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Forever My Girl

Forever My Girl

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On Tuesday 21st May 1975 it’s the first time when I saw her. She is wearing a dark blue top and blue jeans with colorful specs and a sandal which is looking very much pretty on her. Seeing here and there figuring out where to sat and sat next to me. At that time I didn’t look at her because I think it will look creepy so I avoided and started concentrate on the meeting which is going to be started. After that day passes she stopped coming don’t know why as I am new there so I was unable to find out but after someday she came and after some days she asked me something and that’s how our conversation started. We started talking with each other about some random topics, she used to call me, which I never expect and from that point, it all started.

Cut to After 5 years

We both are in love with each other so deeply that we want to get married. As the families have no issues the marriage is all set. The invitation was sent, the church has been finalized, she always wanted the white carpet on which she is gonna walk in the aisle so I made the arrangement all things were set up and the date came when we are going to be together for forever. I was all dressed up standing with my best man, a little bit nervous about what is going to be next but I don’t know what happened wrong there, the groom's friend came near to me and said that she ran, don’t know why. I am trying to hold up myself but deep down somewhere I am broke. I left that place.

After that incident its been 4 years since I moved on I became the successful writer every one love my novels and praise my work. Because if your heart is broken it will always find a way to get busy and if you are good at something it became more better. Every night only one question came up to my mind why she left me? But that’s how life works. I never went back to that place and try to forget everything but it's not happened I left the place but memories hunt me every day.

I don’t know how it happened but it happened one of my best friends died in an accident so I went for a funeral and accidentally I met her outside the church. She also came there to say a last goodbye to him, as he is also her friend. I didn’t know what to say our eyes met with each other and all I can feel is anger. So I went away from there. After the funeral, I straight went to my home which I haven’t visited since that day. As I left the place the same way the place is there no changes at all. I could feel every memory which I spent with her in that house so I decided to go back by night flight.

But destiny we all know how it works. So when I headed towards the airport I saw her in the middle of the road calling for help as her vehicle is not working. I don’t want to help her but since I did it. So she sat in the car next to me as she is looking as it is as when first I saw her. I was numb. I dropped her at her home and head towards the airport while heading towards the airport I received a voice call, which she sent me. And the voice mail is, Hey, it's me its take me 9 years to reply to this message I always wanted to, but I knew that I needed to know how to tell you why I did what I did and I figured it until now. And its possibility of losing you that’s why and I never left you. I listen to your voice message every day, every fucking day and today I wanna let you know that I am not gonna leave you never again I want to be with you forever till my last breath.

After hearing that, I immediately called up her and asked does she listen to my voicemail every day and she is never gonna leave me no matter what the circumstances are and she said yes, after listening that I turned my vehicle immediately without thinking a second that I am on a highway and the car straight went towards the truck. While she was on the call and listened up all I want to say something but I was unable as I was beneath the car bleeding, stuck up and all I can hear is I love you in sorrow voice and asking me to answer and listening that she is coming and said me to be alive she doesn’t wanna lose me too like her family.

And after that, all I can remember is that she is sitting next to me holding my hand and saying don’t go to the hospital. And I survived and today we are together we have children, I got old and every day I saw her and feel how lucky I am because she is with me forever from that time and always will be there with me. That’s what love is to be with someone no matter what the circumstances is either in sorrow moment or happy. 

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