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Take A Risk

Take A Risk

9 mins

"Nate, the computer crashed again!", Dad yelled. As soon as Nate heard the ring of dad's tone, echoing across the halls, he sped up to the attic as fast as he could. Coming with him on the racetrack is his drawing book and two sketch pens. "Nate, "Dad called again. The second time dad's echo rang Nate's ears, he realized something. He had forgotten his special pen. His mom had given it to him on his 5th birthday. Ever since that wondrous day, Nate brought that pen everywhere he went. Everywhere until now.

Nate knew he couldn't turn back now. He heard footsteps clapping the floor. He turned away from the door and started through the air escaping window. But as he put his first leg out into the fresh cold breeze, he suddenly turned back to the door. Tiptoeing to the beat-up door, he whispered to himself his mom's quote."Always take a risk." Nate opened the door and just as he hoped, his dad wasn't there to grab him by the arm. But even worse, it was his big brother, Jake.

Jake strangled Nate by the neck and started bullet firing questions at him."Why didn't you go to dad, did you even hear him? You know you have to fix the computer, right?"Jake asked."Typical Jake. Always dad's pet," Nate thought. He was freed downstairs by the grasp of his brother's hand. Almost immediately Nate's feet touched the floor, his dad stared at him with an angry face."I have been calling for you, twice," he says."Not my fault that the computer crashed, why not ask Jake to fix it, "Nate replies strongly and firmly. Once he takes a glance at Jake, he could feel his blue, ice-cold, mad eyes stab his brain."Enough let us just go and fix it, okay," Dad said. Once Nate was put on the chair, he started to reload the computer, but something blue caught his eye.

"Dad was this folder here before," Nate asked."No, Dad replied, Open it."Nate pressed the mouse on the blue folder and immediately jumped back. An almost invisible flash of blue light in the shape of a person appeared in front of them."Hologram, "Dad guessed. Just as he finished his sentence, the hologram zoomed in into a shape of a girl, Nate's mom. Nate never pictured his mom as a hologram. Especially one this surprising. His mom was wearing light blue jeans, which looked very tight, and a pink dress, with the color matching her hair."Help me, Nate, help me. I am being kept hostage in the RR35 spacecraft. I can not say much-," was what the hologram ended with. The blue light quickly raced back to the computer screen.

The next day at school, Nate told his friends, Francis and Raymond about the incident. "Oh man, I got to post this story on Facebook," Raymond said excitedly."No. First of all, this is not a story, it is totally real. Second of all, Raymond, please don't share any of this information with anyone," Nate said."Well, I disagree with the first reason, I mean a hologram, really Nate. You're going to have to make this more specific with proof if you want us to help or believe.," Francis explained. "Alright then, come to my house at 3:30 this afternoon, I will show you the proof," Nate advised.

After school, the 3 amigos were about to set off on their bikes when someone caught their attention."Randy, the biggest bully in town," Raymond said. Randy approached them three, and without saying a word, kicked Nate in the shins. "Oh man, he just left, "Raymond said."Let's go," Francis said. They all raced to the decent-sized house, opened the door, each spanked Jake on the butt, ran upstairs chased by Jake, and got into Nate's room and locked the door."Here, Nate said, The computer."

Nate nervously opened the mysterious blue folder and saw the same reaction with him to Francis and Raymond."Oh my god", was Raymond's only words about this. But the funniest part is when Nate's mom was speaking. Francis and Raymond ducked under Nate's bed when the hologram started to speak."Dude, please make it stop, "Raymond suggested. Nate closed the computer and the scare-able cats stood up."Okay, I believe you, and I decided my mind, I will not help you, " Francis said."Yeah, same here, "Raymond blurts out."Oh, come on guys, my mom could be alive, please help," Nate pleaded.

The two friends agreed at last."But how will we get to the space ship, how will we ever get to space.," Francis asked."Maybe, we could make a rocket," Raymond suggested. He showed a picture of his phone from Twitter. The picture represented a rocket with a 5-year-old standing next to it."This small guy made a rocket that could take you to space," Raymond added."Whoa," Francis exclaimed. The friends soon agreed that they would build a rocket in Raymond's backyard.

The next day, each one of the friends gets materials and meet up at Raymond's at 4:00. Everyone was such in a hurry, they didn't even greet each other when they got to the backyard."Okay, guys, we got the materials, now we just need to make a rocket which can fit all of us, " Francis says. The three friends get to work. Raymond was in charge of the interior, for he was the social guy. Nate worked on the hardest part. He mostly had to make the rocket. Putting all the pieces together wasn't easy for an 11-year-old. And Francis was the general of the machinery because he is the smart one. Days passed by but on the launch day, there was one problem.

