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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

suhana joshi



suhana joshi


The Buzzing Girls

The Buzzing Girls

21 mins 443 21 mins 443

The Competition

It was a usual Friday morning; the sun had started peeping inside the room. Rose woke up and she put her quilt aside. She went to the two pretty beds of Jasmine and Daisy, her cousins. Once Daisy completely woke up, she started drawing pictures of the dreams she had (as she loves drawing). As Jasmine was very good at making lots of sounds with her mouth, she sang verses of a song. Meanwhile, Rose was dancing to Jasmine’s song. Then, all of the girls started to get ready for the school day.

When they were ready, they said bye to Rose’s mum and then they went. Their school was nearby, so they could go by themselves. They were in the same class. All three of the girls were backbenchers in their class. Backbenchers mean that no-one liked them. As they entered the classroom, Miss Cornerstone greeted them. All of them sat at the back of the classroom, on their own. No-one liked them at all. They all used to make rude faces at Rose, Jasmine and Daisy .In Maths; Rose accidentally answered a question wrong. Then, everyone except from her cousins was shouting “LOSERS! LOSERS! LOSERS! ”Miss Cornerstone told everyone to be quiet. In English, Jasmine forgot how to spell “difficulty”. Of course, everyone said that she was an idiot!

Okay, now let’s skip a bit of the day…

At the end of the day, letters were being given out; one girl gave Rose a letter which was ripped. After seeing the letter, Miss Cornerstone gave her a new one. When the girls were walking home from a hard day, Daisy said, “Why don’t we read the letter so we can find out what it’s about.”All the girls thought it was a good idea.

They looked at the letter and it said:


Centre for West Hill Academy students

At 5pm to 7pm On the 15th of January 2019


The girls were surprised .Jasmine said, “Why don’t we go!”Daisy nodded.

“What’s today’s date?”Daisy inquired .Jasmine shrugged. She didn’t know what the date was. Rose replied, “It’s the 14th of January!”That meant that they only had one day to practice .Jasmine said, “Oh well, we’ll do it.”  

The next day the three girls went back to school. This time, Miss Cornerstone gave them a book. She told them “Read this book!”

Everyone in the class had the same book. After school, the girls went home and got changed. At 4:55pm, the girls left, as Mick Jagger centre was only 5 minutes away from their house. When they reached, the first performance was theirs. As they went onto the stage, lots of people were shouting: “BOO! BOO! LOSERS! ”

Then, they sang a song. Jasmine sang her bit wrong.

Rose started singing out of tune. Gladly, Daisy stopped her. Even Daisy sang her part wrong.

At the end of the performance, there was dirt surrounding them. Everyone hated their performance.

Visiting Nanny Nona’s House

On a dark night, Rose’s mum came to tell Daisy, Jasmine and Rose (the three cousins) something. She knocked on their bedroom door. As she entered their room, she checked that they weren’t asleep so she would not wake them up. They were not asleep. She told them “Tomorrow, we are going to go to your grandma’s house. Aren’t you excited?”

Rose gasped. Her face lit up. She nodded. Jasmine was too busy listening to music. Daisy stopped drawing. She smiled and cheered, “Hooray!” Jasmine was confused. She could not hear because she had her headphones on. She took of her headphones and inquired,       “What’s going on?”

Rose exclaimed, “Tomorrow, we are going to Gran’s house!”

“Wow!” Jasmine exclaimed. She was as excited as Rose. “Well, right now its bedtime, so goodnight girls”. Rose’s mum said. She kissed the girls and she went. Rose, Daisy and Jasmine went to bed and said, “Goodnight.” Then they dozed off.

