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Poet Shri

Horror Tragedy Thriller


Poet Shri

Horror Tragedy Thriller

The Bullied

The Bullied

30 mins

“Hey rat! Come out. Your masters have come.” One of the gang members yelled, as they entered a huge hall in the abandoned chemical plant. The others chuckled.

“Hey ratty, ratty, ratty…” One girl who laughed like a hyena called out. Again, they all laughed.

There were five members in that gang, known as the ‘Fiendish Five’. All were 12th grade students; three boys, two girls. They were students in the prestigious high school of that town. The leader of the group was Aditya, the son of the powerful MLA of that constituency. He was handsome but arrogant, and sadistic by nature. Second-in-command was Mamata, the daughter of a famous lawyer. She was very beautiful, ruthless and manipulative. The third one was Akhilesh, the son of a renowned journalist. He looked like a wrestler but had an empty skull. Fourth one was Vijayan, the son of a famous movie director. He was average looking but very cunning. The last one was Kavitha, the daughter of a notorious don. She was nicknamed ‘Hyena’ because of her laugh. She was Aditya’s right hand and did most of the dirty work for the gang.

This abandoned place was their secret hideout. They would drink, do drugs, and spend nights together. The hall was well-decorated with a billiards table, a huge sofa set, a king-size bed, a large screen HD LED TV, and a huge refrigerator filled with drinks. There, they would pick their target to rag, and devise plans to make their clueless preys’ life miserable. No one would even dare think about going against them because of their family backgrounds.

They would choose a classmate, or a student who was meek and dumb, and had a poor family background. They would rag, torture, and toy with that unfortunate fellow till they were tired of. Then they would move on to the next prey. Few victims transferred to another high school. Few even left the town. Those who couldn’t do either, suffered. Few of them had committed suicides too. However, the gang’s ecosystem took care of these issues very well.

At present, Swamy was their prey. He was skinny, average looking, and meek by nature. For the last three months they had been ragging and torturing him. They had given him a name - ratty. He was the son of a bank employee, who was transferred to this town five months ago. Many times, he tried bringing this to the attention of the classroom teacher and the principal, who completely ignored him. Being timid, he didn’t have the courage to tell his parents. Since the last month, he had been thinking to commit suicide but didn’t have the courage. Tonight, as usual, he had to come there to serve the gang.

“Where the hell is he? He didn’t kill himself, right? Where will we get a slave like him?” Kavitha laughed.

“Hey ratty, where are you? You skinny shit! Come now, if you don’t want to see your masters angry.” Angry Mamata shouted.

“C’mon Jaanu, don’t ruin your mood. He must be here somewhere, hiding like a rat.” Aditya laughed while grabbing her waist.

The lights flickered for a few moments. They looked around in confusion. Then a figure came out of the shadows at the end of the hall. It was their slave, Swamy. The lights again flickered but this time, it continued. They couldn’t see him properly since he was standing far away. Frustrated Mamata was about to yell at him, when someone pushed the door, and entered the hall. It was the principal of their high school - Father Sebastian. They were shocked to see each other there.

“Why are you guys here at this time, at this place?” Father Sebastian questioned them, recovering from the shock.

“Well… that… but why are you here, Father?” Aditya asked him with a puzzled look.

“I called him.” A croaked voice replied. Everyone turned towards the direction of the voice. It was Swamy. He moved towards them. When he was a few steps away, they noticed that he was bleeding from the sides of his head. They all were scared for a moment.

“What happened, ratty? Beaten by someone? Don’t you know that only we have the authority to beat you?” Aditya mocked Swamy. Others laughed. Father Sebastian realized something was off.

“Oh, this? I shot myself.” Swamy brought his right index finger pointing to the right side of his head and inserted his finger. It went completely inside his skull. They jumped back in fear.

“Ha ha ha ha… Hey ratty, did you think you would scare us with this shit? I’ll bring you to your senses.” Akhilesh stepped forward. Father Sebastian pulled him back, and yelled, “Let’s get out of here, quickly.”

“What?!... Father don’t poke your nose into our business. Leave!” Aditya pushed him back in frustration. Father Sebastian took a few steps back, then ran towards the door to leave. Before he could reach the door, Swamy blocked his way. A loud shriek came out of Father Sebastian’s mouth, when he looked into his eyes. Swamy’s eyes were burning red and yellow. They looked like they would pierce a soul.

“I was glad you came to watch the show, Father. Don’t leave before it starts. It’s not fair.” A vicious smile appeared on Swamy’s lips. Father Sebastian instantly held out the silver cross adorning his neck, as he stepped back slowly. Swamy started laughing. He reached Father Sebastian in a flash and gripped the cross.

