Manaswi Kishorenath

Drama Horror


Manaswi Kishorenath

Drama Horror

The Delusion

The Delusion

8 mins

The night of Christmas Eve. Doorways decked with wreath and bells. The road is cleared off snow by helpers. Families having fun by elating the spirit of generosity. And Hey! It is also the best part when we get gifts! We planned a social get-together of all neighbors in our neighborhood. It was a gleeful and fascinating evening.

Will, Sam, Staci and Chase. All of them came over. We gathered at my basement to pursue our story of the Haunted White house. Sam added a little spice by bringing death of the president in the story while Staci created life of another spirit. It was the best family Christmas story one could enjoy.

Soon it was time. We promised within us that we all will meet at school tomorrow to have a little exploration of all the rooms during night. It sounded eerie, but we really wanted to know how our school would be during those times.

It was dawn. The sun rose from the clouds from its’ deep slumber. It scintillated its’ best today. Will, Sam, Staci, Chase and myself acquired permission from the school watchman as well as the principal through my mom. She also alarmed the other parents of this trip.

We packed all our stuff and we were ready by dusk. We set out into the mist. The city was covered in smog and even the moon that rose couldn’t make its’ rays penetrate through. Our car was so spooked by this atmosphere that it broke its’ tire along the way.

Uncle Stanley, who was the adult of this trip, sent for our safety, proffered to fix the car whilst we made our way to school. We agreed and went along the track.

We arrived at our destination. We took out our flashlights and safety gears with some water bottles. We wished each other luck and went in our desired paths. Will went to the snake park, Staci went to Science labs, Chase went to the Backyard, and Sam went to the temple side. He was a bit scared that he felt it would be safe if he was inside the temple. And I chose the Classrooms.

That was the beginning. Staci’s site was bit disturbing to her. It was dark and dusty, creepy and insecure. She sometimes felt something move behind. She doubted the wind and sustained to explore. She would see some skeleton bones rattling, some flasks of chemicals rotating, and compasses moving its’ navigator. She sensed these could be her childish fears, and just neglected them. Her mind wandered with thoughts. “Is there some apparition living here? Is it the wind? Or are my eyes just pulling my legs?” she wondered and scrammed away from the room like a frightened lion without lasting another moment there.

Next, it was Will. Well, he wasn’t easily terrified of these tricks. Snakes. Just snakes isn’t it? Why should he feel scared?

“Here snaky, snaky, Here!” He asked in a trembled voice.

A snake hissed behind him. Scoot! He ran away in a headlong retreat from this terrible site.

Now for our Brave Sam. He just hid in the same place in the temple till the others returned.

“This place is cool! I could stay here till they return!” He said.

I was pretty excited about the classrooms. It was dark and queer, just as I imagined it to be. I was alarmed of curtain movements and chalks floating in the air. I felt it could be my brain playing its tricks. Until, the chalks started to write something on the blackboard by itself, saying “GO AWAY OR ELSE...”

I hadn’t seen anything like that. Not even in the movies! Since that whole idea was completely new to me, I skedaddled from the class. I ran to the ground floor. My other friends, Staci, Will and Sam were there too. I walked up to them explaining what I encountered.

“This School is haunted! We have to tell our parents!” said Will. We hurried off to the exit. Unfortunately and surprisingly, the gates were closed. The watchman wasn’t guarding the place. We were on our way to the emergency exit gateway. We were stopped by something. We realized that Chase was missing. We rushed to the Backyard. It was actually a forbidden place. They said during ancient times, when the school wasn’t yet sophisticated, the backyard sustained in this very place. It was estimated that this backyard emerged way before pre-historic times. A group of scientists in the modern times decided to investigate the place with some cops. That was the day all of them including the cops vanished. Just like that. Since then, it was restricted.

We never knew Chase really meant to discover this place. We felt he was joking. Now we knew it was our mistake.

We yelled and banged the door, called out his name infinite times, but we didn’t hear his signal. We turned back in futility, and walked a few miles when we heard footsteps. We were enlightened with belief. It might be Chase. We ran back, only to find some hobo. She was cold and wore tattered clothes. She whispered something. We drew our ears closer to understand.