The next morning, Daisy woke up and yawned, whilst stretching her arms. She saw a yellow, shiny and modern suitcase in front of her soft bed. There was even a blue, zig zag suitcase in front of Jasmine’s bed. A red, striped suitcase stood there next to Rose’s bed. Daisy thought, well, that is strange. Then she remembered, oh wait, we are going to Gran’s house. She smiled. She shook Jasmine and exclaimed, “Wake up; we need to go to Grandma’s house.” Then, she went to Rose and did the same things with her. Then, both Jasmine and Rose woke up. Rose yawned tiredly. “What is it?” inquired Rose. Then they heard some knocking on the door. Daisy wondered who is it? She opened the door and she saw her Auntie (Rose’s Mom). “Hi Aunty, I told the others that we are going to Gran’s house.” Daisy explained.

They packed their clothes, books, music and other stuff. They were ready. They opened the door and placed themselves onto their comfy seats. Then, they put their seatbelts on. Off they went, all the way to their Grandma’s house.

Half way, Rose said, “I ‘m hungry.” All of a sudden they heard a rumbling sound. Rose’s mum asked, “What was that?”

“Just my tummy mum, I want food.” Daisy stopped drawing on her pad (of course she brought that) and gave Rose an apple out of her bag. “Thanks, Daisy.” Rose said.

She smiled at Daisy. Meanwhile, Jasmine was listening to music on her headphones. She took them off and told Daisy, “This song is epic. Listen.” She then put her headphones on Daisy.  “Yeah, it is cool.” Daisy replied. She took it off. She smiled. 

Rose was too busy eating her apple when they had arrived. She had eaten two apples by then. “Well, we are here.” Rose’s mum said. She opened the door and got out. She opened the door nearest to Rose. Rose asked, “Why are we getting out?” 

“Because we have reached your grandma’s house, we just have to climb the hill, because our car can’t.” replied Rose’s mum. On top of the hill there was a dark, scary house, where an ordinary woman      lived. Or was she ordinary?

When they reached the top of the colossal, grassy hill, Daisy lay down on the long, green grass. She was extremely tired. Suddenly, the door swung open and out came Nanny Nona (their lovely grandma).

“Oh, hello darling, come inside. Welcome.” Rose thought what a big house Nanny Nona has. Daisy stood up. She thought the house was very tall. 

After a while, the girls were shown their bedrooms. Rose’s bedroom was full of books and flowers. Daisy’s was full of beautiful drawings and paintings. Jasmine’s was full of music and it even had a TV! Every room in the house had a TV. All of the girls were delighted with their room.

Just at that moment, Nanny Nona rang a loud bell and said on a speaker (the house was colossal so the girls wouldn’t hear if Nanny Nona said it without a speaker)  “It’s time for food.”

Rose darted down the gargantuan stairs, but was tired halfway through. Jasmine was just walking normally with her headphones on, when she saw Rose, tired. She questioned,      “What’s wrong, Rose? Are you okay?”

Rose replied, “I’m just really tired. I wish there was an escalator.” Then, Daisy came. She told Rose, “There is an escalator. Want to try it out?” Rose nodded. Jasmine did as well. Daisy pressed a green button on the door. Suddenly, the stairs transformed into an escalator. The three cousins stood there, while the escalator was moving.

Rose looked at the peach wall. She noticed there were lots of doors. She pressed a button and the escalator stopped, the handles went down. Rose opened one of the doors and she saw a beautiful garden. Just then, Jasmine warned her, “Don’t go inside.”

Instantly, Daisy, Rose and Jasmine heard a song. Accidently, Jasmine pressed a random button. Immediately, the door shut, the handles went up, and the escalator started. Rose was a bit shocked because she didn’t expect that to happen. Down they went, to the ground floor.

Finally, when they reached the ground floor, Rose said, “Look, there’s a lift.”

“What! We could have used the lift. It would be faster.” Jasmine moaned.

Then, they had breakfast. They sat at a posh table. For breakfast, they had a buffet. Well, everything was on the table. They had waffles, croissants and brioches. They even had Ovaltine and many more food.

After they had eaten their food, Rose asked, “Do you want to see that garden, again? If you do, we’ll have to go on the escalator. I remember the door number.” Both Jasmine and Daisy nodded.

Off they went, to the beautiful garden. When they were at the garden’s door, Rose pressed the button and the escalator stopped. Then, the handles went and the door opened. Again, they heard a song.