“Your god couldn’t save me from these bullies. Do you think he would save you from me, a ghost? It appears I was mistaken. You have a sense of humor, Father.” Swamy again laughed. Then he crunched the cross, as if it was made of paper. Father Sebastian collapsed on the floor, and his face turned pale.

“Gh-gho-ghost!” Kavitha screamed in fear. Others were frozen, staring at Swamy. They couldn’t move, even though they wanted to escape.

“Oh, Am I? Thank you for telling me.” Swamy sarcastically said looking at Kavitha. He turned to the Father again.

“Father, now just relax, and enjoy the show.” Swamy moved a chair that came near Father Sebastian.

“Here, your seat.” Swamy pointed towards the chair. Father Sebastian got up shivering and joined his hands.

“Please, don’t kill me.” He started crying. Hearing that, Swamy laughed wickedly.

“C’mon Father, I’ll not kill you. I promise. How can I kill my VVIP audience? Please, take your seat.” Father Sebastian sat silently.

“Ok, now it’s showtime.” Swamy excitedly turned towards the gang. But there was no one. He turned back to see the gang running to the door.

“Really?!” He shook his head and stretched his hand out. The door closed. The gang tried their best to open but in vain. Akhilesh tried his best to break the door open, while others yelled at him. Nothing happened. They were trapped and looked at each other in fear. Suddenly, all of them were pulled back, and thrown to the place where they were before. They all squirmed in pain.

“Shall we begin?” Swamy asked, flying over them with a wicked laugh. The gang was looking at him in fear. They had completely lost their minds.

“Whom shall I begin with? Hmm… difficult to choose. Any volunteers?” Swamy winked at them.

“No, no, no… we’re very sorry. We were just trying to have some fun. We didn’t think you would kill… well… take this seriously. Please, let us go... we are really sorry, man.” The gang begged him, as Aditya pleaded.

“I know, you guys had lots of fun with me. Now it’s my turn.” Swamy became serious. He was still for a second, then looked at Kavitha viciously.

“No, please… no, no, not me. It was all Aditya’s doing. I had to obey. Don’t kill me, please.” Kavitha begged, crying.

“What a bitch!” Aditya yelled in surprise. “You were the one who gave so many ideas to rag him. You ragged him too. Now you’re blaming me?! I’ll Kill You Bitch.” He stood up in anger and went towards her. But Swamy slammed him to the floor.

“Oh my god! You lied to me, Kavitha. Such a bad girl.” Swamy looked at her as if he was surprised. Then he turned to Father Sebastian who was praying. He was startled when Swamy looked at him.

“Father.” Swamy called him, and he grabbed the cushion tightly in fear. He was sweating.

“Kavitha lied. Shouldn’t she be punished?” Swamy asked him, smiling viciously. The Father nodded.

“No, no… please, don’t kill me. Forgive me, please.” Kavitha begged, sobbing.

“When did I say I would kill you? Here, I promise I won’t kill you. Happy?” Swamy assured her. Her crying reduced to a whimper. He looked at the others.

“Who wants to get out of here alive at the end? Raise your hands.” Swamy asked. Everyone raised their hands.

“Ok, whoever kills Kavitha in a gruesome way will live at the end.” Swamy laughed devilishly. Everyone was in shock for a few moments. Aditya, Mamata, Akhilesh, and Vijayan looked at each other, then looked at Kavitha. They hesitated while she looked at them in fear.

“Guys, he is trying to manipulate us. It’s a trap. Don’t listen to him.” Kavitha tried to convince them, while her right hand went towards the back pocket of her jeans.

“Well, I’ll start with Akhilesh then.” Swamy moved a bit forward. Akhilesh instantly pounced on Kavitha and punched her nose. Blood streamed out of her nostrils.

“Aaah...! FUCK!!!” Akhilesh fell on the ground screaming in anger. He held his thigh in pain. A 9-inch single-edged Rampuri knife had pierced his thigh. It was Kavitha’s favorite. Blood gushed out, drenching his jeans. Aditya, Vijayan, and Mamata looked at him in shock. Then they turned towards Kavitha. Together they attacked her.

Vijayan and Mamata pinned her down to the floor. Kavitha tried to be free from their grips but in vain. Aditya started to punch her face, chest, and stomach, while she was screaming in pain.

“Hey, hey! Stop!” Swamy yelled. Those three looked at him in fear. He was leaning on a nearby pillar.

“What the hell are you doing? You’re acting like kindergarten kids. It’s so boring. Let me show you.” Swamy looked around and saw a viking axe lying on the desk. The axe was a birthday gift to Aditya from his dad. Swamy moved his hand, and the axe flew, hanging above Kavitha’s feet. Then the axe came down, chopping off Kavitha’s right foot. The entire hall echoed with her blood-curdling scream.

