Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

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Poet Shri

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Singer Monu Kadam

Singer Monu Kadam

7 mins

“What the hell is he singing...? Is he an imposter...? Boooo...! Join a music class, jerk… How did he get the chance to sing in movies...? FAKE...! Get Lost...!” The audience were throwing food, plastic bottles, and even shoes at the famous singer Monu Kadam. He instantly left the stage, evading the angry audience’s attacks. While returning home, the last five years of his career flashed back as his mind tried to find the root cause of the mess he was in.

For the last five years, Monu Kadam was the most-sought singer in Bharat. Though originally a Hindi singer, he had sung in other languages too. Girls and women would go crazy listening to his songs. Already bagging many prestigious music awards, he had been earning in millions. Billionaires would invite him to sing in their family functions; so were the politicians for their party functions, and the governments for their official programs. He had been a special judge in a few singing reality shows too.

However, for the last six months, his singing career had been going downhill. Whenever he would begin to sing in a studio or on a stage, his voice would turn into a kid’s. The listeners would feel like a strangled kitten was screaming. In the beginning, the producers and the audience pitied him, showing their support. But as time passed, the producers canceled the contracts made with him. The audience would boo him as soon as he began to sing. The girls and women who were crazy about him would make fun of him. The strange thing was he was able to sing melodiously when he was alone.

One of the most renowned psychiatrists and speech therapists abroad tried their best to rectify the problem but in vain. Without his knowledge, Monu has been slowly falling into depression. He stopped coming out of his bungalow; minimized the contacts, and became a binge drinker. Most of the time in a day, he would listen to his singing, or watch his award-winning moments on TV.

One day, sitting in the hall, he realized that it’s better to die than living like this. Holding the handful of sleeping pills, he let out a smile of despair. Lifting his head up, he was about to take the pills… Then, he heard the voice singing. The same voice which had pushed him down from the peak of success into the ravine of failure. He turned in the direction of the voice to see a 10-year-old girl standing next to the TV. In a traditional churidar, she looked cute. Glaring at him, she was singing in that same horrible voice.

I’ve seen her somewhere. Where? Where? Mumbling, Monu tried his best to remember.

“Sir, don’t you remember me? I’m Shika.” The girl asked him. He scratched his forehead for a few moments, then shook his head looking at her.

“Ok sir, let me help you. Do you remember the girl who collapsed on the stage in a singing reality show, six months ago?”

Hearing that, Monu’s eyes widened in shock. He instantly remembered the incident that happened on one of the singing reality shows, in which he was a special judge. That reality show was for under-12 kids only. Because of his harsh judgements towards the contestants, he had already become kind of popular. However, the contestants and their relatives despised him.

On that unfortunate day, a girl named Shika performed on the stage in that reality show. Her voice was above average, but she had given her best. Two of the three judges gave her five out of ten. Then it was Monu’s turn to show her score. Glaring at her, he passed one of the most harsh judgements.

“Do you think it’s a joke? Do you think we are here because we have nothing better to do? Do you call it singing? It was like a strangled kitten’s screaming. One of the worst voices I’ve ever heard. We haven’t come here to witness such a pathetic performance. Do us a favor; never ever sing again. I can’t bel…”

Before he could finish the sentence, the girl had collapsed on the stage in shock. The entire studio came to a halt for a few seconds. Then everyone rushed to help her. She was unconscious, and immediately taken to a nearby hospital. The TV channel was successful in suppressing the incident from being reported. Later, he learned that she was shifted to a bigger hospital.

“It’s… you… how… you… here...?” Puzzled, Monu mumbled.

“I think I’m dead, sir.” She replied in a sad tone, lowering her head.

Hearing that Monu slightly shivered. He looked around in fear but didn’t know what to do. Looking at him, Shika cried. In shock, he looked at her.

“Did you really have to say that, sir? Did I deserve to be judged like that? I knew my voice was above average, though I loved to sing. However, I never wanted to perform on reality shows, sir. My parents never bothered how I felt or what I wished for. For them, I was a medium to make them shine among their relatives and friends. I was tired, and I just wanted to go home.” Monu sensed frustration in her tone as she continued.

“You could have just said that I was not up to your expectations, sir. You could have sent me home, giving one or two out of ten. I would have been very happy. But you, sir, you made me feel like I was useless and a loser. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I blacked out. Now the doctor says I’m in a coma. I’ve been like that for the last six months. My parents have learned their lesson and are regretting it. But they can’t pay the hospital bills anymore. Will you take the responsibility, sir?” Anger had replaced frustration in her tone. Monu lowered his head, and started to cry.

“That’s why I possessed your throat, messed up your job and programs. I wanted you to feel my pain ten times, sir. Seeing you suffer like that, I was very happy. I wanted to teach you a lesson, sir. But I never wanted to see you die. That’s why I appeared to stop you. Don’t do it, sir.” Shika said in a firm voice.

Hearing this, Monu laughed. Looking at her, he let out a sigh. He put the cup of water on the table.

“I’m very sorry, Shika. I made a huge mistake. Forgive me if possible. I shouldn’t have behaved like that. I should always have kept my feet on the ground. Now see where I am. At least, let me comfort you with my death.” Monu’s hand reached for the pills.

“STOP!!!” Shika stretched her hand forward. With a puzzled look, he stopped.

“Sir, instead of killing yourself, do me a favor.” She came near and stood near the sofa.

“Sorry, Shika. I’m really not getting you. Ok, tell me what you want.” Looking at her, Monu stood up.

“Will you please pay the hospital bills, sir? Then, my parents don’t have to live under debt.” With tearful eyes, Shika joined her hands together. As melancholy nodded, something flashed to him.

“One minute, Shika. You said you were dead. Then how come your body is on the bed for six months? Also, you said you were in a coma. Are you sure that you are dead?” A ray of hope flashed in his dull eyes. Now Shika was perplexed.

“I don’t know, sir. I thought I was dead because I was almost lingering around you for the last six months. Now I-” Monu interrupted her.

“Shika, I think you are still alive. Let me call the hospital and talk to the doctor. I will try my best to make it up to you. I will be a different person whom everyone will respect, I promise. But I need you to wake up, Shika. Can you do that, please?” With a worried face, Monu looked at her.

“I will try, sir. I will see you in the hospital then.” With joyful tears, Shika disappeared.

Monu immediately called the hospital, and talked to the doctor. Assuring the doctor that he would take care of every expenditure of Shika’s treatment, he urged him to try everything to get her out of the coma. Then, Monu headed to the hospital.

A year later, Monu Kadam was on the stage to receive one of the prestigious music awards. After he received the reward, the hostess congratulated him.

“Well... Monuji, it is wonderful to see you singing again. Congratulations.”

“Thank you, Meenaji.” He responded with a smile.

“Can I ask you a couple of questions? Because the people, especially your fans, are eager to know the reason behind your transformation. You know what I mean, right?” Meena smiled.

“Yea, sure…” Pausing for a moment, Monu continued, “Someone showed me the power of humbleness.”

“May we know who it is?” With curiosity, she asked him.

“Sorry, I cannot do that. That will disturb that person's life.” Monu replied softly. The hostess agreed and jumped to the next question.

Somewhere in Bharat, Shika was watching the live award ceremony telecast with her parents. She was smiling with joy.

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