Jasmine was mesmerised. She exclaimed, “It is so melodious.” Daisy nodded. She was delighted. They were surprised. It sounded harmonious. They didn’t know where it was coming from, though.

They started locating the place it was coming from.

The music was everywhere. All of a sudden, the girls saw bees. Thousands of bees. They were all very colourful.

Beautiful Bees

There were pink bees, purple bees and blue bees and many more. They were fascinating. The bees’ singing (the bees’ song didn’t have words) was harmonious. They sang like birds.

Rose squealed, “Wow!” Then, she touched a petal of a rose. It made a tune /beat of music.

Meanwhile Jasmine touched a petal of a jasmine and it did the same thing. Daisy also touched a petal of a daisy and it did the same thing. It was awesome. 

The tune of the petals was relaxing. “This is epic! Why didn’t Nanny Nona tell us, though? She normally tells us everything.” Rose and Daisy nodded. They agreed with Jasmine.

She is just an ordinary woman, right?

The beauty of the nature was outstanding. It was so soothing that you could fall asleep while listening to it. Once or twice the girls did. They only slept for a little bit, as a thorn poked them. The three girls thought it was spectacular.

Eventually, the girls started humming to the music. The bees did not notice they were there so they weren’t alarmed. Everything was perfect. Just right. 

All of a sudden, they heard faint footsteps. Sooner they were getting louder. The girls were getting scared. What were they going to do? Who was it? All these questions were in their head. Why were the bees here?

Rose got an idea. She whispered, “Hide.” The girls were shivering. 

They hid. They found hiding spots. Unfortunately, their hiding spots were not transparent. All of them were opaque. The footsteps were getting louder and louder. “I’m scared.” Daisy admitted. She was shivering. She was very scared.

After a while the footsteps were very loud. It was almost as if they could hear the person breathe.

The door creaked. (Don’t be scared. Nothing is going to happen to them). As the person stepped one foot (the floor made a sound so they could tell) into the garden, Daisy was about to scream but Jasmine stopped her.

Then, they heard a familiar voice. “Hello, bees. I mean it; I don’t want you to sing. I know you are really upset, but you have got me. People don’t take care for you, I know.” 

Daisy did a faint gasp. I think she did it because she found out it was… (Oh wait, I can’t tell you).

N...I mean, the person heard Daisy’s faint gasp. They were surprised. 

(Ok, do you want to who the person is? Well, listen carefully. I mean, read carefully).

The person carried on, “Well, you bees are great singers. I just don’t want anyone to come. I love you guys.” Then, the person left.

It sounded like Nanny Nona. Was it Nanny Nona though?

The girls were puzzled, was it Nanny Nona or not?

When the person left, the girls started talking. Rose said, “I bet it’s Nanny Nona.”

“Yeah, it has to be, Right, Daisy?”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

The girls got out of their hiding spots, but just then Nanny Nona came.

Nanny Nona’s eyes widened, she gaped.

“Nanny Nona, we heard everything you said to the bees. We even heard the music,” Rose told her.

Daisy nodded. “What have you been up to? Tell us.”

Nanny Nona had no other choice. She told them, “Well, one day I saw lots of bees when I went shopping. I felt sympathetic towards them because they were awfully sad. Then, I asked their owner if I could keep them. They said yes and they gave me some seeds of mysterious flowers. I found out they sing when they are sad.” 

Rose inquired,  “Why were you sympathetic towards them?”

Nanny Nona replied, “Because they were sad.”

Then they heard a rumbling sound.

“It’s just my tummy, as usual.” Rose told them.

Nanny Nona remembered, “Oh yes, its lunch time.”

At lunch, they had cheesy pizza. (It makes me hungry thinking of it, yummy!)

After lunch, the girls were talking to each other.

Rose said, “Let’s go and listen to the beautiful bees.”

Jasmine said, “Let’s ask Nanny Nona.”

Suddenly, Daisy got an idea.

