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An Incomplete Love Story

An Incomplete Love Story

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On Tuesday 21st May it’s the first time I saw her. She is wearing a blue top with blue jeans and sandals looking very pretty can’t be expressed in the words. She was looking where to sat and don’t know how but she came and sat next to me. I didn’t look at her at all at that time as it may look creepy, so I let it go. After the lecture, I looked at her as she is the first one to leave the hall. I always wanted to talk to her, but I can’t and somehow again, what you call destiny she talked to me first and that’s how our conversation started from a random lecture question to our lives. Some days later we used to spend our evening together walk her home and then talk the whole night on calls about the study and random stuff. That’s how I started falling for her I don’t know she fall for me or not but at first, she used to call me which eventually turned out my habit and a day without listening her voice kills me a hundred times. And then I started to call her, we now started to chat. She is the one who told me to do anything and I always said yes, no matter whatever she asked me to do. Because I like to see her happy at all times.

One time she cried in front of me and I almost freaked out, I do whatever to make her happy and finally made her laugh. She used to me tell me that she only cries in front of one whom she knows very well and said she only cried in front of her only friend and mother and now I am the one. That day I realize I am also now an important part of her life. I do everything that can make her happy. I opened to her, the first time in my life I let my guard down in front of anyone because I trust her more than myself, she was very different I never met someone like her in my life. The day passes due to vacation be went to our home and the day I am leaving she asked me a question do you miss me, and I replied yes. I also asked her and she said no and laughed. She always used to tell me you notice my every single thing which no one does, I smiled and said nothing but deep down I wanna say yes because you are the one, but I didn’t. But I think she knew that I like her because she teases me sometimes. She never judged people.

And now on Friday 18th October, I don’t know what happened she scold me said a lot of things and blocked me from everywhere. And said don’t ever text me again. I literally cried but one thing I know that she is not like that’s why I kept asking her what happened, but she didn’t reply to me the answer which I want to hear. When someone leaves you, it hurt a lot every single day you remember them. The places that you visited with each other feels incomplete without the others. You feel incomplete. And just want to be with her.

Some people come and go from our lives, life doesn’t stop for anyone. But whoever comes in your life teaches you something, some good-some bad. Maybe she is gone but I am not gonna forgot her because if you love someone you will love her till death. Love can happen only one time. I will always wait for her no matter what she says until I will get my closure.

I always want to tell her I love her but didn’t get a chance so today I am gonna say I love you and no matter where you go or what you do, I will always love you unconditionally. And whenever you need me I will always just a call away. In love, you never find any fault of others.

And that’s how an incomplete/one-sided love story remains forever, waiting for her. 

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