“Understood, right? Let’s resume then.” Swamy signaled Aditya. Aditya picked up the axe and looked at Kavitha. He hesitated for a moment, then swung the axe down, chopping off her right knee. Again, the hall echoed with her painful scream. Blood colored the clothes of Aditya. He lifted the axe again.

“Ok, wait, wait.” Swamy stopped him.

Swamy thought for a moment, then asked them.

“What did you detest the most in Kavitha?”

Those three thoughts for a moment. “Her hyena-like laugh...?” Akhilesh answered hesitatingly.

“Awesome! You have a brain. C’mon guys, give him a big hand.” Swamy looked at others. They slowly clapped. Kavitha was squirming in pain.

“I also hated her laugh. Akhilesh, can you rip off her tongue for me?” Swamy viciously smiled at him. Akhilesh immediately went near Kavitha limping. Kavitha moved her head sideways. She looked at Swamy as he stood near her.

“You promised you wouldn’t kill me. You LIAR!!!” Kavitha yelled at him with her remaining energy.

“Yes, I promised, and I kept it. I just chopped off your foot. You’re breaking my heart with your false accusation.” Swamy looked at her with mock innocence. Kavitha began to cry as she realized he had tricked her.

Akhilesh pulled the knife that was stuck in his thigh. “Bitch!” He punched Kavitha’s face, and she passed out. Akhilesh tried to open her mouth to pull her tongue out.

“Hey bud head! She passed out. Wake her up and try again.” Swamy shook his head in disbelief. As he moved his hand, a bottle of water fell near Akhilesh. He hurriedly opened the bottle cap, then poured water on Kavitha’s face. She woke up, coughing.

Now, Akhilesh tried to open her mouth, but she resisted, moving her head. So, he punched her hard on the head. She stopped moving. He then opened her mouth and pulled her tongue out. Then within a few seconds, he chopped off her tongue. She screamed in agony, while her mouth was filled with blood.

“Ah! Melodious!!!” Swamy closed his eyes in bliss. Then he opened his eyes and looked at Akhilesh. He was still holding the tongue. Kavitha squirmed, cried for a few more minutes. Then she stopped moving, and everything went silent.

“Father, how was the first part? Did you enjoy it?” Swamy asked Father Sebastian, looking at him.

“Y-ye-yes… good.” The Father mumbled in fear. Swamy wickedly laughed.

“Father, father, what a big fat liar. Father, did you forget - thou shalt not lie?” Swamy went near him. The Father was shaking in fear.

“Sorry, very sorry. I’m very scared. Can I go now?” He begged Swamy.

“C’mon Father, the show has just begun. You must stay until the end. I i-n-s-i-s-t.” Swamy glared at him. He nodded silently.

“That’s the spirit, Father.” Swamy gave a thumbs up and went back to the others. They were all trembling and crying.

“So, where were we?” Swamy asked them in glee. They were silent.

“Vijayan.” Swamy called him in a vicious tone. Vijayan was startled.

“You were an awesome escape artist. How many times did I have to take the blame for the things you guys did? It was always you who convinced the teachers and the father to brand me as a criminal. Those were the days, right?” Swamy’s tone was cold.

Hearing this, Vijayan knelt down before Swamy, and joined his hands. His body was slightly swinging to and fro, as if he was apologizing.

“Bro, you’re mistaken. I did as I was instructed. It was all Mamata’s doing. You must believe me, bro.” He wiped his tears.

“It’s a lie. He’s lying. Don’t believe his words. YOU FUCKING TRAITOR!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!” She rushed at Vijayan and started beating him. He managed to push her away. Swamy was enjoying it with a crooked smile.

“Stop!” Swamy commanded, and they stood where they were. Swamy glared at them both. Then his laughter echoed in the hall.

“I trust your words, Vijayan. I know how manipulative the beauty queen is.” Swamy looked at Mamata.

“Well, shall we begin the second part then?” Saying so he moved towards her.

“No, no, trust me. He’s lying. C’mon, you k-” Before Mamata could finish her sentence, Swamy grabbed her neck, and lifted her up. She struggled to breathe while throwing her limbs.

Swamy was enjoying her suffering, then something powerful jolted him. It was very painful, like a burning sensation. He dropped Mamata and turned around. Vijayan was holding a protective charm, engraved with a picture of God Hanuman, in his right hand. Swamy stepped back in fear.

“You ratty shit, did you think I’d be that easy because you were a ghost? Now what happened? C’mon… are you scared?” Vijayan smirked. Aditya, Mamata, and Akhilesh got the courage, and stood behind Vijayan.

“C’mon, ratty slave. I’ll send you to hell.” Aditya yelled at him.

