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Manaswi Kishorenath



Manaswi Kishorenath


Rashi's Adventures: A Research

Rashi's Adventures: A Research

2 mins 11.9K 2 mins 11.9K

“So that’s the whole story? Of, Lartin and Otto?” asked Rashi.

“That’s what I heard, Rashi. I think that’s the whole truth.” Said Chuck.

“Well, let’s see what we got here. I and Rashi researched through the web, see, this is what we got. It was my idea to do It.” Said Haley, gleaming at her smartness.

“Is that, King George, along with his Queen?” asked Chuck.

“Yes, Chuck. That’s what we know.” Said Rashi.

“Did you show to Sir Thompson?” asked Chuck.

“No, not yet.” Said Haley.

“But, why not?” asked Chuck back, sipping his hot chocolate they had served him later.

“Well, we are not sure if this guy is really Lartin or someone else.” Said Rashi.

“Girls, this is actually a big discovery. Good research done, both of you.” Congratulated Chuck.

“Humph, well it was MY idea. Rashi helped a bit.” Complained Haley.

“Uh, Haley, I think it is the other way round, no?” replied Rashi.

“Eh, maybe a little bit?” chuckled Haley.

“OK, OK. Let’s wind up for today. I need some rest. It has been a long day for me today. You need some rest too. Man, I think I got heck lot of school work to do I guess.” Informed Chuck.

“Nah. Who says ‘heck lot of school work?’ It has just been a week, not months, ya know?” said Haley.

“Oh, eh, okay. I think I must have been too much carried away in this Fiona mission, that I must have been losing track of time!” chuckled Chuck.

They all laughed at the joke, wished good-nights and good-byes, and off to bed they went for another adventurous day.

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