"Oh no, I forgot my pen," Nate shouted through all the noise."Then go get it," Francis added. Nate jumped out of the rocket and sprinted as fast as he could all the way home. He went so fast that he could win a race against Usain Bolt. Nate ran upstairs where he was met with Jake."Well, look who it is," said an anonymous voice. Nate figured that the voice was coming from Jake's back. He turned to look at his nightmare. It was Randy, the bully. Randy and Jake pushed Nate on the bed and started stepping and jumping on him. Nate was about to suffocate to death when he sees his pen. He grabs it and makes a run for it. Jake and Randy are on his heels. Nate ran double the distance he could and lost the mean bullies.

But once Nate got to the landing pad, he found that the rocket was about to take off. "Get in", Raymond shouts. Nate climbs up the ladder to make the longest leap in history. He barely grasps on the doorway when his friends come to pull him up. "I can't believe we're actually doing this", Francis said."Yeah, it is crazy how we built this", Raymond added. A few hours later, everyone started to give up hope. Francis looked out the window and gazed at the planets. Raymond was complaining about the internet in space. And Nate was fidgeting with his pen."What if we can't find mom", Nate thought."So, what are we supposed to do now, We can't take long because of how much gas we have left", Francis stated. Everyone stared at Francis like he doesn't know the purpose of why everyone got onto the rocket.

After hours and hours, everyone except Nate started to get restless. They started to talk again once they saw a small tiny light near the asteroid belt."What if that is the space ship your mom was talking about Nate", Raymond asked."Let's go find out", Nate answers. They keep on getting closer and closer to the light when they see a giant space ship with a label of RR36."Oh no, its the wrong spaceship", Nate explained."It's best to check it out though", Raymond answered. The 3 friends started to the space ship and attached the rocket into an entrance hole."Whoa, this thing is huge", Francis said. Once the kids stepped inside the space ship, they were greeted by ray guns and lasers."How are we supposed to get out now", Francis asked."We should take a risk", Nate answers with.

They all start to run for their lives. On the way, Francis stopped, which startled Nate and Raymond."Wait, what if the manager or owner of the space ship, could talk to us. What I mean is that he is trying to catch us and when we talk to him, we could get information.",Francis asked."It's better than nothing, brace yourselves", Nate said. The friends were soon caught and were all brought to what seemed like the royal throne room. On the most elegant chair sat a human-looking man with an emerald and gold chain in his hand.

"What brings you here, anyway, I am Kai, king of the RR36, who are you civilians", asked Kai."I am Nate, and this is Francis and Raymond. We were hoping you could help us find my mother. She is trapped in a space ship called RR35.",Nate blurted out without thinking. The three kids started to beg him for help, and after 2 minutes, he finally gave up and decided to help."I have known the RR35 space ship for so long and thought of it as my idol space ship, but as you told your mom was kept hostage there for no good reason, I have changed my idol. Come, let us go to the control room. From there we can get to the space ship," Kai said.

They all ran upstairs to a door guarded by two people. As they saw Kai, they immediately bowed down and opened the door. Everyone got into place as they set off to the RR35 space ship."So, how long is it going to take until we reach them", Nate asked. Kai replied with a solid 5 minutes, as the spaceship was as fast as the speed of light. Once another spaceship was in sight, Nate started to gain hope again. The logo was a toxic symbol and is labeled RR35."We can't go in casually so we have to break in. Fire the machine guns.", Kai shouted. But sadly that was going to be the last time he would ever talk or shout. Just as a bullet scraped the RR35 space ships frame, the artillery from it started to blow up the RR36."Where is Kai", Nate asked through the smoke and dust. Kai was then found under a stone of metal, not moving."Come on, lets go, for Kai and my mom", Nate said much more confidently.

The friends jumped onto the other spaceship and ran around looking for mom."Hey, I see her", Raymond exclaims."Well, let's free her and get out quickly. This thing could explode any minute now, "Nate shouts. They all free mom and started to bring her back to the emergency pod."Is that you, Nate?", Mom asks. Nate didn't answer, and he kept on moving. They got into the escape pod and started to accelerate it. It sped of twice the speed as the RR36 space ship."Mom, you are safe now", Nate comforted."How did you save me?", Mom asked. Nate answers with, "We all took a risk."

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