“You shitty ghost! Scaredy-cat… FUCK YOU!!!” Mamata was fuming.

“Come here, you fucking ghost. I’ll show you hell.” Akhilesh thumped his chest.

Swamy glared at them for a few moments, then ‘poof’, vanished. The gang was startled for a second. When they realized the ghost was gone, they cheered in joy. Vijayan was still holding the charm.

A swishing sound was heard, followed by the painful scream of Vijayan. The Rampuri knife had pierced his right hand. The protective charm fell on the floor. Aditya immediately tried to grab it but in vain. It flew out the window.

“Ha ha ha ha… my, my, my…” Swamy appeared again in front of them. They trembled as if they saw death.

“A dog's tail is always crooked, isn’t it?” Swamy glared at Vijayan. He wasn’t in a playful mood anymore. Others moved away from Vijayan, as Swamy plunged at him.

“You piece of shit; did you think a movie was being shot here? You flash a charm in front of me, and I’d just run away? If a god protects sinners, what’s the difference between him and Satan?” Swamy’s tone sent chills through their bodies.

“So-soo-sorry bro. I’m sorry, bro. I’ll nev-” Before Vijayan could finish, his body was smashed into a pillar. The sound of one or two bones cracking was heard.

“AAAAAA...!!!!!! Mamma...!!!” Vijayan screamed in agony. Swamy went near him.

“Ah! Now I remember. I also screamed like this many times, when you guys beat me. No wonder you enjoyed hitting me a lot.” Swamy bent forward and looked into Vijayan’s eyes. Then as he moved his finger up, Vijayan floated up, hanging in the air. The knife was pulled out of Vijayan’s hand, as Swamy looked at it. Then, the knife hung in the air, pointing towards Vijayan.

“No, no… please, bro. Forgive me. I beg you. I’ll be your slave for life. Please, spare my life.” Vijayan begged.

Swamy smirked, and the knife danced on Vijayan’s body at Swamy’s will. Vijayan screamed in agony. Mamata screamed, and hugged Aditya tightly, looking away. Aditya was shivering while Akhilesh fell on his knees. When Swamy stopped, Vijayan was completely drowned in his own blood. Barely breathing, he tried to say something.

“What? What did you say?” Swamy moved a little closer. Vijayan again tried to say something.

“Sorry, I can’t hear you.” Swamy came very close to him, and said, “Can you repeat it again, please?”

“Kill… me… please…” Vijayan somehow managed to utter the words.

“I will. Have patience. By the way, you look awesome in red, bro.” Swamy sarcastically said. Then he looked at Father Sebastian who was looking down, crying.

“Father, don’t say that you missed the second part.” Swamy’s tone was filled with anger. The Father went numb.

“I asked whether you were enjoying Vijayan’s suffering or not. ANSWER ME!” Swamy was fuming.

“I did, I did. I swear to God. Please, believe me.” Father Sebastian looked up, begging.

“Glad to hear that. Then, it’s time to finish this part, and move on to the next one.” Swamy turned towards Vijayan. He was almost in the arms of death.

“I could have had more fun with you, if you could have stayed longer. A bit disappointing.” Swamy moved his hand, and the Rampuri knife pierced through Vijayan’s throat, nailing him to the pillar behind him. He didn’t make any sound. His head tilted left.

“Bravo! Bravo!! Marvelous!” Swamy excitedly uttered. The rest of the gang, along with the father, were crying.

“Ok, guys. Let’s hurry up. I don’t have enough time. It’s time for the third part now.” Swamy announced. Aditya, Mamata, and Akhilesh shivered hearing that.

“Mamata, the beauty queen, I’ll be honored if you lead the show.” Swamy viciously smiled. She slowly stepped back in fear, shaking her head.

“It seems you’re nervous. Let me help you then.” Swamy clenched his fist, and Mamata was pulled towards him. She screamed.

“No, no, no, stop. Please… pick Aditya or Akhilesh.” She begged, floating in front of him. Swamy thought for a few moments.

“I’m ok with it, if one of them volunteers for you.” Swamy looked at both of them, and they took a few steps back.

“Sorry, it seems no boy is willing to do anything for you today.” Swamy moved his palm downwards, and Mamata was slammed down. She was disoriented for a few moments, as her head hit the floor.

“Mamma… papa… save me… please…” She mumbled in pain. Swamy was having a riotously good time.

“Who was that girl, whom you bullied, and made to quit high school...? Sandhya?! No, no… Rani...?! Hmm, no… ah, Swarna! Yes, Swarna. You used to slam her like that, right? I never understood why you did that. Tell me, why?” Swamy acted curious. Mamata continued mumbling.

“Let me guess. She was more beautiful than you, and she didn’t side with you, am I right?” Swamy bent down, and Mamata closed her eyes.

