Sadhana B

Children Stories Drama Thriller


Sadhana B

Children Stories Drama Thriller

The Lost Burden

The Lost Burden

2 mins

The old woman dropped her purse, spilling its contents all over the sidewalk. He rushed ahead to help her stopping short when he saw the gun under the purse. tensed and shocked. full of confusion to help or not. started shivering wanted to move back but his ethics are not allowing to do so. always learn to help others but is stopping him. he stood like a statue for some time. Slowly Old woman collected her things into her purse and started moving ahead.

The old woman left that place but he found something suspicious written on a paper. He looked at all the sides. He took that paper and started reading...found something written in a map form....

He went home and tried hard to decode what was map about. He tired twice, thrice, and finally, he found a clue and went to that place he found that letter and he found surprisingly the map belongs to that place only started walking by following the map which directed him to move right left straight cross the hill across the river.

Moved ahead and reached into an old palace, completely filled with dust. Crawling snakes, bats , spiders, he cried for help but no one to help, He slept over there, with a starving stomach. He searched everywhere for that old woman and finally found her tied to a chair, and the chain was locked. He can't free her without lock...

He can't see the old women's face, he asked her about the keys, she replied they are in you,

He was surprised" in me".he amused.

The old woman replied yes.

He asked where?.she replied it's ur precious smile which can break this chain..

He was shocked and smiled from heart, and her chains were broken into pieces, and finally, he saw that old lady face. And shocked to find that it was none other than her grandmother, who died years before, but he had guilt in his heart, that he could not save her from dying ...and he used to say sorry daily to her...finally his grandmother said it was not his mistake which led for her death but it was her fate. 

And suddenly she left that place, and he woke up from his nightmare and felt very light heart and tons of burden left him.and tears rolled from his eyes and finally smiled over heart ......

and lived happily ever after.

It's a little bit effort, to convey that no one is responsible for someone's death, rather than their fate....

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