought to himself in the garden, I’m so bored. I want to go to Nandos. Then he barked. He heard someone coming. In the bushes a fox came. It growled. It showed its grizzly, white teeth. But from the inside, it was very cute. Chocolate was puzzled. What is that? Chocolate started laughing. He thought it was a showing of test where you had to show your teeth. He showed the fox his teeth. It ran away because it was scared. Then Chocolate remembered that he wanted Nandos. He pawed to Millie and in doggy language he said, “I want Nandos.” Off course Millie didn’t understand so he did the actions he does when he wants Nandos.

Then Millie understood. She sighed. “Fine then. Why don’t we ask Amy and Jack? Then we could ask Angela and Simon?

Chocolate nodded. Then they went to Amy and Jack and they said “Yes.” They thought meeting Simon and Angela at McDonalds, just in case they were there.

Meanwhile, Simon and Angela were at Nandos. They had just arrived there. They were thinking to invite the others. But how? They didn’t have their phone number.

Meanwhile, Jack said to Millie, “Why don’t we look in Nandos, maybe they are there as well.” They drove all the way to Nandos in their car.

When they arrived, they spotted a young boy and a girl. They realised that they were familiar. It was Simon and Angela!

Angela said, “Hello guys, well then, do you want to eat because we’ve already ordered it for you…. And us.”

Millie nodded. They sat down on the glorious, grand, sparkling, clean table. They had ordered five beanie burgers and one bone. They all ate hungrily and afterwards they brought a drink for each of them. Then Angela said, “Why don’t we go to scoops and eat a yummy ice cream!” They all nodded.

They all travelled to scoops and they had such a good time!

They had all ordered different types of desserts. They even had desserts for dogs! They had a marvellous time.



At Angela’s house they were having breakfast. “What a fun time we had yesterday, right Simon?”

Simon nodded. They were having toast for breakfast. Yummy! Simon said, “Remember we went to McDonalds we saw a hole….”


“Where does it lead to?” Angela shrugged. She didn’t know the answer to Simon’s question.

Simon thought to himself, I should go to McDonalds.

On the way he saw Jack, Amy and Millie on the other side of the road. They yelled, “Where are you going?”

“To see where that hole in McDonalds ends.”

Millie inquired, “Should we help?” Simon nodded. “Sure.” Then they decided to all go and find out what is at the end of the McDonalds hole.

As they reached McDonalds, they went straight to the boys’ bathroom and they saw the same hole what Jack had seen that day. Jack confessed, “Let’s go inside.”

And he pushed everyone into the hole and said, “It won’t be too far deep…I guess.” Lastly, he went in as well.

Back at home, Angela was waiting for Simon. She muttered to herself, “He’ll be back in a minute or two.” Then she decided to just sit and watch television. The football match England vs. Belgium was coming up. They were trying to see who would be the third place in the world cup 2018. Angela was cheering for England as hard as she could.

After 10 minutes Simon and the others didn’t come yet. Angela grew worried. “ I should go and find him.”

Meanwhile the others were a bit lost. They did have Jack’s torch but it wasn’t gleaming that bright so they could barely see anything. “It’s so dark, I’m scared.” Millie said. Amy nodded. “Same.” The two girls were really scared. So were the boys. Suddenly another figure jumped in next to Simon.

“Hey guys it’s just me, Angela.” Jack sighed in relief. He thought it was a fox who was trying to eat him up. Suddenly they fell in something. “AHH!” they all screamed.

After that the only thing they could see was water. The only thing they could feel was themselves. They thought they were in a swimming pool. But were they or were they not?



Then they popped up out of the hole. But instead of being inside McDonalds they were at Wilmington Park. Angela felt weird. Then she looked at herself. “AHH! We’re foxes!” Everyone looked at Angela. Then of course Jack screamed, “Nooooooooooooo!” While he was screaming, everyone was covering their ears. He was too loud. Suddenly they heard a rumbling sound. It was Millie’s stomach. She said, “I’m starving.” Chocolate was starving as well, he was glad that they might go and eat. Simon confessed, “Let’s go to McDonalds."

Finally, they were at McDonalds. All of them stood there, hungry until Simon convinced, “Come on guys, let’s go in and have some food.” They all entered. But just as they entered a crowd came running to them with sticks? Oh no. They suddenly felt a sharp, painful slap on their body. When they all got beaten up, they were exhausted. As fast as they could, they ran.

When they were at Scoops, in Crayford road, they stopped. They had ran for long already. They were too tired. Finally Simon said, “They were really rude right? Let’s go to Nandos, they’ll be nicer to us…. well maybe.

Come on, let’s go!

Halfway through, they stopped. They had reached Nandos.

They were outside Nandos, staring at the delicious food. Angela said, “I’m going inside, no matter what.” She started marching to the restaurant. The rest followed her to Nandos.

The door creaked open. They squeezed past and then they were inside the restaurant! So many eyes were looking at them while they were talking. One girl even screamed, “Talking foxes! Ahh!” As time passed fewer people were staring at them. Then another crowd of people came running to them with sticks. As soon as the crowd came, the “foxes” ran as fast as they could.

Millie sighed, “I’m never going there as long as I live as a fox.” Everyone else nodded.

They were all starving and they wanted food. Simon suggested they should eat the food on the ground.

Everyone thought that was a bad idea. They were not about to eat rubbish on the ground. Later on Millie agreed. She said, “Simon’s right, there is no other choice.”

“We could starve, maybe.” Amy suggested. They all stared at her. They thought she was going bonkers.

Millie said after a while, “I think we should look for yummy food and at least find somewhere to sleep.”

Everyone agreed. They searched and searched, but they couldn’t find anything.

Suddenly Millie got an idea. “We could go to Pizza hut, we haven’t been there.” They all got shocked. What a good idea! The “foxes” crawled as fast as they could to Pizza hut. Their tummies were rumbling. They were hungry. They needed food.

When they had arrived, they went to the counter and said to the man, “We would like to have a vegetable pizza with 16 slices, please.” Then as they turned around they were surrounded with men and sticks. The man on the counter chuckled “Here’s the treat you were looking for.”

Jack murmured, “Oh No.”

There was nowhere to escape.

They got beaten up really hard. It was terrible. They had scratches on their body. It was really upsetting. When they were being chased, they ran as fast as they could.

They stopped at Sainsbury’s.

Simon sighed. They were exhausted. Millie suggested, “We should go to sleep.” They found “cosy” benches and then began sleeping on them.

The next day they woke up they were in their bed.

Then Millie woke up and she saw she was a human again. Her dad came into her room he explained, “I saw you, Millie, Jack and Chocolate lying on the floor in the witching hour. Glad Chocolate woke up, I didn’t want to carry him. I carried you to your beds.

Millie was shocked. She felt sorry for foxes that get beaten up. She went to the others and they were as well. Even Jack felt sympathetic for them!

Since then they started caring about foxes.

MORAL: don’t be rude to foxes; they’re living beings as well. Don’t beat them with sticks.

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