“Mamata, look at me.” Swamy said in a gentle voice. That was his real voice when he was alive. Mamata didn’t look. Swamy placed his hand above her stomach, and clenched his fist, turning his wrist.

“MAMMAAAAA...!!!” Mamata screamed in excruciating pain.

“You better listen to me, bitch. If you wa-” Swamy stopped as something swished through him. He turned around and saw Akhilesh holding the viking axe. Swamy was surprised for a moment.

“Are you serious?” Swamy moved forward. Akhilesh moved a step back in fear.

“Take another shot. C’mon. Don’t be scared. Who knows you may kill me.” Swamy signaled him to attack. But he hesitated.

“Ok, I thought you didn’t want to die. No problem. I’ll come back to you later.” Swamy turned towards Mamata, who was trying to get up.

“Aaaah!” Swamy screamed in pain, as Akhilesh hit him with the axe. He hit Swamy again. This time Swamy screamed louder.

“It’s working, man. Kill that son of bitch. HIT HIM!!!” Aditya shouted. Mamata was sitting on the floor confused. Akhilesh hit Swamy again.

“Aaaaaaah...! Please, stop. How’s this... possible? You can’t hit me. No one can hit me.” Swamy collapsed to the floor screaming. Aditya and Akhilesh laughed.

“Asshole, I’m gonna slice you in half.” Akhilesh raised the axe to hit again.

“Ha ha ha ha ha…” Swamy raised his head, laughing wickedly. Everyone was horrified.

“You guys fell for it, again.” Swamy continued laughing.

“You, pathetic pieces of shit, really thought you could kill me with that toy?” Swamy stood up in anger. Akhilesh took a few steps back. His hands were shaking.

“Never ever disturb me when I’m having fun.” Swamy snapped his finger, and the axe swung from above, slicing Akhilesh’s abdomen. His blood-curdling scream echoed through the hall. Mamata screamed, covering her face with her hands.

Swamy waved his left hand, and three iron rods on a desk, flew towards Akhilesh. He was somehow still standing. They pierced his torso, and came out on the other side, pushing him down to the floor. His head hung above the floor. Blood oozed out of his mouth. He was struggling to breathe.

“Hang in there, man. I’ll come back if you’re alive.” Swamy smirked and turned towards Mamata. She screamed before she realized.

“Sorry, Jaanu…” Swamy smiled, and looked at Aditya, who tried his best to suppress his anger.

“I didn’t expect that bud head would ruin this part. He stole your limelight. But you need not worry. You can lead the fourth part. Are you excited?” Swamy was excited.

“Please, let me go. I beg you. I already have suffered enough. Please, let me go. I’ll never bully or hurt anyone again in my life.” Mamata begged, touching his feet.

“Oh my god! You also can suffer?! Really?! Santa Maria!!! It’s a miracle.” Swamy exclaimed.

“Father, did you hear? Did you see the miracle? Wooooo!” Swamy screamed. The Father silently cried.

“Well, bitch… you’ll never be able to bully anyone because you won’t come out of your home anymore.” Swamy stretched his right-hand backwards, and a bottle of liquid flew to his hand from a nearby shelf. He held it in front of her.

“Jaanu, have you ever tasted acid?” Swamy asked Mamata, and she shook her head in fear, covering her face.

“No...?! How about now?” Swamy smiled wickedly. She started to scream.

“Girls.” Swamy muttered and swayed his hand. Mamata was pinned down to the floor; both of her hands were stretched out. But she was still screaming, while kicking her legs. Swamy flew near her.

“Say ‘aaa’.” He snapped, and her mouth opened despite her futile resistance. She was moving her head sideways. Swamy opened the cap, then poured the liquid in her mouth. She screamed, closing her eyes. The liquid entered her mouth, then throat. Her cheeks and neck got wet as she struggled and spat some liquid out. The bottle was empty now. She looked at Swamy once, then looked at her wet top. She felt relieved, finding that she was unharmed.

“Oops! My bad. I thought it was acid. It’s water. I was excited for nothing.” Swamy threw the bottle away.

“Aditya.” Swamy called the gang leader, who was watching in fear. Aditya came running like a slave.

“Bring some acid. I believe you know where to find it. Right, slave?” Swamy glared at him. Aditya bowed down and ran to bring the acid.

“You didn’t answer, slave.” Swamy said in a serious tone. Aditya stopped and came back running.

“I know where acid is, master. I’ll bring it, master.” Aditya answered.

“Ah, That’s my slave. You’re a quick learner. Better than me, I’d say.” Swamy mocked him. Acknowledging, Aditya sprinted. A few minutes later, he came back with a bottle.

