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saravanan Periannan

Crime Thriller


saravanan Periannan

Crime Thriller

The kidnap

The kidnap

2 mins 486 2 mins 486

Mahendran walked to the ticket counter of krishna theatre and his eyes views the crowd coming to that theatre to watch the blockbuster movie.

He with his lover meera entered the theatre and sat in the seats.

Deva ,a college student entered through exit 1 and takes his seat near the exit.

Jk,a cake shop owner entered through exit 2 and takes a seat near the exit.

Kanna,a cricket player enters through exit 3 and takes a seat near the exit.

The movie starts with the fight scene and all the audience cheer seeing their favourite hero fighting the criminals.

Deva messages jk and jk messages kanna "alert".

A person working in the canteen moves to the restroom urgently as the interval break is going to start.

He sees his face on the mirror and smiles.

He touches the mirror once and leaves.

After the interval bell,many come to the canteen and buy the foods they like.

Mahendran sees meera and says you go to the seat meera ,I will come.

But meera makes him come to the seat and makes a chat with him.

After the interval, mahendran moves to the restroom.

He turns back and sees Deva and jk nearing him and kanna taking the mirror from its stand and takes a powder from that and puts it in mahendran's mouth.

Mahendran feels drowsiness and calls meera to come and take him to hospital.

Deva gets that packet from kanna and disposes it in the toilet.

Meera takes him to the car and drives it.

Mahendran sees she is driving away from the nearby hospital.

She takes him to the broken car shed and ties him to the chair and he sees her removing the wig and then he understands that a man has masqueraded like a women and cheated him.

Then Deva,jk,kanna and that man joints at that car shed.

They give a medicine that makes mahendran normal.

They tie his eyes and asks him to tell his PA number.

They call the PA and asks to bring two lakhs for him.

The PA comes there with a biometric system secured laptop.

The PA takes the finger of mahendran and mahendran realises that PA is the Brain behind the kidnap and with the help of the these guys he did.

PA presses it into the finger slot in the laptop.

And the system screen shows ACCESS DENIED.

the mahendran in the chair smiles and they understand this is not real mahendran.

They see the real mahendran waiting with his goons and he reached the location using the duplicate mahendran phone.

The real mahendran placed a person who has a similar look to him and same face.

They understand they did not kidnap mahendran and mahendran trapped them.

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