“Hello, me help.” She said.

“Maybe she needs help.” Said Sam. We really couldn’t understand her language.

“What’s your name?” we asked as we were helping her warm herself with our gears.

“O” she replied.

“Just O?” I asked     

For a moment, we were startled. Who keeps alphabets as their name? Anyways, we were glad to have her on our side.

O was very silent. She stared at the backyard with fear in her eyes. We thought she might have seen Chase.

“She might be some ghost!” assumed Will.

“Let us ask her about Chase. She might know something” said Staci

“Do you know this boy?” Staci asked as she showed the picture of Chase in her phone.

“Yes.” She responded. “He, hiding.”

“From whom?” Staci asked.

“The spirit of Alice” O replied.

“I know who Alice is. She is the girl who died in the school bathroom. She turned out to be a myth. I never knew it is real now.” Said Will.

“She, scaring him. So he, hiding” said O.

We were now determined to find Chase now that we knew where he was. O offered to stay there. We barged inside by breaking the door with a log we found nearby.

We knew Chase was good at hiding. We split up in different directions where we can find unusual hiding spots.

We rummaged like wild police dogs. We searched in spots like Garbage or shed. But we couldn’t find him. After Hours of hunt, Staci heard some voice from an abandoned, old and damaged shed. It was way far from the backyard entrance. The others gathered there. We opened the door. It was dark and gloomy. In a corner, we sensed some breathing sound. I called his name in my most placid voice. It was deep and cold, with no sign of warmth. I took out a half-burnt candle I found in a drawer. I lighted it up with the matchsticks I had. I looked around the room intriguingly. I could find posters of a girl with her parents. Here and there I frequently spotted spider webs. It was a shed from the outside, but now it turned out to be a house. I walked deeper and deeper only to find chambers of rooms. I checked each and every one but couldn’t find Chase. I felt that this search lies in frivolity if we don’t get the desired output. I rushed downstairs. I was surprised to find a bathroom. I eavesdropped through the door. I was elated! I could hear someone weeping!

Probably Chase? I called out to him softly.

“Chase? Is that you?” I asked

“Oh, who is this? Is this a human?” he asked.

“You don’t recognize me?” I asked

“Oh, it’s you! Is the spirit gone? He whispered

“I don’t know. But we must escape now. Hurry!” I urged.

He came out and hugged me. I could still see the fear in his eyes. He was trembling when we embraced. We rushed to the ground floor.

But, someone had been following us the whole time. I could hear footsteps other than the two of us. It might not be a ghost, I thought.

Slow and steadily, I held Chase's hands. They were chill like frozen ice, probably because of fear.


"Ah!!!" Chase screamed.

"You doofus! You frightened me! It is just a mirror!" I yelled.

It was not any mirror that fell down, it was an antique one. It was half broken, but shiny. It was studded with gems and diamonds. It was alluring.

Some voices began to ring. "Here, see your beauty! How enchanting you look! See it through me! adore yourself!" It said.

What was the big deal about mirrors? I just took it out and glanced through the mirror. But, now I regret it is the most unforgettable thing I have done.

"Run! This is haunted! Scoot! Scram! Skedaddle! Do what you must to save yourself!" I yelled out of the chill shock of a nameless fear.

We ran out of that dreaded place!

"Well, what was in that mirror anyways!" Chase asked,

"I couldn't see my reflection on it!" I said.

"What's the big deal?" Chase asked

"Oh, you imbecile! You never change! You know what it means when we can't see our own reflection in a mirror, don't you?" I asked

"Oh, I get it! So, you are a ghost?" He asked.

"If I was a ghost, you wouldn't be alive by now!" I replied!

We opened the door of freedom. We were startled to find the sun in the sky. Our trip lasted the whole night! We escaped the backyard. We were found by the watchman. He returned us to our uncle who was standing by the entrance gates with the others.

I looked out for O. She wasn’t seen anywhere. I wanted to thank her.

You might think O is a ghost. But to me, she’s an angel who has assisted us during this quest.

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