“Hmm… perfect! This is exactly what I wanted.” Swamy looked at the bottle.

It was a spray bottle, completely made of glass. He brought the bottle near Mamata’s feet and sprayed the liquid on her ankle. Mamata screamed like hell, as the acid drops burnt her skin and flesh. She twisted her body like a dying centipede. Swamy smiled with satisfaction.

“HELP! SOMEONE SAVE ME. HELP ME, PLEASE!!!” Mamata cried as loud as she could.

“Hey, that was how Swarna too screamed, right? Where did you spray acid on her, then? Here?” Swamy sprayed acid on her right arm. The drops seeped through her clothes and burnt her flesh. Another blood-curdling scream echoed through the hall.

“Ah, I think it was here.” Swamy sprayed acid on her stomach, letting her experience agony. Mamata had no energy left. She squirmed, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Oh no! I’m very sorry, Jaanu. Now I remembered. It was her face you sprayed acid on.” Swamy acted as if he felt bad for Mamata. She instantly realized what he was going to do. She shook her head in fear as she screamed hoarsely.

“C’mon, I didn’t do anything. Don’t waste your energy. You’re going to need it.” Swamy was silent for a few seconds.

“By the way, I never saw your real face. You know that ugly face of yours. You always hid it behind a beautiful mask. Let me see it today, then.” Swamy brought the bottle above her face. Mamata was staring at it in shock, breathing heavily.

“NOOOOOO...!!!” She screamed as Swamy sprayed acid on her face. Her body twisted and twitched in agonizing pain for minutes. The acid drops burnt her beautiful skin, and flesh.

“I can’t see… my eyes… no, my eyes…” Mamata cried, and a minute later, she fell unconscious.

“I think this part will be my favorite one. Mamata screamed better than Kavitha. I loved it.” Swamy closed his eyes, savoring the moments. Then, he turned towards the father.

“Sorry, Father. I know you’re always busy. But I really wanted you to watch this show. Just the climax is left. After that, you can leave. Till then, your cooperation is needed.” Swamy dramatically bowed, looking at him with a vicious smile. The Father covered his face with his hands. Swamy turned and looked at Aditya.

“You can call your dad, slave. Oh, wait. I didn’t give a name to my slave. Hmm… how about Bully? Big Bully? Hey, bully, bully... does it sound good? What do you say, guys?” Swamy looked around.

“Oops! Sorry guys. I forgot you guys were dead except for Mamata. She is unconscious, and I can’t wait. Let’s settle with Bully then. Are you happy, slave?” Swamy asked Aditya. He stood silent. Swamy plunged at him and lifted him up. Aditya screamed in fear.

“Slave don’t forget your manners. When your master asks something, you answer right away.” Swamy growled, glaring at him. Aditya nodded, shaking.

“Tell me, Bully. Did you like your new name?” Swamy brought him closer to his eye level.

“Yes, master. I loved it. Thank you for your generosity.” Aditya replied instantly.

“Glad to hear. Now, call your dad, wait… make a video call. It saves time.” Swamy smiled maliciously. Aditya was looking at him in disbelief.

“C’mon, I’m a ghost, not a monster. Take your phone, quick.” Swamy told him. Aditya immediately took out his phone and made a video call. From that side, his dad received it. Aditya broke down, cried loudly, as soon as his dad’s face appeared on the screen. His dad was puzzled by Aditya’s condition.

“My son, what happened? Why are you crying? Is everything ok? Where are you?” He, being a concerned parent, bombarded his son with questions.

Aditya tried to explain but couldn’t. He kept on crying. Swamy rolled his eyes in frustration. He possessed Aditya and smiled devilishly. Aditya’s dad was taken aback, looking at the burning eyes, and the vicious smile. He was confused.

“Namaste, MLA sir. Your son is completely in shock. So, I decided to explain everything myself.” Swamy said in a croaked voice.

“Who’s this? What have you done to my son? Do you know who I am? I’ll make your life hell.” Aditya’s dad replied in frustration and anger. Swamy in Aditya’s body laughed maniacally.

“I’m shivering in fear, sir. Please, don’t hurt me.” He acted as if he was scared. Then, he stared at him for a few seconds.

“I want to show you something. I think you recognize them.” He moved the mobile around, hovering above the body of Kavitha.

“Oh my god! What the hell?! Is she Kavitha, my son’s friend?” Aditya’s dad shivered.

“Yes, doesn’t she look beautiful?” Swamy asked with wickedness.

“You fucking son of a whore! I don’t know who you are. But you’re in deep trouble. You don’t know who I am. This entire region is scared of me. I can decimate you within a minute. I’ll show you hell if you harm even a hair on my son’s head.” Aditya’s dad was back to his normal self.