Daisy exclaimed, “Why don’t we copy the bees music and then when we go back to school we can go to another contest. Then we can sing the bees’ song.

Jasmine agreed, “Yeah!”

Rose nodded. It was a great idea. 

After a while, Rose went downstairs. She saw Nanny Nona, in the kitchen.

“Hey Nanny Nona, are you going to feed the bees because, I want to feed them, they are so colourful,” Rose whispered.

“Of course we can, do you want to feed the plants plant’s food. Do want to water the plants? ” Nanny Nona replied.

Rose told her, “I’ll do all of the jobs, so I can help you.”

“Thank you my dear.”

They went up the lift. It was ginomous. They were so many buttons you could press. They were red buttons, blue buttons and purple buttons.

Nanny Nona pressed on of the blue buttons. The doors suddenly opened. They stepped into the garden. The flowers gleamed in the sunlight and the tall trees were full of pretty blossoms. The bees rhythmic music echoed in the garden. T hey trotted deeper into the gleaming garden. As they walked, Rose looked around her. She gazed at the trees, stared at the bees and peered at the flowers. She also heard the bees buzzing, the birds tweeting and other strange noises. She could feel the blossoms falling on her hair. All the pretty blossoms were falling.

When they were around the middle of the gargantuan garden, Rose glanced at a green house. The moist greenhouse was full of bees’ food, birds’ food, plants’ food and many more.

They started by feeding the bees. They had to be extremely kind so the bees wouldn’t sting. Then, they fed the plants. 

When they were done, they were really tired. They said bye to each other. Rose went up the escalator all the way to her red room. She lay on her bed. 

Long way Home

The next day, the three girls went to the garden, they saw the pretty bees again. They listened carefully to the music. It was soothing.

“It sounds amazing!” Jasmine exclaimed.

After a while, the girls went to their colossal rooms. Then, they lay on their bed. Soon they fell asleep. The bees’ music was so relaxing that they drifted asleep.

Then all of a sudden Nanny Nona said on the speaker, “Its breakfast time.

They had scrumptious breakfast. It was delicious.

After all that, they went up to Jasmine’s pretty room.

As Jasmine had a DJ set, they started figuring how to create the bees’ music with it.

Daisy complained, “It’s so sad and upsetting that we are leaving tomorrow, right? Then school is going to start again.”

Rose nodded. “At least we can play the bees’ music at the next performance.”

“Yeah, we’ll ask Miss Cornerstone, if we can do another competition.”

 The next day, the girls had packed their suitcases and changed their clothes.

“Bye Nanny Nona, we will miss you.” Rose told her.

“By the way, can we copy the bees’ song for our performance? We are backbenchers in school but we want to prove that we can do anything.”Jasmine explained (While whispering).

“Yeah, pretty please?” Daisy begged.

Nanny Nona answered calmly, “Of course you can. The bees won’t mind at all.” The girls were please. They went and hugged Nanny Nona.

They swung open the door and sat calmly on their comfortable chair. All three of the girls waved to Nanny Nona until there was no sight of her anymore. Rose yawned sleepily. She was very exhausted. She slept. Daisy was drawing pictures of the garden Nanny Nona had. She was also sketching pictures of the cute bees. Jasmine was obviously listening to music on her blue headphones. 

When they reached their house, Rose was still sleeping even though it was morning. They woke her and then they went inside the house. Rose’s mum reminded them, “Tomorrow’s school so pack your stuff.” This time, they weren’t so disappointed, as they had something else in mind.

Trying Again

It was a school day, their first day of the term.

At school, Jasmine, Daisy and Rose asked the teacher for another competition. The teacher replied, “There already is a competition tomorrow, have fun”.

The girls were surprised; they had huge smiles on their faces. All of the students were disappointed that girls were going to perform. They assumed they weren’t going to win. But did they?

At the end of the day, when the girls were walking to their house, they saw some bees. All three girls exchanged a look. It reminded them of their grandma’s bees.

At the competition, the girls shivered because they were scared.

It was their chance. They went on the stage.

