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Manaswi Kishorenath



Manaswi Kishorenath




4 mins 623 4 mins 623

(Jahanara was a princess who lived in the Mughal period and during the reign of Shah Jahan. She was the favorite daughter of Shah Jahan. The following drama depicts the life of Jahanara during the ill life of Shah Jahan)


Aurangazeb, Shah Jahan, Jahanara, Aurangazb’s son, Narrator, Courtiers, Soldiers, Maidens

Part 1

(Shah Jahan wakes up from his sleep)

Shah Jahan: No, no you can’t take the peacock throne from me!

(Jahanara’s entry)

Jahanara: Father, why do you always worry about the throne more than your health?

Shah Jahan: No, Jahanara! That is an awful thing to say! Don’t you know how hopeless this empire would be if the throne is taken away?

Jahanara: Yes, the kingdom will be hopeless. But more than that, it will lose its faith when it’s not under your reign.

Shah Jahan: Who? Jahanara? Are you speaking the veracity?

Jahanara: Yes, majesty! For, your eldest and favored son of us three, Dara Shikoh, has run away, not able to face the world courageously. And now, with deep woes, the kingdom’s suffering from the barbarous rule of Aurangzeb!

Shah Jahan: What are you saying, Jahanara! Is Aurangzeb violent and cruel, as you say? Won’t he give some reverence for his old bapu? Will he dare to disobey me and sit on my greatest achievement- the peacock throne?

Jahanara: Yes, my lord! In fact, he is reigning from the peacock throne. Aurangazeb is a brutal mishap for this empire.

Shah Jahan: No, Jahanara! Don’t say like that!

Jahanara: Yes, father, I will say like that

Shah Jahan: Jahanara, can you do me a favor?

Jahanara: Your wish is my command, majesty.

Shah Jahan: Give me my sword. Until this sword is there in my hand, no one can dare to steal my throne.

Narrator: shah Jahan was ill. But his power and might still lived within his mind. Jahanara took the sword and made shah Jahan clutch it tightly.

Jahanara: Yes, father, it is done.

Part two

Jahanara takes Shah Jahan to the durbar where he views Aurangzeb executing Dara Shikoh and handing over the blood-stained sword to his servant, he notices Shah Jahan, and moves forward to salute him.

Aurangazeb: Hath thee taken care of my old bapu’s health, maid? After hearing word of bapu’s ill health I was sleepless for many days!

(Shah Jahan tries to regain from his startle)

Shah Jahan: But, beta, I don’t understand. Why did you have to be so curt? He did not do aught! Oof! I don’t want to be here! What beta….

(His lecture gets interrupted as he falls unconscious. After that, Aurangzeb's attitude changes as he thinks his father has passed away)

Aurangazeb: Ugh! He has to die now? Why couldn’t he die back at Shahjahanabad? Now I've got some breads to fry! Hey you! The one standing by the throne! Why have you come here? To serve the empty throne?

Servant: But, thy majesty…

Aurangazeb: Come at once and take this corpse away! Can’t bear the sight of him!

Jahanara quickly takes some rose water and sprinkles it on her fathers’ face and he regains consciousness.

Aurangazeb: Hey! Who is that who holds my beloved bapu!

(He then scolds shah Jahan's maid)

Jahanara: Listen all of you present in this durbar. Despite listening to the obnoxious orders of your master as you flatter within thyself, pay heed to my orders. No one shall move from thy places. Stay right there until I pass my second order.

Jahanara waits until she finds everyone in their places. Now she clears her throat to speak

Jahanara: From this moment, for your welfare, follow me, escape from the treacherous Aurangzeb.

Everybody bends their head down as a mark of respect. Aurangazeb speaks…

Aurangazeb: Arrest this witch! We shall not believe this imposter!

Jahanara: Aurangzeb!!! Does thee not recognise thy own sister?

Aurangazeb: Who? Jahanara! You?

(After that, he passes on to his son)

Aurangazeb: beta! Have you heard about Badshah begum’s corrupted mind!? You are experiencing it now…

Jahanara frowns: And what about your bapu? His rule was said to be barbarous and useless! The Mughal empire would expire under his treachery…

Aurangazeb’s son: Jahanara! You need to stop your mouth of unforgivable words!

Jahanara: Why, how you storm! Are you angry I spoke the truth?

Aurangazeb’s son: Jahanara! I am trying to maintain your respect. Kindly move towards Shahjahanabad, if not…

Jahanara turns to Aurangzeb.

Jahanara: Why, Aurangzeb?! Do you not get control of thyself!

Aurangazeb: Control does happen, beloved sister! Favoured daughter of Shah Jahan! But answer me this Dara Shikoh was my brother also. But why you treated him so well and not show the same love towards me? Why this partiality?

Jahanara: He did not want to sit on bapu’s throne. He did not have the courage to rule..

Aurangazeb: That’s it! Arguing with you is a waste of time! Beta, order this treacherous and annoying ‘begum’ to go to Shahjahanabad.

Jahanara takes her ailing father and takes him back to the palace, incanting about aurangazeb.


Part 3 & 4, coming soon!

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