“Woah! Hold your horses there, sir. I’ve not finished yet. There is more for your eyes to feast on. Please, allow me.” Swamy moved on to the body of Vijayan, with the mobile. Aditya’s dad was speechless. Sweat streamed down his face.

“I hope you recognize him, sir. Let’s move on to another one.” Swamy moved near the body of Akhilesh. He hovered the mobile above the body. Aditya’s dad yelped in fear as he turned away.

“Sir, I think this was your gift to your son on his birthday. Do you recognize it?” Swamy focused the mobile on the viking axe, which was still stuck to Akhilesh’s body. Streams of sweat formed as Aditya’s dad nodded slowly in fear.

“How disappointing, sir! Being an MLA, how could you give such a thing to kids as a toy?” Swamy was serious. Aditya’s dad was silent.

“Well, well… Here lies our sleeping beauty. Sorry, sleeping ugly.” Swamy focused the mobile on the face of Mamata. Her face looked like the moon’s surface filled with craters. Aditya’s dad was horrified.

“Oh my god! Are you even human? Have you ever heard of the word ‘Mercy’? You should burn in hell forever.” He yelled at Swamy.

“Sir, my answer to your first question; I’m not a human but a ghost. To your second question, have you ever heard of the word ‘Mercy’, sir? I know everything you did to save your son and his gang. Now you, pathetic shit, are going to teach me the meaning of mercy?” Swamy almost yelled at him.

“YOU SON OF A SLUT!!!” Aditya’s dad shouted. His arrogant personality didn’t crumble even before the ghost. His whole body was shaking in anger.

“Release my son now itself, or else I’ll make sure, you and your fucking family will suffer eternally.” He threatened Swamy, making him laugh wickedly.

“Like father, like son. Sir, I’ll release your son. Don’t worry, I won’t kill him. That wasn’t my intention at all. But I suggest, you better worry about yourself. Just imagine, a ‘respected’ MLA like you, ending up in jail. Am I right, sir?” Swamy winked. Aditya’s dad was shocked.

“Now, let’s not waste time. Call the police, and the ambulance too. I’ll send the location to your mobile. Goodbye, sir.” Swamy ended the video call. He sent the location to him, then left Aditya’s body. Aditya collapsed on the floor, mumbling.

“Hey, handsome. I talked to your dad. He is sending the police to rescue you. Isn’t it great news?” Swamy asked Aditya who was coming out of trance.

“What?! Dad?! Really?! Police are coming?!” Aditya’s eyes sparkled with hope.

“Yes, I sent the location to your dad. I have good news, and bad news for you. The good news is that you’ll leave this place alive, and the bad news is, I’m going to break your neck.” Swamy’s wicked laugh echoed in the hall.

“No, please. I beg you. Don't do this to me. I don’t want to end up like that. Show some mercy, please. I’ll give you anything you ask for.” Aditya begged on his knees.

“Hmm… ok, can you turn back the time to the day before you guys ragged me?” Swamy looked into his eyes. Aditya lowered his head silently.

“I knew you couldn’t. Then, let the fun begin.” Swamy snapped, and Aditya’s ankles twisted. Aditya cried in pain, falling on the floor on his back. Swamy snapped again, and Aditya’s knees bent upward. Aditya let out another terrifying cry. Swamy’s laughter echoed in the hall.

“I’m really sorry... I admit I did lots of wrong things… aaaaa...! Give me a chance to repent, at least… aaaaa! It hurts.” Aditya begged, crying. Tears were rolling down on his cheeks.

“Don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of time to repent.” Swamy moved his hand up while Aditya’s body floated in the air, facing Swamy.

“How strong is your back?” Swamy asked him. Aditya looked at him puzzled.

“Well, I’m going to test the strength of your back now. It’ll be fun… for me, obviously.” Swamy smiled viciously. Aditya’s back started to bend in the opposite direction. His screams became louder and louder. Swamy snapped, and Aditya’s back cracked. His thighs touched his back. He screamed in agony. Swamy dropped him to the floor.

“Hurts like hell, doesn’t it?” Swamy asked, staring at him.

“I don’t… feel anything. I can’t feel my legs... what the fuck did you do to me?” Aditya looked at him, crying.

“Oh, it worked then. I broke your spine. See the bright side. From now on, you won’t feel any kind of pain. Are you not happy?” Swamy said gleefully.

“FUCK YOU!!!” Aditya yelled at him, while pathetically trying to get to the Swamy.

“Bad slave, you are a very bad slave.” Swamy wagged his finger and laughed maniacally.

“Do you have any idea how many lives you have destroyed?” Swamy asked in a serious tone. He snapped, breaking Aditya’s fingers at the same time. Aditya screamed, twisting his upper body.