First Rose had to sing.

The lyrics were:

Oh, moon, show me where to go, this is the night.

Rose sang it perfectly, just right. Jasmine sang her bit too, so did Daisy. Every bit of it was amazing.

The crowd was cheering for them. The other performers sang good as well, but the judges said that they had won the contest. Each of them had a shiny, golden medal. They were very proud of themselves.

Since that competition, they participated in lots of other competitions. They loved singing a lot. They decided they were going to be singers. They started trying hard to compete in ‘The Voice’, ‘Britain Got Talent’ and others.

The Musical Concert

Nanny Nona was getting ready for a musical concert. She got the letter from a young, kind-hearted man who said that he was busy so he couldn’t go. She thanked him a lot. Now it was the day to go to O3 to see the concert. She was excited.

When she arrived, she saw lots of people crowded everywhere waiting for the concert to start. It was like the whole world  had come to see the performance.

In the distant, Nanny Nona heard someone say, “It’s the RJD’s.” The RJD’s? Who are they? Nanny Nona wondered. After a couple of minutes, an anchor came and said that the RJD’s are going to perform. The performance was awesome. When Nona was listening to the music, it made her think about bees. The song mesmerised her. The song got stuck in her head. Oh, what a wonderful thing to be

A healthy, grown-up, busy-busy bee. She found the voices very familiar. 

She thought about it. She never heard of any three girls who liked bees and used to sing bees songs. Except for Rose, Jasmine and Daisy…. 

Suddenly, an idea burst into her mind. What if…. What if…. No, that can’t be possible. What if it’s Rose, Jasmine and Daisy?

Nona started listening to the song carefully. It really did sound like their voices. Despite that, she still wasn’t 100% sure it was them. To be completely sure, she asked the person next to her, “Does RJD stand for anything?” The person nodded. Nona then asked,  “What does it stand for?”

“It stands for Rose, Jasmine, and Daisy.”The person said. Nanny Nona gasped. She was so surprised. After the concert, Nanny Nona ran to Rose, Jasmine and Daisy. They were giving out their autographs. Rose turned around,”Oh my God Nanny Nona you came!”

“You have grown up so much!” Nanny Nona said. Jasmine turned around and so did Daisy, all three of them hugged Nanny Nona. The crowd looked at them strangely. One of the women in the crowd said “Who in the world are they hugging?!”

Rose turned to face the audience, “This is our Nanny Nona!”

After they left the concert hall, Nanny Nona and the girls talked for hours.

Rose exclaimed,”I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since we last saw you!”Nanny Nona was speechless as she was overwhelmed with joy.

Daisy said “I’m so glad that you read our invitation!”After catching up with Nanny Nona, the girls had to say goodbye and headed home, filled with happiness.

One week after the concert, the girls found out that they were going to Nanny Nona’s house, again.They were pleased as usual. Jasmine exclaimed, “Yes! I bet we might get another idea for our album!”

“Or maybe even see the bees again, that would be fun!”Rose said with joy.

The next day, when they arrived at Nanny Nona’s house, they saw she decorated the house with roses, jasmines and daisies.

“WOW they look so pretty!!”Jasmine exclaimed.

Nanny Nona welcomed them with bees singing (of course).Rose’s mum said with surprise “Who is singing that song?”

Rose answered, “Just the birds,” Rose winked at the rest of the family. The family sat around the shiny and modern table. There was silence. Finally, after a lot of silence, Nanny Nona said “Here, keep it. It’s surprise money!”She handed them a £50 note.

Rose’s mum was speechless. Jasmine said “Thank you so much,” then she whispered, “If it wasn’t for your bees then we wouldn’t be famous.” Then the girls started chatting to each other and were scribbling something down on a piece of paper. Rose then said to Nanny Nona, “We also have a present for you!” She gave Nanny Nona a bright, shiny and purple box which had a letter inside. Nanny Nona started to read the letter, it said:

Dear Nanny Nona,

  With the money you gave us, we are going to create a club to raise awareness about the importance of bees. Please can you find as many people as you can and persuade them to join this club.


