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Poet Shri

Drama Horror Thriller


Poet Shri

Drama Horror Thriller

The Saffron Threads

The Saffron Threads

7 mins

Saujanya was exploring the premises of her new high school during the lunch break with her new friends. Two days ago, she and her family had just moved to this little town called Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh State. Her dad, a bank employee, was transferred, and she would be going to stay here for at least the next three years.

They reached the back side of the main building. Tara, the leader of the gang, turned Saujanya to a certain direction, and pointed towards a ruined building. It was situated at a distance of a hundred meters.

“Saujanya, don’t go near that building at any cost.” The rest of the girls also nodded.

“Why?” Saujanya had a puzzled look. Tara hesitated for a moment, and looked at the other girls.

“Well…” Tara signaled Saujanya to come near. Saujanya obliged, and Tara whispered.

“There are ghosts wandering in and around that building.”

“What?!” Saujanya looked at Tara. Her expression said she didn’t believe it.

“Ok, I was trying to scare you. It seems you cannot be scared that easily. Anyway, don’t go there. That place is an abode of poisonous snakes.” Tara warned her. Saujanya nodded in reply.

A few days later, during the class hour, Saujanya saw from her classroom window, a girl walking around the ruined building. In a state of shock, she immediately tried to tell Tara, sitting next to her desk. But Tara was paying attention to the teacher.

After the class, Saujanya told Tara what she saw. Tara laughed, and teased her that she might have had an illusion. Other girls also laughed and teased her.

Saujanya saw that same girl again at different times around the ruined building for the next few days during the class hours. Sometimes, that girl was accompanied by some more kids. Saujanya again told this to her friends, but they again teased her.

In the evening, their class teacher informed the class that there would be an extra math class on Sunday. The entire class was unhappy. Saujanya and her friends decided to come there two hours early before the class hour on that day, so they could play soccer.

As planned, on Sunday, they came to the high school two hours early. They played soccer for half an hour, and then took a break. Sitting on the benches, they were enjoying the fruit juices they had bought. A few minutes later, Saujanya told her she would be going to the washroom. It was right behind the main building.

Saujanya finished her business, and came out of the washroom. While on her way to join her friends, she saw the same girl whom she had seen many times from her classroom window. That girl was with a handsome boy, wandering near the ruined building. Unable to control her curiosity, Saujanya moved towards that girl but stopped at a fifty-meter distance.

“Excuse me, are you in the tenth standard? I’ve seen you here many times, roaming around this building. I’m Saujanya, from the eighth standard.” Saujanya smiled.

“Wow! How did you know?” That girl had a surprised look on her face.

“I’m Poornima. I’ve also seen you many times with your friends. You’re not from here, right?” That girl came a bit near.

“Yes, I’m from Karnataka State. My dad got transferred here. So we moved here.” Saujanya replied. Now the handsome boy came, and stood near Poornima. He was gazing at Saujanya. She felt shy, and looked back, looking for her friends.

“Hey, would you like to join our drama club?” Poornima invited Saujanya. Saujanya was a bit surprised but didn’t know what to say, except smiling nervously. Poornima understood her hesitation.

“Ok, let’s do one thing. You come to our club, and meet our members. If you feel comfortable, then join. Is it ok with you?” Poornima smiled.

“Hmm… ok. I’ll come.” Saujanya replied after a little thought.

“Awesome! Let’s go then.” Poornima signaled.

“Where is your club?” Saujanya asked. Poornima pointed her hand towards the ruined building. Saujanya was a bit creeped out.

“There?” She hesitated. Poornima began laughing.

“Sorry, I should have been specific. Our club is behind that ruined building. It’s newly built.” Poornima explained.

“Oh!” Saujanya uttered in confusion, and continued, “But there are lots of poisonous snakes, right? Many told me not to go there.”

Poornima couldn’t control her laugh. The handsome boy also started to laugh, covering his eyes with his left hand.

“I don’t know who is spreading such trash. There is nothing like that. See, the members are standing there.” Saujanya looked at the ruined building, and saw some kids standing there.

“Do you think they would have stood there if there were snakes?” Poornima questioned. Saujanya thought for a moment, then nodded with a smile.

“Come, let’s go. I can’t wait to show our club to you. You’ll not regret once you meet our members.” Poornima signaled to come. Saujanya walked a few steps ahead, then stopped. A few lines of saffron-colored thread were running along in front of her. Poornima noticed that.

“Oh, that… they were there before I joined this high school. I, too, don’t know why they are there. Don’t bother about that, come.” Poornima smiled. Still Saujanya hesitated.

“C’mon, girl. I didn’t know you were such a scaredy-cat. Come, come.” Poornima signaled Saujanya to hurry. Saujanya hesitantly took a step forward to cross the threads. Suddenly, she was pulled back by someone. She turned back in shock to see Tara holding her arm.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Have you gone mad?” Tara yelled at Saujanya in anger.

“Why are you so mad? I was just going to their drama club. Poornima invited me. And you lied to me. There are no snakes. I don’t know why you lied to me.” Saujanya angrily replied. Tara was a bit shocked, but understood the situation. She sighed and began to explain.

“I’m very sorry, I lied; actually we lied. Yes, her name is Poornima, and she is in tenth standard. But… she is eleven years senior to you.” Saujanya’s jaw dropped open. She looked at Poornima, who was glaring at Tara in frustration.

“Saujanya, ten years ago, a fire accident occurred in the ruined building, killing four students. Poornima is one of them. The…” Before Tara could finish her sentence, a blood-curdling shriek was heard. Both Tara and Saujanya looked at Poornima in fear.

Poornima has turned into her real form. Most of her body was burnt. It was very scary to look at her. She lunged at them in anger but was repelled back. Saujanya screamed in fear, and Poornima’s ghost growled in frustration.

“See the saffron threads? They surround the ruined building. A Hindu Sadhu tied them here, to restrain their spirits inside the perimeter. After the fire accident, some students went missing. Nobody could figure out what was happening. Then the sadhu solved the mystery. But it was too late.

“Those missing students were already killed by Poornima and her gang, and had become ghosts. So these threads prevent any such incident from happening.” Tara explained. Saujanya had already grabbed Tara’s arm tightly in fear.

“You bitch! How dare you! She would have been mine. I’ll kill you.” Poornima’s ghost tried to cut the threads in anger. But every time, her spirit fell a few feet away, as if someone kicked her.

“Let’s go, please.” Saujanya begged Tara with teary eyes. Tara immediately grabbed her arm, and started to walk towards the main building.

“C’mon, Saujanya. Don’t you want to see our drama club? You were interested, right? This is how you respect your seniors?” Poornima’s ghost yelled and growled. Other ghosts started to wail.

Both Tara and Saujanya reached in front of the main building. Saujanya was now crying. She was very scared, and hugged Tara tightly. Now, their friends came running.

“Hey, what happened? Why is she crying?” One of the friends questioned Tara. Tara explained everything in short. They all went silent for a few minutes, not knowing how to react. Tara slowly released herself from the grip of Saujanya.

“We lied because we were ordered by the principal and the teachers. We knew they were ghosts, but we pretended they didn’t exist. We are very sorry, Saujanya.” Tara joined her hands. Saujanya looked at her for a second or two, then hugged her tightly, and said, “Thank you for saving my life, my friend. But, please, don’t lie from now on.” Tara nodded in tears.

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