“You didn’t just destroy one’s life, but an entire family. Why should I let you live? Or do you even deserve to live?” Swamy was looking down on Aditya. He was squirming.

“I always loved writing. My dream was to be a famous author, writing bestsellers, and having lots of prestigious awards in my showcase. Well, thanks to you. My dream will remain just a dream.” Swamy snapped again, and Aditya’s elbows broke.

“AAAAAAAA...!!! Papa… where are you?” Aditya screamed, shaking his head.

“I was the only child to my parents. Who will console them? How can they be consoled? They had planned so many things for my bright future. What about them? I know you don’t have answers. But you can return injustice with justice, by suffering.” Swamy stared into the distance in melancholy for a few moments.

“Well, past is past. Let’s focus on the present.” Swamy smiled at Aditya devilishly. Aditya was shaking his head in fear.

“C’mon, relax. I’m not going to kill you. I’ve promised you and your dad. I’ll keep my promise. Now, it’s time to finish the show.” Swamy brought his right hand forward. Then his hand raised, making Aditya sit. Swamy looked right, and a small stool lay next to a chair. The stool moved and was placed behind Aditya. Aditya wasn’t in a condition to understand the things happening around him.

“I wish you a dreadful and painful future.” Swamy snapped his finger, and Aditya’s neck hit the edge of the stool with force. His head rested on the floor, next to the stool. He tried to move his upper body but couldn’t. His eyes moved here and there in panic as he cried.

“Perfect! What a climax!!! I loved it.” Swamy shouted in excitement. He looked at Father Sebastian wickedly. The Father was looking up and praying.

“Father, how was the show? Hope you loved it.” Swamy’s tone was serious.

“Yes... I loved it... he deserved that… hmm… Can I... go now?” He asked shakily.

“Father, Father, Father… Why are you so scared? I told you I won’t kill you. Relax, Father.” Swamy smiled wickedly.

“Father, tell me. What are the duties of a principal regarding the students?” Swamy stared at him. That look alone made Father Sebastian shudder in fear. He lowered his head.

“Father.” Swamy’s hoarse tone startled the father. He replied in a low tone.

“He should make sure that every student excels in academic subjects as well as cultural activities.”

“Correct. Then?” Swamy was watching the father amusingly.

“He should be supportive and protective. He-”

“Ah, there it is. The word. Will you please repeat it, Father?” Swamy interrupted.

“Pr-protective...?” Father Sebastian replied meekly.

“Yes, ‘protective’. Can you explain what a principal should protect his students from?” Swamy smiled viciously. The Father was silent for a moment, then realized he had fallen into the trap of the ghost. Father Sebastian joined his hands.

“I’m very sorry, son. I understand-”

“YOU DON’T FUCKING UNDERSTAND ANYTHING!!!” Swamy yelled, coming closer to him. The Father started shivering. Swamy slowly moved back. Somehow, the father gathered his courage, and tried to pacify him.

“Son, the one who forgives is stronger than the one who takes revenge. The go-” Swamy let out a bloodcurdling scream in anger. The Father was thrown back along with the chair, ten feet away. He writhed in pain, lying on the floor. Swamy hovered over him fuming.

“Like you forgave those bastards, when they ragged us?” He growled. Father shook his head and tried to say something. But his words died in his mouth.

“Father, you don’t deserve to be a principal. You should be punished for your crimes too.” Swamy came closer.

“No… you said you won’t kill me.” Father Sebastian reminded Swamy.

“I’m not going to kill you. You deserve worse than that.” Swamy pressed the father’s head to the floor. He tried to escape from his grip but in vain, kicking his legs and throwing his hands in desperation. Swamy looked deep into his eyes.

“This song is specially made for you. Never forget it.” Swamy glared at him and started singing.

“I’m the father, a big fat liar

I’ve no honor, I’m for hire.

I should be set on fire,

That’s Swamy’s desire.

I’m the father, a big fat liar!”

Father Sebastian’s eyes were widened, as if they would pop-out. He screamed in agony that echoed in the hall. A few minutes later, he fell unconscious. Far away, sirens of police and ambulances were heard.

Swamy flew to a corner of the hall, where his corpse was lying. Tears rolled on his cheeks looking at it. He screamed in sadness and helplessness. Then he turned back to see the ghosts of those students who had committed suicide because of the Fiendish Five. They approached him and held his hands smiling, as if they were saying ‘Thank you’. He smiled back, and then disappeared with them. Next moment, Aditya’s father, followed by the police and ambulances stopped in front of the hall.

Next day, the front page of every prime newspaper in the nation was adorned with the headline - The Chemical Plant Massacre: Four High School Students Dead, Two Critically Injured; Police Arrests The Lunatic Principal.

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