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The Love Of My Life

The Love Of My Life

3 mins 371 3 mins 371

Katie suffered from cancer for a long time but she still figured out to be happy in every moment in her life by knowing that she is not gonna live for long. And she didn’t look like she is suffering from any illness because she never fell it in that way. So she made a to-do list in which she writes all the stuff she wants to do in her life before being remembered by the loved ones.

She has a kind of long to-do list from which every day she wants to cover some of them, And while discovering some of her to-do list she met me. We both started talking with each other and at that moment we both felt something (a knocking on our life), after that we went to our own respective places. And after passing each day we came close to each other sharing our life with each other, other laughed with each other and at some point, we fall in love with each other.

One day Katie disappeared and I tried to find her, searched everywhere, asked each and everyone but they don’t know her. After some weeks I finally met her in hospital accidentally when I came to visit one of my friends. For some time I just stood there like I froze their because she is dressed up in hospital uniform carrying an oxygen cylinder in her hand and it is connected with a tube that helps her to breathe.

I can’t utter a word out of my mouth, my eyes got wet but trying to hide those tears from her, I just want to run towards her and hug her tightly and wanna say I love you but I can’t. I hold myself walk towards her and asked her what happened and on that day, I came to know that she is suffering from cancer last stage and doesn’t have much time left. I console her and leave from there. While walking towards my home I am still figuring what to do as love means to stand with her in any circumstances and I want to, so I gathered up courage and went back to the hospital, hold her hand and said don’t worry I will be there always no matter what will happen.

She knows that I love her and she doesn’t want to give me any kind of hope and said I can take care of myself with attitude so that I can get hurt and leave her but I didn’t do that because I know that she also loves me so I hold her tightly and at that moment she loses his control and cried so hard. I hold her tightly and said I am there and I know what will happen next but I want to be there for you for me. As it’s been 2 years she is gone but the memory of her is still with me, and she is always will be alive in my thoughts and always be with me. The only reason for me is to live to remember her.

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