Your granddaughters

“What!” Nanny Nona said. But the girls were already gone. In the garden the girls were playing with the bees. Rose gazed at the beautiful bees and said, “I think we should start the club tomorrow.”

And so they did. They started the club the next day. At first only a few people came, but soon lots of people started coming. It suddenly was as if the whole world loved bees. Bees were famous everywhere.

One day, a curious, old woman went to Rose and asked, “Why are bees so important?”

Now you should carefully read this part. It is very important.

Rose replied “Pollination is needed for plants to reproduce, and so many plants depend on bees or other insects as pollinators. When a bee collects nectar and pollen from the flower of a plant, some pollen from the stamens—the male reproductive organ of the flower—sticks to the hairs of her body.

Reason 2: Globally there are more honey bees than other types of bee and pollinating insects, so it is the world's most important pollinator of food crops. It is estimated that one third of the food that we consume each day relies on pollination mainly by bees, but also by other insects, birds and bats.”

The woman was surprised. She didn’t know that much knowledge about bees. “Is all of that true? If it is, then I will always be grateful for bees and other insects.” She inquired.

 “Of course it is true, I am glad to know you are thankful for bees. Bye.” The lady went. Little did Rose know what was in store for her and her cousins?

The next day, Daisy came running to Jasmine.  “Jasmine, did you take a look at social media? We are on there, and we have 2,345 followers.”

 “What! But how?” Jasmine asked. Daisy shrugged. The two went to Rose.

Rose told them, “I already know about the social media thingy. I did not do it, but I think I do know who did it.”

Daisy gaped. “Who?” She was confused. Who would do it?

Rose told them both, “Well, there was this costumer who asked me why bees are important. I told her why they were important. She was really surprised. So by the look of it, I think she did it.”

After a while, Jasmine went to Rose and said, “Um… Rose… we have 3,000 followers and the person was someone called Maddie. I think you were right a while ago. I do think it was the person you were talking to.” 

Rose was surprised. She did not believe what was going on. It was all very confusing. Jasmine said to Rose, “I think everyone knows about it. I think…. we’re famous,” (How many times are they going to be famous!) 

Honestly, Jasmine was right. They were famous, again. The girls were all surprised. They were becoming richer and richer as the days went by. The club was going on good as well. They were happy, as usual. 

One day, the girls sat on the sofa. They weren’t busy (finally, they’re always busy) so they started a conversation.

Daisy said, “So, did any new costumers come today?”

 “Nope.” Rose told her.

“Yeah. Don’t you think we should go and listen to music? It would be pretty fun.” Rose shook her head.

  “It’s so amazing when we remember our past. We failed the competition when we were about 8, but we didn’t give up. We kept on trying… and look where we’ve got.” Rose and Jasmine both nodded. 

They all smiled lovingly to each other. They were proud of themselves.  

Rose exclaimed, “We are so amazing!” She was right. They were amazing.

Then, the girls went outside to feel the fresh air. Just then, they saw bees. The bees buzzed around them happily. All of the girls laughed. It actually seemed like the bees were laughing too. Daisy bubbled,  “They are so cute!” They laughed, again.

Back inside, they rested in their bedroom. They were extremely tired. Jasmine yawned. It was a really fun day. The sun was shining bright on their window. It was a perfect day. The moon was nowhere to be seen. 

Jasmine insisted, “Why don’t we write a story about our lives. It should be called The Buzzing Girls.”

Well guess what, I just did.


MORAL 1: Save the bees. If it wasn’t for them, there would be no honey. They are also living beings.

MORAL 2: If you fail, don’t get sad. If the girls had given up because they failed once, they wouldn’t be famous. Never give up!

THE Buzzing Girls…..

There are three cousins who have dreamed of being liked. They are backbenchers. At a competition, they fail. While they were still searching for success, they found these mysterious creatures. Will they succeed the next time?

Follow this tale of mystery, fantasy and an adventure of the three girls. 


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